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    My name is realalecmartin, and I run CookieDO! What was once a Network, has recently down-sized into a single, survival world.

    RIGHT after we down-sized, we experienced MASS growth (750% increase in 2 days). Going from a max of 80 unique players to over 600.

    Currently... it is just myself (the owner), and a player who is a Guide (essentially a helper position but with no extra permissions). And I am looking for help!

    Here is what we're looking for!

    Mod (x1) - Mute, Tempban, be the leader on the server, *won't play much, will mainly be enforcing rules
    Helper (x1) - Kick, Deal with stealing, be a reporter for the players to the Mod *will be playing survival most of the time, but must be looking out to help players!
    Guide (x3) - Be a friendly face! / Answer questions *most like a typical gameplay experience, you will be playing normal survival, but helping others!

    18+ ~ PLEASE only apply if you're 18 or older! I understand with a lot of people, age does not equal maturity or knowledge, but here at CookieDO, I would really appreciate your honesty in telling me your age!

    Ability to play /or log onto Discord at LEAST 1 hour a day ~ We have around 50 players peak time, and we need staff on at all hours to make sure everything runs smooth! Please only apply if you can be active

    Be friendly! ~ CookieDO is about creating friendships, and staffs' job is to make sure those friendships can be formed in a working community. We all are here to have fun <3

    Please reply in the comments as your application! And, make sure you join our discord so we can reach out to you! Which can be found at our website; www.CookieDO-MC.com!

    3 Personality Traits:
    Time Available to Allot to CookieDO:
    Describe Why YOU Should be Accepted:
    What Do You Love Most About Minecraft?:

    Thank you so much, and I hope to hear back!

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    I am so glad you like it here, Clone <3
    Means a lot, and we are ALL happy to have you here!!

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    Welcome to the CookieDO Network!

    What type of servers does CookieDO have?

    Here at CookieDO, we have six (6) different types of servers for players to have fun on!

    We have;

    - Skyblock

    - Rankups

    - Loot Crates

    - Easy Island GUI

    - More!

    - Parkour

    - Rankups

    - 40+ Custom Built Maps

    - Difficulty Lobbies

    - Factions

    - Rankups
    - Easy Factions Creation/Commands
    - Faction Banks
    - UltimateTNT (Breaks Obsidian with TNT)
    - Custom Kits

    - Vanilla

    - Rankups

    - Whitelisted

    - Strict Rules/Staff, Keeping Your Things Safe!

    - Weekly Server Games

    - Creative

    - Rankups

    Why join CookieDO?

    There are an endless amount of reasons to join CookieDO, but I will just name a few!;

    - We Love ALL People

    - We are a new network, but a community of about 8 months

    - We have a large group of players, full of very lovely people

    - We have so many options for people to enjoy their time, regardless of donation/rank

    - We offer loads of custom plugins and game-play

    - We make updates almost daily

    - We are ALWAYS adding new things, and allowing YOU to tell us what you'd like to see!

    Join NOW!
    IP: Play.CookieDO-MC.COM

    Website: www.CookieDO-MC.COM

    Discord (Linked on Website!)

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    Whitelisted Vanilla

    About Us:

    CookieDO is a whitelisted Vanilla experience that focuses on the raw experience

    of Minecraft. With a tight knit community, a very active Discord, and weekly server held events, CookieDO is a great place for new players who want to slowly learn Minecraft, old players who just want the vanilla experience, or simply anyone who wants security in knowing that the people around them are like-minded individuals.


    Launched on April 2, 2020, CookieDO is a fairly new server. Our overworld is very new, so there is still much land to explore! Once 1.16 rolls out, we will be resetting the nether, NOT the overworld. We are a 1.15.2 server, so some maintenence plugins will need to be updated before that reset, However, no need to worry, as our active Discord holds all the information to any questions you have!

    How to apply:

    Visit [HERE] to apply! Click the "Apply Now" and fill out the application. From the website, you may also join our Discord!

    Quick Links:



    If you have any questions, please ask below! Hope to see you there!

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    I own a Minecraft server, CookieDO, and we are a whitelisted semi-vanilla, vanilla gameplay server.

    (Meaning we host weekly competitions which utilize plugins, but our typical day to day gameplay is strictly vanilla.)

    I started CookieDO on April 2, 2020 after feeling left out on a Minecraft server I had been playing on for months. My goal was to create a server where everyone felt welcome. The staff was to be mature and helpful, and the players were to be fun and welcoming.

    In just two months, we have had 500+ applicants (as of writing this post), and we have a daily peak player count of 15. Donations have begun to roll in, and we have received over $100 so far this month (and that is after the 45% discount code currently being offered).

    Our server is beginning to grow fast, and I would like to pick up the momentum and run with it. I do not want to slow down-- and that's where you come in!

    Currently, we have 5 staff members.

    Admin - myself

    Sr. Mod

    Jr. Mod

    Helper (x2)

    Typically, my Sr. Mod focuses on the incoming applications, I focus on the backend coding and plugins, and my Helpers help in-game (my Jr. Mod was upgraded from a Helper recently, so her new status is still being tested out).

    Our Discord has 150+ members, only about 10 being people who haven't applied (we clean it out monthly).

    Currently, things are running smoothly, but if my Sr. Mod or myself gets sick, things will be backed up-- and I can't have that.

    No one on my server or current team is qualified to join/upgrade in the staff team-- so I came here for help.

    I am looking for--

    Application Moderator (x2)

    ~ Responsibilities include;

    - Reading all applications as they come in

    - Accepting/Denying applicants

    - Promoting/Demoting applicants on Discord

    - Messaging applicants on Discord

    Builder (x3)

    ~ Responsibilities include;

    - Taking on personal/team projects for the server

    Discord Helper (x2)

    ~ Responsibilities include;

    - Reading the Discord daily

    - Helping with questions in Discord

    - Filtering the chat sessions on Discord

    Things to know before applying:

    - This is currently not paid, hopefully, it will be in the future

    - You must be willing to put 8 hours a week into the server (about an hour a day)

    - Must have good communication skills

    - Must have a Discord / Valid JAVA Minecraft account

    - If we believe you would be a good addition to the team, please be on a lookout for a friend request from "DearEvanHansen#6750"

    Thank you!

    Please apply by clicking HERE

    Visit our website! : https://cookiedo-mc.com/

    Please, if you have any questions, comments, or tips, comment!

    (If you have applied, a comment wouldn't hurt as well!)

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