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    posted a message on [Server Launcher] [Windows] Minecraft Server Launcher

    This looks very interesting! I have some ideas that I could add to it. Is there any way I could get a copy of the source code?

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    -{ RseMinecraft's Advanced Server Launcher }-


    This is a new project I made for launching Minecraft servers that utilizes the %os_architecture% variable in batch to determine the amount of RAM that should be dedicated to your server. The launcher first determines whether your computer is a 32-bit computer or a 64-bit computer. Once that is determined, the launcher attempts to start your server based on the fully customizable settings you set within the batch file itself. If the proper jarfile (usually craftbukkit.jar) exists, the launcher will then run the jarfile, thus starting your server.


    Whenever you run the server launcher, it will create a log in the same directory as the file, called ASL.LOG. This log file will tell you everything that happened, in the exact order that it happened. If you ever run into problems while using the launcher, ASL.LOG is the first thing you should check.


    Either download the .bat file or copy and paste the code below into a .bat file!

    [v1.0] Works on Minecraft servers running 1.5.1 through 1.7.9.


    @echo off
    title Advanced Server Launcher by RseMinecraft

    :: This may look overwhelming at first glance, but all you have worry about is the distinguished section below! ::

    :: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ::
    :: This is where you set the name of the jar file, and the amount of RAM to dedicate to the server. Use G for gigabyte, and M for megabyte. Example: 1G is 1024M. ::
    :: In most cases, the settings below are the best for your computer. ::

    :: 64 bit settings. Only edit "2.5" and make sure to have "G" or "M" at the end. ::
    set mem64=2G

    :: 32-bit settings. Only edit "1" and make sure to have "G" or "M" at the end. Do not use any more than 1.2G or 1250M of RAM on a 32 bit system! ::
    set mem32=1G

    :: Name of the jarfile. Only edit "craftbukkit" and make sure to include ".jar" at the end. ::
    set jarfile=craftbukkit.jar
    :: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ::

    :: These are the guts of the program. DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING BELOW! ::
    :: These are the guts of the program. DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING BELOW! ::
    :: These are the guts of the program. DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING BELOW! ::
    :: These are the guts of the program. DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING BELOW! ::
    :: These are the guts of the program. DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING BELOW! ::

    if exist ASL.LOG del ASL.LOG
    echo [%time%][INFO] Attempting to determine OS Bit Version >> ASL.LOG
    if exist "C:\Program Files (x86)" goto 64
    if not exist "C:\Program Files (x86)" goto 32
    echo BetterLauncher has failed! Consult ASL.LOG for crash information.
    echo [%time%][SEVERE] Unable to determine OS bit version. >> ASL.LOG
    echo Attempting to run your server with 64 bit settings.
    set mem=%mem64%
    echo [%time%][INFO] Using 64 bit settings for this server. >> ASL.LOG
    goto start
    echo Attempting to run your server with 32 bit settings.
    set mem=%mem32%
    echo [%time%][INFO] Using 32 bit settings for this server. >> ASL.LOG
    goto start
    if exist %jarfile% goto launch
    echo %jarfile% was not found in current directory!
    echo [%time%][SEVERE] Server failed to launch as %jarfile% was not found. >> ASL.LOG
    echo Success!
    java -Xmx%mem% -jar %jarfile% -o true
    echo [%time%][INFO] Server closed properly. >> ASL.LOG
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    posted a message on Minecraft Mini-Game Ideas
    Quote from Ragehammerz

    Okay so I had this [email protected]$$ idea for a new mini game for Minecraft.
    It will require the ability to mod and create mods.
    All of the requirements are listed below and once you have read all of them you will see the type of mini game I am thinking of.
    A) You will need a mod to change the drops of Zombies, make it so that the only thing that drops is emeralds.

    A Explanation) Command blocks can now be set up so that as soon as your pick up and item, i.e. rotten flesh, it clears it from your inv. and replaces it with another item. (Vanilla)

    B) You will need a mod that changes what the villagers sell. Maybe even the interface to more of a MMO vender. Also needs to be able to change the names of the villagers. Imagine it like a custom vendor for a world of warcraft private server. The currency would of course be Emeralds. You will want to make this a game you can either put a few minutes into or entire hours. WHICH would mean that the items would need to be priced accordingly.
    Lets say a vendor called:
    - General goods (sells food, and healing potions)
    - Weapon Smith (sells all manor of weapons)
    - Armor Smith (sells all manor of armor)
    - Apothecary (sells all manor of potions, maybe even golden apples)
    - Secret vendor (sells enchantments of all levels in the form of books.

    B Explanation) All this can be done with an external game editor such as MCEdit with a CreateShops filter. (Vanilla)

    C) You will need a mod that allows for Zombies ONLY to spawn and in greater than normal quantities based on the difficulty that the player picks. Say you have a set number of zombies spawn... 50 zombies per player. With each difficulty that number multiplies by 2 exponentially. For example you have 3 players the first wave on easy would consist of 150 zombies. On medium there would have been 300 zombies and on hard 600.

    C Explanation) This can be done using command blocks running the /testfor @a command and being connected to a comparator with increasing levels of zombie spawning. (Vanilla)

    D) A mod that starts you off in a world that is set up so that it has teleports to different worlds and only one of these worlds can be active at a time. The spawn is a enclosed room with nothing in it except 3 portals. Each portal is labeled with a sign; the first being Easy, the second portal being Medium, and the last portal of course being Hard. Each of these portals sends you to a different preset world that is enclosed (The player can not leave the town the portal takes them too. (I will go more in-depth with the towns in (E)).

    D Explanation) This can be done in vanilla Minecraft without mods, For portals, you would have to have command blocks running the /testfor @p[c=x, y, z] that are connected to comparators that trigger another command block that teleports you to an area. (Vanilla)

    E) Okay now this is where you will need some creative crafty and witty builders. They need to make it so that the zombies can overwhelm if you attack them recklessly (recklessly as in run out all at once in every direction pulling all the zombies at once) but at the same time not keep the players so exposed that there is no where to go. So Imagine for the first town (which is portal easy) You need a few buildings surrounding a small castle. All of these buildings need to be battered dented and broken but still intact to an extent. (MAKE THEM LOOK LIKE THEY HAVE BEEN UNDER SIEGE FOR AWHILE like knocked over trees, part of the castle wall being brought down to rubble village homes being damaged no windows yadda yadda xD this shouldn't be hard to explain).... With each difficulty make the map smaller, so that there is less room for maneuverability (AGAIN it has to be manageable you do not want it to be so difficult no one can beat the waves...)

    E Explanation) You can "hire" people to do this. (Vanilla)

    F) In each difficulty you start with a setup.
    1 iron chest plate
    1 iron leggings
    1 iron helm
    1 iron boots
    1 iron sword
    1 bow
    64 arrows

    G) Vendors need to be able to be accessed by players ONLY during the day time. (So that they can't use the vendors for a safe place to sit out the night)
    Vendors need to be out of reach of any of the zombies so maybe making a portal to the vendors and back to the massacred village would work wonders. Of course you want to make it so that a player in the area when the sky turns black is kicked from the vendors room back into the massacred village.

    H) I swear I might be missing some stuff here but I think you have the general idea. If someone could create this I would forever love you, and so would the many too be fans of the mini game. If you want to contact me about this just post in the comments or email me at [email protected] I would love to see this mini game put into action.
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    Sorry I haven't made any videos. I'll see if I can get my friend to do one. I work on a laptop so recording and Minecraft are not very compatible.
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    posted a message on Inventory Tweaks 1.61 (Jul 11)
    Would it be possible for you to create a version compatible with Risugami's Modloader?
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    Hello everyone.

    Today I present to you, a custom pvp map: MC Tower Defense. This game is meant to be played with 6 to 12 players. Instead of giving you a detailed walkthrough in words, I'll give you some screenery.

    Some screenery for you:
    The Entire Map

    Custom Items

    A Bit Of Retextured Things

    Custom Audio


    Resourcepack MUST be used with the map, as I am taking advantage of the new /playsound command and I added in some custom sounds that you have to hear in order to know how to play the game.

    Videos and similar would be HIGHLY appreciated.

    Thanks guys.
    -Jarod Beau
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    posted a message on My first pack. Untitled. WIP 1.6 Resource pack(just textures) 256x256 Doesn't need a patcher.
    Excellent work. I would love to use this when it's finished.
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    posted a message on [Jul.08] Rei's Minimap v3.4_01
    (Hmm... That doesn't translate very well...)
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    posted a message on Minecraft Alpha Sounds Resource Pack! [1.7.2]
    There's no point of making a topic if the link doesn't work.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] [Beta] TheRavashGaming Texture Pack
    Looks cool, but we're in 1.6...
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    posted a message on [1.6.1][Resourcepack] Alpha Sounds Resourcepack | *Working* Link
    Minecraft Alpha Sounds
    No more squeaky doors :D

    Hello everyone.

    ​I have noticed that many people are trying to get a hold of a resourcepack containing the alpha sounds of Minecraft, so today, I present to you just that.

    How To Install

    To install: Windows
    1) Type 'windows button' + 'r' and type: C:\Users\YOUR_NAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\resourcepacks
    2) Drag '[] ye ol' sounds.zip []' here.
    3) Run Minecraft and enjoy.

    To Install: Mac
    1) Type 'command' + 'shift' + 'g' and type
    ~\Library\Application Support\minecraft\resourcepacks
    2) Drag '[] ye ol' sounds.zip []' here.
    3) Run Minecraft and enjoy.

    Sounds changed:
    [damage] fallbig.ogg
    [damage] fallsmall.ogg
    [damage] hit1.ogg
    [damage] hit2.ogg
    [damage] hit3.ogg
    [dig] sand1.ogg
    [dig] sand2.ogg
    [dig] sand3.ogg
    [dig] sand4.ogg
    [fire] ignite.ogg
    [liquid] lava.ogg
    [liquid] lavapop.ogg
    [liquid] splash.ogg
    [liquid] splash2.ogg
    [liquid] swim1.ogg
    [liquid] swim2.ogg
    [liquid] swim3.ogg
    [liquid] swim4.ogg
    [minecart] base.ogg
    [minecart] inside.ogg
    [cow] hurt1.ogg
    [cow] hurt2.ogg
    [cow] hurt3.ogg
    [cow] say1.ogg
    [cow] say2.ogg
    [cow] say3.ogg
    [cow] say4.ogg
    [creeper] say1.ogg
    [creeper] say2.ogg
    [creeper] say3.ogg
    [creeper] say4.ogg
    [endermen] stare.ogg
    [sheep] shear.ogg
    [skeleton] death.ogg
    [skeleton] hurt1.ogg
    [skeleton] hurt2.ogg
    [skeleton] hurt3.ogg
    [skeleton] hurt4.ogg
    [slime] big1.ogg
    [slime] big2.ogg
    [slime] big3.ogg
    [slime] big3.ogg
    [random] bow.ogg
    [random] bowhit1.ogg
    [random] bowhit2.ogg
    [random] bowhit3.ogg
    [random] bowhit4.ogg
    [random] chestclosed.ogg
    [random] chestopen.ogg
    [random] door_close.ogg
    [random] door_open.ogg
    [random] explode1.ogg
    [random] explode2.ogg
    [random] explode3.ogg
    [random] explode4.ogg
    And a ton of stepping sounds. (Walking on grass, gravel, ladders, etc.)
    Hope this helped.
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    posted a message on [PARK]The Abandoned City (Smart Moving)
    Amazing job! I would love to see part 2.
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    posted a message on [1.6.1] Amazing Terrain | Floating Islands | Deep Trenches
    Hello everyone.
    Today I present to you a new seed for Minecraft 1.6.1. This seed generates a beautiful landscape consisting of floating islands, deep ravines, and multiple dungeons.

    The seed is: creepers gonna creep

    Images and coords:

    Coords: -507 69 -277

    Coords: -537 73 -219

    Hope you like it.
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    posted a message on Forge Mod Loader wont install
    Your problem is a download error. You either have bad internet connection or minecraftforge.net is down.
    You could try to load Minecraft again later and see if that helps.
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