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    yeah just confirming, awkwardly forcing two tamed chocobos into a 3x2 tunnel from the pen, and force feeding them golden gysals while continuously trying to climb up in the females bum, I could not get any life out of the couple. Chocopedia reports both as able bodied, hetero ( well, i have a male and a female, their sexual orientation is indeed a mystery) and healthy as, no dice.

    I'm running archimedes, boats, millenaire, assorted other processing mods such as mekanism and ic2 but no extra biomes, mobs or whatnot. We've got a server running 1.6.2 and clients with fml 6.2.62 and forge

    Confirmed that in both smp and solo creative i cant get the birds past first base.

    Next attempts will be with big bird porn, pistons, conveyor belts and cattle prods, failing that a gravi gun.
    oh and ramming one bird into another while riding it doesn't seem to inspire any avian romance either.

    Hope this helps.
    Quote from finerframe

    Breeding chocobos doesn't work, also not sure if intended but spawning in chocobos with the egg makes them untameable
    and spawning in a golden one and feeding him will make him turn into a red one

    busted on that one, it can take a lot of greens sometimes, but every spawned choco from an egg was tamable when i tried it in 1.6.2 creative solo. Sometimes it takes 1 green and a seductive wink. i havent tried spwning a gold, but the purple and white i tried also tamed as expected.
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