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    posted a message on King Mammoth -- World's Largest 500++ Crazy Modded Minecraft Pack by PulseBeat_02, BomberCost, LeSwagMaster, Matur4, and Lord

    Hey, I keep trying to run a Void world to test a modded redstone contraption before I build it in the actual environment (I want to reduce the ram usage as much as possible and have lots of space for testing) and I keep getting a crash error that doesn’t issue a link (it keeps saying the VanillaFix link “failed” when I click on it and the .txt doesn’t open.) It always says Xaero’s Minimap, RandomTweaks and FastWorkbench are responsible, but pardon my lack of modding knowledge, that sounds like a nonsense error to me (how does speeding up workbench code have anything to do with worldgen?) Can this be fixed soon, or is there a way to fix this already? Thanks!

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