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    thats alot of dye being used.......most things when dyed only take one dye.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10][Forge]LootBags (and technically Carbonization too)

    Im getting stuff I blacklisted globally and in the bags what do I do? fixed it i think :D

    a friend of mine asked me to suggest something which i agree it would be cool if you could do

    is it possible to make it where you could put in the "no tools" or "iron tools" or "iron armor" and it would make it where you could have no tools in the bags or only iron tools or iron armor in bags?

    i dont think this would be possible personally but if it is that would be a cool feature :)

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    posted a message on Fifteen More Music Disks

    I can support more discs enough for a chest

    i can support them being done by C418

    and i can support this because if this is done it will also be enough discs not to have any spaces needed filling by extra same discs in the disc holder in bibliocraft. (it has 9 spaces each one)


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    posted a message on [1.7.10][Forge]LootBags (and technically Carbonization too)
    Quote from Malorolam»

    It's a syntax error, replace the colons in the whitelist sections with spaces. It's a pretty common error since the NEI dump uses colons, I probably should just make it so that the config can handle colons.

    oh snap your right i did use colons *facepalm* thank you for helping me -_- i feel dumb now....i blame the ice cream *shakes fist at cold stone creamery* darn you for making amazing ice cream that makes you feel tired XD

    as far as making the config handle colons tbh thats something that is up to you and others as im neutral to it lol

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    posted a message on [1.7.10][Forge]LootBags (and technically Carbonization too)
    im not getting any of the stuff i put in my config in my bags anymore its the first time since in a long time that i put in the new stuff so idk if im doing it wrong or not :/ can ya help me out
    # Configuration file "blacklisted bag items" {
    # These blacklists are related to the associated bag type, so an item blacklisted in Common bags still will show up in other bag types.
    S:"Common Bag Blacklist" <
    S:"Epic Bag Blacklist" <
    S:"Legendary Bag Blacklist" <
    S:"Rare Bag Blacklist" <
    S:"Uncommon Bag Blacklist" <
    } "blacklisted items" {
    # Adding a modid and internal item name or Ore Dictionary name to this list will prevent the bag from dropping the item. Tries for Ore Dictionary before trying through the modlist.The modlist must be in the form <modid> <itemname> <damage> on a single line or it won't work right. Example to blacklist iron ingots: minecraft iron_ingot 0 <OR> ingotIron. An entire modcan be blacklisted by just entering the modid and nothing else.
    S:"Global Blacklist" <
    } "drop chances" {
    # This is the resolution of the bag drop chances. Only change this if you want bags with rarity resolutions > 0.1%
    I:"1 Weighting Resolution"=1000 # This controls the drop chance for monsters, passive mobs, and players for each bag in a resolution up to 0.1%.
    I:"2 Common Bag Monster Drop Chance"=800
    I:"2 Common Bag Passive Mob Drop Chance"=400
    I:"2 Common Bag Player Drop Chance"=400
    I:"3 Uncommon Bag Monster Drop Chance"=400
    I:"3 Uncommon Bag Passive Mob Drop Chance"=200
    I:"3 Uncommon Bag Player Drop Chance"=200
    I:"4 Rare Bag Monster Drop Chance"=200
    I:"4 Rare Bag Passive Mob Drop Chance"=100
    I:"4 Rare Bag Player Drop Chance"=100
    I:"5 Epic Bag Monster Drop Chance"=100
    I:"5 Epic Bag Passive Mob Drop Chance"=40
    I:"5 Epic Bag Player Drop Chance"=40
    I:"6 Legendary Bag Monster Drop Chance"=40
    I:"6 Legendary Bag Passive Mob Drop Chance"=20
    I:"6 Legendary Bag Player Drop Chance"=20 # This is the chance for any of the special hidden bags to appear, most are obtained by killing specific named entities.
    I:"7 Special Bag Drop Chance"=1000
    } general {
    B:"Disable Recycler Recipe"=false # This limits the loot bags to only drop one bag. Bag weighting is dependant on drop chances.
    B:"Limit bag drop to one bag per death"=false # Maxiumum tier of bag that can be crafted from other bags. None will disable bag crafting. Allowable names: None, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary.
    S:"Max Tier Craftable"=Legendary # This is the maximum number of items that can be contained in a bag. It must be no less than 1, no greater than 5, and equal or larger than the minimum number of items.
    I:"Maximum Items Per Bag"=5 # If the bag encounters an item it cannot place in the bag it will reroll, this sets a limit to the number of times the bag will reroll before it just skips the slot. Extremely high or low numbers may result in undesired performance of the mod.
    I:"Maximum Rerolls Allowed"=50 # This is the minimum number of items that can be contained in a bag. It must be no less than 1, no greater than 5, and equal or smaller than the maximum number of items.
    I:"Minimum Items Per Bag"=5 # The number of bags needed to upgrade a bag into it's next level counterpart.
    I:"Number of Bags to Upgrade"=4 # This will limit how items can show up in the bag. If the word is NONE then any sort of duplicates are allowed. DAMAGE will prevent items with the same class and damage, but same class and different damage values are allowed. ITEM will prevent any duplicates of class.If the loot table is small (<50 items in total), there may be some performance issues, so limiting the maximum number of items may be a better option.
    S:"Prevent Item Duplicates"=NONE # This will reverse the loot distribution for bags, i.e. rarer bags have larger loot tables and common bags have more limited loot tables.
    B:"Reverse Rarity Weights"=false # This if true will show all the secret bags in NEI or creative inventory. Kind of ruins the fun if you ask me.
    B:"Show Secret Bags"=true # This is kind of ambiguous, but essentially it's the total amount of stuff ranked based off of rarity you need to make a new bag in the recycler. The rarer something is the more it's worth and once the recycler has collected this amount of value it will make a new loot bag. The larger the max stack size is the lower the value is as well.
    I:"Total Loot Value to Create a New Bag"=250 # Sources of entity death that are counted to determine if a bag can drop. Allowable names: All, Player, Real. All is any source of death, Player is any player entity including mod fake players, Real is only real players.
    S:"Valid Kill Methods"=All
    } "loot categories" {
    # This is the weighting of the bags in any of the worldgen chests.
    I:"Chest Drop Weight"=80 # This is a list of the loot sources the bags pull from to generate the loot tables. Probably a good idea to not mess with this unless you know what you're doing.
    S:"ChestGenHooks Dropped" <
    > # This adds the loot bags to each of the loot tables listed.
    S:"Loot Bags in worldgen chests" <
    } "whitelisted bag items" {
    # These whitelists are related to the associated bag type, so an item whitelisted in Common bags will not show up in other bag types.
    S:"Common Bag Whitelist" <
    minecraft:torch 0 16 30
    minecraft:bread 0 20 30
    kegare.caveworld:rope 0 5 30
    minecraft:arrow 0 16 30
    S:"Epic Bag Whitelist" <
    minecraft:iron_sword 0 1 2
    minecraft:iron_pickaxe 0 1 2
    minecraft:iron_shovel 0 1 2
    minecraft:iron_hoe 0 1 2
    minecrat:iron_axe 0 1 2
    minecraft:iron_helmet 0 1 2
    minecraft:iron_chestplate 0 1 2
    minecraft:iron_leggings 0 1 2
    minecraft:iron_boots 0 1 2
    minecraft:golden_apple 0 5 2
    minecraft:spawn_egg 26 3 2
    S:"Legendary Bag Whitelist" <
    minecraft:golden_apple 1 3 1
    minecraft:diamond_sword 0 1 1
    minecraft:diamond_pickaxe 0 1 1
    minecraft:diamond_shovel 0 1 1
    minecraft:diamond_hoe 0 1 1
    minecraft:diamond_axe 0 1 1
    minecraft:diamond_helmet 0 1 1
    minecraft:diamond_chestplate 0 1 1
    minecraft:diamond_leggings 0 1 1
    minecraft:diamond_boots 0 1 1
    minecraft:diamond 0 16 1
    minecraft:spawn_egg 26 6 1
    minecraft:spawn_egg 96 2 1
    backpacks16840:backpack 0 1 1
    minecraft:dragon_egg 0 1 1
    minecraft:nether_star 0 3 1
    minecraft:beacon 0 2 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.protect.all 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.protect.fire 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.protect.fall 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.protect.explosion 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.protect.projectile 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.oxygen 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.waterWorker 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.thorns 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.damage.all 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.damage.undead 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.damage.arthropods 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.durability 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.lootBonus 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.digging 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.lootBonusDigger 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.arrowDamage 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.lootBonusFishing 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.fishingSpeed 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.poisonprotect 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.knowledge 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.Hearts 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.me.demonhunter 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.me.purging 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.defusing 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.disjunction 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.spellbane 10 1
    minecraft:enchanted_book enchantment.dowsing 10 1
    minecraft:coal_block 0 1 1
    minecraft:iron_block 0 1 1
    minecraft:gold_block 0 1 1
    minecraft:diamond_block 0 1 1
    minecraft:emerald_block 0 1 1
    S:"Rare Bag Whitelist" <
    minecraft:record_11 0 1 5
    minecraft:record_13 0 1 5
    minecraft:record_blocks 0 1 5
    minecraft:record_cat 0 1 5
    minecraft:record_chirp 0 1 5
    minecraft:record_far 0 1 5
    minecraft:record_mall 0 1 5
    minecraft:record_melloni 0 1 5
    minecraft:record_stal 0 1 5
    minecraft:record_strad 0 1 5
    minecraft:record_wait 0 1 5
    minecraft:record_ward 0 1 5
    S:"Uncommon Bag Whitelist" <
    StuffedAnimals:Present 0 16 10
    } "whitelisted items" {
    # Adding a modid and internal item name or Ore Dictionary name to this list will add the item to the Loot Bag drop table. Example to whitelist up to 16 iron ingots with a weight of 50: minecraft iron_ingot 0 16 50 <OR> ingotIron 16 50 ALL. The last word in the OreDictionary option is either ALL items that match or ONE item that matches.
    S:"Global Whitelist" <
    minecraft:gold_nugget 0 64 30
    minecraft:potion 8261 1 30
    minecraft:potion 8229 1 30
    minecraft:potion 8226 1 30
    minecraft:potion 8258 1 30
    minecraft:potion 8259 1 30
    minecraft:potion 8257 1 30
    minecraft:potion 8225 1 30
    minecraft:potion 8262 1 30
    minecraft:potion 16456 1 30
    minecraft:potion 8265 1 30
    minecraft:potion 8233 1 30
    minecraft:potion 8269 1 30
    minecraft:potion 8270 1 30

    i opened ALOT of bags so idk what's going on for me :( is it cuz of the weights maybe? (the last numbers?) or what? and i am not good with thinking atm since apparently ice cream makes you really sleepy on hot days >.< thank you so much
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    posted a message on MC+ Mods - Satchels, Turtles, Quivers, and More!
    Quote from andykuo1»

    >MC+ ModPack v1.2
    (Includes MC+ API)

    its right here quoted O.o it was one of the first you shoulda seen lol :)
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    posted a message on Better Beds! Custom Bed-Sheets! [223 Supporters!]

    mojang needs to seriously add this in :/ otherwise they are wasting awesome ideas


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    posted a message on can't find a single sheep

    do as Dymorg said if you can find a vilage i totally forgot about those things lol i dont visit villages much lol

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    posted a message on Inventory Pets: Animated creatures that live in your inventory and give you amazing special abilities

    Wasn't a problem with OreDictionary. It turns out that not all mods use Harvest Level. These mods must use some other method to determine what pickaxe can mine it. We removed Harvest Level from the requirement check and it works fine. We'll ship an update in a few days ore so. Not a major issue. Thx again, Mr. Apple, sir.

    Update: just a thought, we could reveal the Ore before you auto-extract, maybe in the Chat? That way you can decide if you want to spend the Diamond Nugget or not.

    lol good idea :D

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    posted a message on can't find a single sheep

    correct me if im wrong but i thought desert temples no longer have wool in them o.o

    and no rabbits dont drop string that would be silly lol :) they drop raw rabbit, rabbit hide, and rarely rabbit feet.

    are you on a server or a single player world?

    you might have to just walk around your area for a while (keep track of your home thru coordinates) or kill spiders because assuming you dont have any mods and assuming any mod adds a way to get string in 1.8 those are the only two ways o.o

    ive played on xbox and pc and mobile and i think pc is much easier (i couldnt really kill mobs well on xbox lol) give it a try no harm in that right :)

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    posted a message on [1.7.10][Forge]LootBags (and technically Carbonization too)
    Quote from Malorolam»

    Vanilla potions are just different damage values, so adding them is the same as with other items. Most of those posts were in regards to enchantments, which were rather tricky to get working properly since they use NBT.

    okay awesome thank you lol :) now to finish that list :D thank you again

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    posted a message on [1.7.10][Forge]LootBags (and technically Carbonization too)

    i looked thru the last three pages and i cant seem to find if you added the ability to add potions i thought you did but i cant seem to find it O.o *is trying to add in potions*

    thanks for the help :)

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    posted a message on [1.7-1.13] TheMasterCaver's Mods and Tweaks
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»

    That's because you do not use Forge to install these mods; Forge won't even recognize them as such, you have to install them directly into the jar using these instructions (substitute the appropriate version) and in that case Forge is not guaranteed to work properly (the only mod I've ever verified that any of my mods work with is Optifine, which itself is a special case of a jar mod that can be loaded by Forge, and each other, assuming they don't modify the same classes; e.g. old caves and double old caves together won't give you triple cave generation). Also, what is the other mod? It certainly isn't working either if you tried installing it the same way.

    I should update the OP to make it more clear that these are not Forge mods (the installation instructions are at the bottom; the link is a bit broken since the Wiki changed it but it still takes you to the mod installation page, which does not talk about Forge mods).

    my apologies i had downloaded these late at night and just skimmed the page assuming its like a few other zip files i had. the other mod i had put in was no derp strongholds (havent actually started playing just testing a few things making sure things are going smoothly)

    so they do not work together with forge? that is upsetting if that is true. (im trying to wake up atm so i might not be understanding properly, again my apologies)

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    posted a message on where is this fish mod?
    Quote from roboliutas»

    Crash log might help to fix the problem with your mods and mo creatures. The problem im guessing would be entity id problems

    P.S Remember to put the crashlog in spoilers

    i know crash logs help (dont they always?) they seem to crash more so in the wyven place anyways and and my fps drops to unplayable with about half the mods i have if i add in mo creatures XD which is why i was looking for this tiny fish mod in the first place XD something nice for my water without killing my fps

    i actually do use spoilers XD i know alot of people forget to or dont but tbh i like spoilers XD

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    posted a message on where is this fish mod?
    Quote from Leviathan143»

    How about Fantastic Fish?

    tho that looks like a good mod its not really what im looking for. i think the fish looked like the ones in mo creatures but it wasnt mo creatures im not looking to add a whole bunch of fish or gear XD but thank you :)

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