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    posted a message on To everyone who says "stop complaining"
    "Remember that we are playing a beta. When playing a beta you become a betatester. As a betatester you are supposed to give feedback and not act as if it's the final release or 'learn to deal' with all issues in the game. This thread is about giving feedback to Mojang."

    However though, anything related to reverting minecraft to an old version I consider invalid.
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    posted a message on I love whats happening to minecraft
    I was a bit skeptical to Minecraft's new fantasy RPG updates, but they seem really awesome. :biggrin.gif:

    Another cool thing is that Notch fixed the sun and moon, which has been something in-game for a looong time, so I'm assuming he's starting to fix problems/things that have been in the game since the beginning. Perhaps he will make apples fall from trees, and other things :cool.gif:

    I really like the enchantment system and the potions system, though I think the cauldron should be usable as a brewing device.

    Overall, excellent updates! :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on What has minecraft become?

    Something thats ****ING AMAZING!!! :iapprove: :iapprove: :iapprove: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: Except for animals not spawning anymore, but Notch is probably going to put that back in :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on TNT is the best material to build houses out of.
    TNT is a very pretty and NON EXPLOSIVE, SAFE, FLAMMABLE material in Minecraft.

    Hmm... Okay, maybe TNT is a little bit dangerous. But hey, I never said its childsafe! Do not swallow! :iapprove:
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    posted a message on Enderdragons, Dragons, 1.9, My opinions on them
    Quote from BEATLESS

    ಠ_ಠ I think the new 1.9 Update is going
    to be fantastic! :biggrin.gif: i love new content

    but some people dont, idk why...
    its not like the game is forcing you to craft potions or go to the ender :|

    If you don't craft potions in SMP you'll be ****ed by people who do use potions to get better abilities than you, so technically you are being forced unless you're on a no potions server :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on "Not Enough Time" say Notch and Jens
    If Notch is serious about not making the NPC AI better, I'm going to cry. When I think of NPC villages I think of a place with people you can trade with, or kill (but then get all of the village guards to come after you) but they're going to still have pig AI??? NO!!!!!!
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    posted a message on Why the new breeding and animal system sucks
    Quote from DJDude97

    animals never respawned on SMP anyway...

    Where did you get your information on non-respawning animals? That's completely fictitious.

    The minecraft wiki says that they don't respawn anymore.
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    posted a message on We evolved from pigs.
    I have it all figured out.

    All minecraftians evolved from pigs.

    Pigs today are like monkeys in real life. For some reason, they did not evolve into men.

    Pigmen are not in minecraft today because they are like the cavemen of real life, and they have evolved or went extinct.

    When we die and go to the Nether, we turn into zombie pigmen, because the image of the soul is what we were in the first place... pigs. And when you go to Hell, you're not going to look pretty.

    It makes sense, because we are greedy, like how pigs are stereotypically considered. We take from the land, going deep into the depths of the earth to get resources, and we consider wealth and resources to be more important than life.

    The next stage of evolution... testificates
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    posted a message on Monstercraft 24/7 -- No Whitelist -- 120 slots -- Dedicated -- PvP -- Clans -- McMMO -- Jobs -- TOP 10
    This server's way too complicated, there should be a warp straight to the wilderness, I kept walking and I just went into a dead end in the massive city :/
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    posted a message on *Hem Hem* Alpha Users we need to have a chat
    The only things I dislike about the new updates:

    - he hasn't added pigmen (they should spawn in native-like hut villages and be more common than testificates)
    - he hasn't added guns, explosives, cars, tanks, drills, hot air balloons, planes, vehicles, mechas, steampunk technology, etc
    - he made gold be a really shitty ore for tools and armour instead of the tier between iron and diamond
    - he hasn't made apples fall from leaf blocks :sad.gif:
    - he hasn't added fast ridable controllable horses :angry.gif:
    - he's ruined the animal system in 1.9 pre-release (but thats okay because its a pre-release)
    - wolves should be tougher and spawn more because as of now they're practically useless in PVP and in single player
    - instead of adding stuff/doing things like I mentioned above he's putting mooshrooms into the game :Zombie:

    I love the new food system but there needs to be more food:

    - why the hell do lambs and squid not drop meat?
    - mushrooms should be edible, red ones will hurt you and brown ones will heal a tiny tiny amount of food


    - I want a boomerang :tongue.gif:
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