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    tried out shaders for the first time on my vanilla survival server. It's so amazing, hopefully they will add this as a default option in future versions though I doubt it.

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    There is something just so interesting about reading your posts. It's like a lecture but a fun one.

    Anyway, hopefully once they add the cave update to the newer versions of MC it will be at least as good as yours. Caving is so boring these days I never do it. I want to walk around huge caverns and explore every nook and cranny to discover rare ores and gems.

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    Cant download Beta version

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    I guess it depends on your playstyle. If you are not into automating things, then it won't have much use to you.

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    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    The game hasn't been single threaded since at least 1.3.1, when singleplayer was split into a client and server, each with their own thread, which greatly improved performance since server lag wouldn't cause a drop in FPS. Also, 1.8 multithreaded chunk rendering and mob pathfinding, then 1.13 multithreaded world generation (the single biggest cause of lag on servers), and 1.14 has multithreaded the lighting engine (another major source of lag).

    Somehow though, these versions run FAR worse, and use far more memory and resources than 1.6.4, which I've also optimized myself to an incredible degree in many cases - recently, I decided to completely ditch Optifine as it has actually worsened performance with my own optimizations (it adds a bunch of useless Forge hooks and other things, which consume CPU cycles and allocate objects), and this has also enabled me to properly interface with the core rendering code and optimize it further (the optimizations Optifine makes are quite crude actually, and do nothing to the real rendering, such as block rendering, which I've made some blocks render up to 40 times faster than vanilla. Likewise, I made Fancy clouds render twice as fast as Fast clouds, item frames render 10 times faster, fonts render 7-8 times faster, and much more - none of which Optifine touches).

    Also, I seriously doubt that "ore generation is more than twice as fast" in 1.8 compared to 1.6.4 as they made hardly any changes to the code (they just cache a calculation so it doesn't need to be recomputed in an inner loop, and it doesn't look that expensive), and the use of BlockPos and BlockState objects makes the code vastly slower (I once tested this and found that allocating and reading from a BlockPos was 50 times slower than 3 ints; sure, we are taking about nanoseconds but it adds up when millions are created every second, then the garbage collector has to clean them up) - by comparison, my own ore generator is 6 times faster than vanilla and world creation only takes 2-3 seconds - that's less time than 1.13 took to load an existing world the last time I ran it (over a year ago),. which in turn loads nearly instantaneously - the game doesn't even print out the progress ("preparing spawn area %"), and also loads far faster than newer versions, which can't possibly be explained by the addition of a few hundreds new textures (which is about how many I've added myself with no noticeable increase in load time; I have not made any optimization to game loading):

    I never see any server lag either, with a typical server tick time of 2 milliseconds (compared to a maximum of 50), rising to 5-10 when flying around in Creative and generating new chunks - with everything running on a single thread (not quite, as things like file I/O and networking have their own threads; 1.6.4 overall uses around 15-20 threads according to tools like VisualVM):

    (this was taken with a render distance of 10, otherwise maximum settings, and 5 chunk updates per frame, which it could do in only 2.4 milliseconds - less actually since a single thread is used to render (rebuild) chunks, send the data to the GPU, and tick the world (mobs, etc))

    (another example with 20 chunk render distance; note that only 512 MB of memory is allocated and only about half of that is actually used; this is consistent with most of the memory being used to store chunk data, 10 KB per loaded chunk section. Both of these are also fairly old, before my latest changes that make Optifine completely useless even if it were still compatible)

    (that said, there is one area where vanilla 1.6.4 has issues - lag due to zombie pathfinding, but I fixed that myself, with the help of code from others, before Mojang declared it completely fixed)

    What do you think is the cause of all the terrible performance since 1.13? 1.14 fixed some of it but there are still many issues and it's nowhere near as good as 1.12 for a lot of players. Apparently with the next update there will be a lot of optimizations which hopefully will make it run like 1.12 again because I've never had performance problems like now, and despite the fact the game isn't supposed to be that demanding, the complaints of bad performance have skyrocketed since 1.13.

    Also, why do you think Optifine doesn't go as far as you do to optimize the game?

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    We all know minecraft, though a great game, has a host of performance issues and other limiters that prevent endless creativity. Whether that's the build height limit, world border, modding capability that's decreased from 1.7, etc. We know these issues and many others stem from a lot of tehnical decisions made by whatever developers made them: for example how the game loads chunks or the fact that the game is single threaded which significantly hurts performance. But for those of you who have a lot of knowledge on this subject, what do you think is the largest technical issue with the game, something that should have never been implemented the way it was? My first guess would be the single threaded thing but I might be wrong. How could minecraft have been made a better game from the beginning and what consequences do you think we'd have today if the developer(s) had gone that route? (for example, a lot of quirks actually make MC more interesting. Redstone is the perfect case for this because the Java edition allows for much more creativity than in bedrock and is much more predictable).

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    ♦ In-Game Name (IGN): fyqcraftX

    ♦ Discord ID (Username and #): pretty sure you already have it

    ♦ Age (you need to be atleast 18): old enough

    ♦ Timezone: US central

    ♦ Country: US

    ♦ On average, how often will you be able to play?: Working a full time job now but still have plenty of time to play. 20 hours a week or more.

    ♦ Why would you like to join Shroom SMP?: Just got back into MC after a good 2 years, really like a lot of the changes though single player is boring to me nowadays. I need a server with active players and people I know.

    ♦ Tell us a little bit about yourself (personality, hobbies, etc): Actually writing a book now, been working on it for the past few months, in case you doubted my dedication lol. Other than that I really don't do much else. Hang out with friends occasionally but usually I'm working or at home.

    ♦ How can you impact the community? (building, redstone farms, etc): As long as it's not just me on all the time I'll help with any community projects. When there's none to do I'll be working on some other projects I've had in mind. I also don't mind grinding for resources for the community.

    ♦ Do you have any screenshots of your builds/creations?: Nah don't want to make people jealous

    ♦ Do you have any further questions in relation to the server? (optional): Are y'all open to letting my friend (username: Reeeeestyle) on? You remember how much he helped us in previous worlds, right?


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