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    Quote from isaiahcxcx

    Pix art:

    A random Pokemon
    The word "Bewbz" (make sure it's made of flaming nethrack)
    MC grass block
    Mario stuff
    Anything you feel like even if it's stupid. Hey, isn't that the point?

    Real stuff:

    Snow castle in snow biome (weather ftw)
    A large wooden structure to be set on fire at a later date
    A Notch alter/temple made of legit materials such as gold and diamond blocks.
    Some sort of famous thing that most people will recognize (statue of liberty, big ben, iffel tower [spelling fail, sorry to the French minecrafters]).

    I did that wound up burning down nearly an entire forest and myself twice while trying to put it out. Was fun.
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    posted a message on I finally beat my brother at something in minecraft
    First off. I'm new to the forum. If this should have went in the survival mode thread my bad. I figured since it was just a ha ha post and not anything technical it should go.

    I just started playing Minecraft about a week ago while my younger brother and sister have been playing since alpha days. I was telling him I wanted to find a stronghold and I finally had couple Ender eyes. He decides to make a game out of it. He enjoys playing minecraft games (usually copies of RT lets play games) with me since he wins most of the time as opposed to other games where I usually win hands down.

    So we both start. I started from inside my house while he started from a village in his world. I had never thrown an ender eye before so all I knew was to follow the purple trail. So I run outside and I don't see any trail. I looked around and the eye is laying in a pond I made right off my house. I'm confused and pick it up and throw it again all it does it go up and fall right back down. I tell my brother the game must be glitching because the eye won't go anywhere. He tells me to move away and throw it again. Goes right back to the pond and falls. He gets annoyed and says "no way your house is right over a stronghold. I spent 2 hours looking for my first one".

    He gets off the game and comes over to my place to see if I was lying and he finds out I wasn't. 22 south and 31 blocks down from the door of my house is the end portal room in a stronghold. He was so mad. He stormed out of my place slamming the door and refuses to answer the phone for nearly two hours. His mom even called me to see what happened. I had to laugh.

    BTW, my brother is 11 and i'm 30. He's actually my biological half brother and I didn't meet my bio mom until I moved less than a mile from them without even knowing it. I wound up pulling over to help her with a car problem one day and she happened to ask my name. Kind of weird.
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    posted a message on Any Vanilla players out there?
    I play vanilla. My younger brother and sister have tons of mods though. Looks really cool but I like the game the way it is.
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    posted a message on How did you find out about Minecraft?
    I heard a lot about it from my younger siblings and people where I work. Started watching youtube videos and decided to try it. played the demo and realized adblock and my antivirus was causing that let me play unlimited. After I realized I put in nearly 7 hours in the demo I decided to buy the game. Play everyday now.
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