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    uhhh all the links for the different versions are the same.... they are all 1.15.2... You tagged so many MC versions but you haven't included the mod for any other versions except 1.15.2 EDIT: Nvm I read the wrong thing lol

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    This is my first map, thank you for checking it out. I believe this is the first level based rising lava game.

    Made by RetroScythe (https://www.youtube.com/RetroScythe) and some help from MattyTheNoob (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpy3FhNvDVjqozDrFXK8Eyg)


    In this game there are 12 levels, and a bonus level, that get progressively more difficult the more you progress. Each level features a scene (for example a giant computer desk) and you have to parkour and climb your way to the highest point in the level. If everyone playing the level survives, the next level will unlock.

    This map is available on my channel in the description of this video:

    (The reason i'm not linking the map directly is because I don't want illegal websites link minecraft6, 9minecraft and minecraftmaps etc. to re-upload it with a link on their website.)

    Please consider checking out my channel too, its a great place to be!

    As this is my first map, don't expect it to be efficiently "redstoned" but it works totally fine as far as I have tested.

    I do not give permission for anyone to re-upload my map in an way. If you want to link the map on your website/video then you may link my video where I posted it. When I update the map for a bug fix or extra feature I will update the links in the description so they stay up to date.

    If you come across any bugs please report it on the pinned comment on the YouTube video releasing the game and I will fix it as soon as possible!

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