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    posted a message on Microsoft/Mojang Deal Confirmed.
    I've been in around gaming for a long time. I've never seen a large company purchase a game like this and keep it going the way it was intended. Microsoft WILL do some stupid typical Microsoft things to the game and in the end it will probably kill Minecraft as we know it today, September 15 2014, but we'll have to wait and see.

    I'm not holding out hope for updates anymore. I'm figuring it will be like flight simulator now with everything being DLC does anyone really think the new 1.8 stuff Mojang worked nearly a year one would be given way free from a company like Microsoft? Never has happened and never will happen not with any game and won't with minecraft anymore. Microsoft refuses to put games on playstation and rarely does for Wii. While they can't stop what's already been done do you really think 1.9 or Minecraft 2 (which will be coming) will be on any Sony product? You're kidding yourself if you do.

    As for Notch (again)while I cant say I wouldn't take 2.5 billion either. I lost some respect. Bashing EA, Facebook, and even Microsoft (along with many others including indi companies making deals with larger companies) in the past and then selling to one of them screams hypocrite. As I said though I doubt I would walk away from 2.5 billion. Notch and the other two leaving both know Minecraft won't be the same and they are getting out now, IMO, to get away from the inevitable fallout that WILL happen.

    The ONLY thing that would change my opinion of this deal and Notch is if they negotiated some clauses in the contract to protect the future of the game. Not that Microsoft couldn't easily get around them. It would be nice to see some sort of update in game for current players of the game as a sort of goodbye or something to acknowledge the people that made the game worth 2.5 billion. Considering the only people getting screwed by this are current Minecraft users.
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    posted a message on Microsoft Near Deal to Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang
    I agree it's going to be the end of minecraft as we know it.

    Instead of updates it will be BUY MINECRAFT 2.0, MICROTRANSACTIONS, etc. Plus Sony will lose future Minecraft games.

    BUT BUT wait their is good news Minecraft will become a franchise now.

    That being said I'd sell out too if someone offered me 2.5 billion dollars. I'm not faulting anyone for taking that deal. I just hope the Mojang guys actually negotiated some stipulations for the game to help current and future games from the money grubbing that will inevitably happen.
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    posted a message on [1.8] I am disappointed.
    I don't really want to but I'm going to get on the why did a update like this take so long bandwagon.

    The ocean stuff is cool but most everything else is just kind of there.

    The new blocks are way to abundant. I'm guessing it's going to scaled back in the first patch but still way way to abundant right now. Way to many stupid little bugs also;

    Random half hearts of damage even when not doing anything or not near mobs. (even happens in peaceful for me)

    Mobs got stupid (you can hit them 1-2 times before they acknowledge your existence) + spiders don't care about life anymore (climbing cactus and sitting there to die, crawling down the side of something into lava) + creepers (the delay for a creeper to explode was either raised [made easier] or something is wrong with them you can walk right up to them and they won't start charging for a couple seconds + endermen (the sound effects for endermen messed up)

    The new stuff is cool though. Granted the blocks are boring. But armor stands and banners are neat (if your in multiplayer). They don't really add anything to single player though. All in all I like the new stuff but it just seems like more could have been done.
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    posted a message on Jack'o'Lanterns need a nerf
    after playing for any amount of time you can light up anything with torches. So it's actually more resource/time consuming to create jack o' lanterns.

    I'm not really seeing your point to this. Jack o' lanterns are a decorative block. Use them if you want don't if you don't want to.
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    posted a message on Why is modern music so terrible?
    Quote from Tragri

    Being nominated 32 times and winning 7, including 16 Grammys, with Get Lucky being nominated twice for Best Song of 2013 does make Daft Punk underrated in any sense of the word. If you ask me, they are way overrated.

    This whole thread screams "The 90s were so good even though I was born in 2001 omg John Lemon was so inspirational!!1!". Modern Music isn't terrible, you are just one of the special snowflakes who happen to dislike pop. Go into Hackney, London or 8 Mile, Detroit, and the "Modern" music there will not be what you hear on the radio.

    Go anywhere and look below the surface and you will find tons of great music in your own back yard.
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    posted a message on Who is the worst/most overrated video gaming commentator?
    I don't like picking best or worst but of that list Pewdiepie is my least favorite. His videos are grating and I can't even get all the way though them. It's almost like he doesn't like what he is doing anymore and doesn't care while putting on a front and jumping on anything that will get him some auto-watches from fanbases.

    As for the one I think is the most overrated (right now because of current content) that i don't mind saying. NerdCubed. I don't know what happened but in the last 3-4 months his videos have taken a turn for the worse. He went from one of my favorites to one I don't care if I miss a episode? It's like he got famous and stopped enjoying what he did and has turned everything into a rant and b***h fest and a "I'm better that you listen to me" thing.
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    posted a message on CD Player Vs. Blu-Ray Player for playing CDs
    Quote from supernintendo128

    I'm thinking about purchasing a dedicated CD Player because the Blu-Ray Player built in my HTS receiver doesn't sound good when playing CDs.

    There can be lots of difference. Difference DACs different lenses, etc.

    Quote from _Xiae

    What doesn't sound good to me is my wallet shaking at the thought of spending more money on a CD drive/player when it'll sound the exact same as a Blu-Ray drive/player.

    Either way, it'll likely sound the same from both, it's just that a CD won't sound as good as a Blu-Ray as it doesn't have 5.1 surround like a movie from a Blu-Ray disc has.

    Music was NEVER intended to be listened to in surround sound. Music has always been a front facing listening experience. Why do you think stereos are still 2.1 setups and why do you think SACDs (5.1 surround sound) failed when they were introduced. 5.1 and higher has always been for movies and more recently gaming to make you feel immersed in the movie/game.


    To the OP if you are unhappy with your current CD player look for a different one. Do some online research. Go on some audio related forums and ask questions to people that actually know what they are talking about. AudioKarma is a good site (where I am).
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    posted a message on Is this Herobrine or my stupidity?
    It's fake as has been said. Just a troll trying to drum up subs.
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    posted a message on Cows, Pigs, and the Problems with Leather Armor
    Quote from Kholdstare

    Not hard, just ridiculously time consuming. And i'd say it's harder to find a stronghold if you want to get books, as unless you do something cheesy like use a seed that you know the stronghold coordinates of or use AMIDST to find the stronghold.

    Isn't the point of the game to take time to do things. To feel accomplishment of completing something. If I wanted everything handed to me I'd play PtW games. Taking the time to do things is what makes the game interesting and fun. And as I've already said leather comes from horses to. So you already have multiple sources of leather. It's also fairly common in dungeon chests.

    Leather isn't hard to find (cows are everywhere) and it's hardly time consuming compared to doing other things. Just breed cows it might take an hour or two of game play but that's nothing in the grand scheme of Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Anyone else think the Acacia wood is hideous?
    I enjoy using the Acacia trees in the game. And I find lots of uses for the planks and the grey wood. It makes great contrast when building.

    For people who are so creative playing a game that is all about being creative I'm surprised their is so much negative going on about one of the unique items in the game. Just because you can't find a use for it doesn't mean other people haven't. I dislike birch wood but I'm not putting in on blast for everyone to see.
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