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    So as of right now gravel is only usefull for collecting flint. I've got an idea for making gravel more usefull.

    My idea Is that you would get a new item called a siv. The siv, would be something similar to a furnace in the sense that you put something in (gravel) and you get something out of it. Now my thoughts on this are that drops would not be 100% but some one them would be more common. I'm going to list my new drop ideas and give a percentage of what I feel would be acceptable
    Flint 50% or 32 per stack
    Red stone dust 15%. 9.6 per stack
    Iron ingots (new) 12% 7.68 per stack
    Gold ingots 8% 5.12 per stack
    Diamond fragment (new) 1.5% . 96 per stack
    Emerald fragments (new)1.5% . 96 per stack

    The new items iron ingots, diamond fragments, and emerald fragments, would act like gold ingots in the sense that you need 9 to make one finished product. Now some math. If you were to take 10 stacks which is 640 and divide that by 100% is 6.4 now take 6.4 and multiply that by 1.5 which is 9.6. So basically for every 640 gravel you will probably get one diamond or emerald. Which to me sounds fair.
    What are you thoughs?
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