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    posted a message on What's your opinion on toothpaste?
    OH you guys.
    Brush your teeth, and then immediately drink a glass of orange juice.

    **** is so cash.
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    posted a message on Partial skin transparency.
    It would be nice if we could do that. Not totally invisible skins, but a minimum pixel limit or something.

    For armless creeperskins, suits with no one in them, etc etc
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    posted a message on Bad Ideas
    Which makes babies, which can be crafted into meat.
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    posted a message on Siege Mounts.

    I'd reccomend mantis shrimp. Just because it is the only animal that fits.

    Rideable, but will attack you. You have to sneak up behind it and jump on. Once on, you are safe. All terrain, can run underwater, on the bottom, and ''moon jump'' underwater, but cannot take you to the surface, unless its shallow water. So no crossing oceans.
    When you are not actively controlling them, they 'roam' like a normal mob does.
    They can also smash through blocks, at about the speed of an iron pick, but have a ''cooldown'' of 4 seconds inbetween block, and you don't get to keep any blocks it breaks. (to prevent avoiding tools for mining) Slightly under running speed, high damage attack, with high knockback (because of how mantis shrimp claws work).
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    posted a message on An easy way for guarding stuff.
    I notice everyone is paranoid over getting robbed.
    Here is a way to make stealing much harder, without the problems of building walls out of locked chests and whatnot.

    Chest golems.
    Picture a big turtle, but with a chest for a shell.
    They wander like a pig normally (but very slowly).
    Harmless when not provoked. When right clicked, you must enter a 2 digit password. If you get the password wrong, it attacks. It does this for like a minute, until it calms down, and you can try again.

    VERY high health. When killed, drops everything it was holding.

    Attacks by launching something or other, like a skeleton does. Maybe fireballs?

    I don't see any real way of exploiting a system like this.
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    posted a message on Bad Ideas
    Quote from TaylOwned »
    Quote from BurnNBlast »
    vuvuzelas that can be heard at full volume for 5 miles in multiplayer

    i can see it now :

    Flying invincible mobs that follow you with vuvuzelas
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    posted a message on MC Mob Maker
    Maybe skin modeling could be a part of this?

    ohgod if this comes out, prepare for a server where every day, pokemon lay siege to your base. <333
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    posted a message on MC Mob Maker
    i REALLY want this.

    Sandworms <3
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    posted a message on So I just got prank called...
    Quote from dehodson »
    I got the cops called on me for prank calling.
    You'd best watch yourself.

    Who prank calls using a physical phone? :wink.gif:
    Oh prank calling, good times, good times.
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