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    posted a message on WarCenter Server: Battle Royale| KitPvP| Factions! Active Community! Looking for staff, devs, Beta testers and Content Creators!

    Hi There!

    My name is Venom and I am a Manager at War Center! We are a newer server that is currently nearing a beta launch! We are looking for Staff Members, Developers, Beta Testers (With Exclusive Beta Tester In Game Items) And Content Creators!

    We are a war server with the current gamemodes being KitPvP, Factions, and our main attraction.... Battle Royale!

    You should join our server and become one of the first to experience our server in its new form. Our vision is for a large, glamorous fun server that revolves around the players! YOU are our priority, and we have friendly and dedicated staff here to ensure you have a great experience!

    Join WarCenter Today: https://discord.gg/5KSwXdY

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    posted a message on *New Network* EclipseMC Network, Looking for Staff, Developers, Beta Testers, and Content Creators!

    Hi rex! thank you for your interest. If you would like to be apart of our server, please join the discord!

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    posted a message on *New Network* EclipseMC Network, Looking for Staff, Developers, Beta Testers, and Content Creators!

    Hi there! im DoseOfVenom and I own the EclipseMC Network. We are a GOING to be a network based server that plans on adding many fun minigames and quirks in a Hypixel like manner. We are going to strive to keep the community happy and will be constantly fixing problems. the link to our discord server is https://discord.gg/xRRpMNj and we plan on buying a dedicated hosting link soon. I hope you join us in our journey as we currently need Staff, Developers, Beta testers and content creators. We feel that our server has a lot of potential and we just need the right people to help us get started. Join us today as we Build EclipseMC from the ground up!

    Additional Rules:

    All staff must be 14 or older and mature

    All staff must have microphones and be able to chat in discord calls.

    All Staff are required to spend AT LEAST 10 hours a week once the server is released

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    posted a message on LIKE TO HELP? Then you are what we need on ZetrexNetwork, we are currently looking for Helpers, Mods and Builders!

    Dm me on discord ,Pho3n1x#3247 i have a business proposition :)

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    posted a message on ✔️Daylight MC✔️☀️player☀️and👨‍💻staff👨‍💻recruitment💯

    Would Love To Apply! Cast#8696

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    posted a message on EuromaPVP- Beta Releasing IN 20 MINUTES!!!! 3 PM EST

    Hi! We are a pvp and factions server looking for players to test our server in its beta launch today at 3 pm est (15 mins). Payouts: 3 Week Map, 1 week grace, 2 week tnt. at the end of this time, the payouts are as follows: FTOP #1 $100 Paypal | $250 Buycraft | 10x Legendary Crates
    FTOP #2 $20 Paypal | $50 Buycraft | 3x Legendary Crates
    FTOP #3 $10 Paypal | $25 Buycraft | 1x Legendary Crate

    We Hope to see you on the server for the beta launch and hope to see you at 3pm! We hope you will play our server for a long time to come.

    IP: play.euromapvp.com

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    ", times, serif">Here is a quick application format for you, answer these questions so that we better know your personality in order to better select a role for you.

    ", times, serif">IGN: kcastk

    ", times, serif">Discord: (Required) Cast#8696

    ", times, serif">What do you prefer to be called: Cast

    ", times, serif">Age: 17

    ", times, serif">TimeZone: CST Timezone

    ", times, serif">What Role are you hoping for?: Jr. Administrator or Administrator

    ", times, serif">What best suits you for this role in particular?: My "People Skills" E.G. Problem solving, Advertising, Friendliness, Helpful.

    ", times, serif">Why should you be chosen over others for this role?: Because I will work tirelessly to make sure that the server improves and becomes large with a great community.

    ", times, serif">Do you have any previous experience with this role on other servers? Please Elaborate:

    ", times, serif">Yes. I was an admin on a server that was big a few years ago called HcServers. It was a large network and I worked my way up from helper. I was also A staff Member (Mod) On WizardPvp last year. I helped build the servers up from literally nothing. The servers eventually became large and profitable. You will not regret putting me on the staff team.

    ", times, serif">Scenarios

    ", times, serif">A Plugin is malfunctioning, you are the only staff member online, players are taking advantage of a glitch due to this plugin malfunction

    ", times, serif">what do you do?: This is a tough question. First off I would report the issue to the developers and ownership and then ask what they would want me to do. It really depends on the situation.

    ", times, serif">A group of players are threatening you and to DDoS the server, what do you do?: Instantly ban them, then report them to high staff.

    ", times, serif">A group of bots/players are advertising a different server in chat, no matter how many you ban they keep on coming! what do you do?: At that point i would clear the chat and if I got permission and restart the server.

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    posted a message on Recruiting staff members for a high budget server. (Classes & Custom plugins)

    We are in need of staff members such as moderators.

    Don’t make a whole essay, just give us honest information about yourself, that we need.

    • General information
      • We are a team of serious people, that are in the making of a new server
      • We have a large budget
    • General information about the server
      • 5 Different classes (Tank, healer, dps, dps, dps)
      • New phases (new content every month)
    • Requirements for you
      • You need to be very serious and professional about this. Your goal is to maintain/create a better environment for players.
      • Must have experince as a staff member
    • What we are looking for
      • Normal players (Community)
        • Includes sneak peeks, access to beta and more.
      • Staff
        • Developers
        • (staff members, such as moderators in game)
        • Builders
      • Others:
        • Youtubers
        • Live streamers
    • For more information comment on this thread, and add the discord Warsade#5580

    We are really hoping you will join us on our journey, We look forward to seeing you -Cast

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