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    1. Minecraft In-game Name: RetroFancy
    2. Location & Timezone: United States EST
    3. How old are you, and do you consider yourself mature?: 18, somewhat mature tbh.
    4. Previous Bans from other Servers (If Yes, explain where/when): A doctor who plugin server 6 years ago where my cousin was banned for hacking and I was banned for guilt by association.
    5. How did you hear about MC-TVE?: iFunny.co
    6. Any friends that play or are interested in joining?: Perhaps...
    7. Reasons you should be accepted?: I have played anarchy, the pressure got to me, so I found this server. I have been playing since around April 2020 I believe. I am on good terms with notable people on the server, not that it would matter.
    8. What do you enjoy doing in Minecraft?: I enjoy building interesting buildings.
    9. Tell us a little bit about yourself?: I am going to college for a Computer Science Degree.
    10. Have you read the rules and agree to follow them?: Yes.
    11. Are you aware (and agree to) this is a vanilla server part of the TVE Network, where griefing or any toxic behaviour isn't tolerated?: Yes.
    12. Are you also aware that this server is protected and monitored using CoreProtect. This means everything you do will create logs. If you grief or raid, you'll be banned and everything rolled back with a simple command?: Yes.
    13. Discord Name#Tag: RetroFancy#4626 (I am already in the server)
    14. Questions?: No.

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