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    posted a message on City in Survival?
    I've never built anything super elaborate but building a city in survival isn't all that hard. Just make a good perimeter and light everything well.

    In my current world my home is a custom built city. As I said nothing elaborate but I have separate buildings for food, tools, weapons, my house, two other fake houses, a general store (misc. item warehouse), a arboretum, two farms, individual barns for each animal, and a few other buildings in the planning stages. I rarely have trouble with mobs unless I forget to close the gates. Which I have done and that sucks. In the beginning it was a different story though but once I got a good perimeter setup it became really easy.
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    posted a message on Silliest way you have died in Minecraft?
    I could probably cross post this with the highest level before you died thread but I'll just leave it here.

    This just happened I actually paused the game to write this. While traveling back to my home with a full inventory of stuff I jumped from a cliff into water except i hit a 1x1 block of sand. I was level 79 too. Just another example of not taking your time which is IMO the biggest cause of silly deaths.
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    posted a message on Microsoft/Mojang Deal Confirmed.
    Quote from Stryfe_Khaos»
    No one sees what this is all really about do they? It's not about notch selling out, it's not about Minecraft, none of that. Microsoft just purchased the most successful cross platform game in history.. CROSS PLATFORM. That means, in order for Mojang to make it cross platform, they had to code each version, specifically for that platform. Which means, they had to learn how it runs. Minecraft is now owned by MS. MS just paid 2.5 billion to legally access trade secrets of their competitors platforms. All because the Windows Phone is failing. They bought mincraft to build a better phone os. To outdo competing consoles. To have their fingers in every piece of tech and tech company they possibly can, that would not sell their secrets or hand over their ideas. Good job guys, good job. You just became accessories to Legally Acceptable Corporate Espionage.

    Both major game companies have bought smaller companies that have put games on both platforms. It's all shared knowledge anyway they just don't want us to think it is.
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    posted a message on Microsoft/Mojang Deal Confirmed.
    Quote from zempiremjk»
    I think its pure arrogance to claim a loss of respect toward Notch by anyone TBH, and after reading every post for 10 pages there sure is no lack of arrogance from a good majority of those who have posted up to this point so far either.

    Those who cannot pull their undies out of their crack long enough to see that their very attitudes are more than likely the major fault behind the last few months of events need a quick reality check. No one has to put up with being abused just because you bought their software. NO ONE!

    You paid for a game. You got a game. You paid under $30.00 for that game while getting to enjoy 1+ years of unrestricted playtime and updates while not putting any further money into the game. Yet there is no lack of "Gimme, Gimme" from the majority.

    Look we can all sit here and worry, bicker, blame, be abusive to Notch, but none of that fixes the simple fact that at some point peoples perception of somehow having the right to be nasty, cruel, and vicious to others without potential consequences is bound to blow up in their own faces.

    It does not surprise me at all that Notch just wanted to wash his hands of his game and company, and with having stock (majority at that) it isn't just as easy as handing over the company to someone else already on the team when it comes to having to deal with any countries tax authority.

    Sometimes (as this community has shown) the real enemy isn't the developer/potential buyer, but the actual community itself.

    Yet nothing lasts forever, and all good things must come to and end...I just am not so sure that end has come yet.

    DLC (or Expansions if it makes you feel better) are far from the worst things that could happen, and to be honest if done right I don't have an issue with putting some extra money into what was a "CHEAP" game that has given me 3 years at least of constant game time for less than $30.00. Sure it may mean that not all five accounts in my household would be upgraded at the same time, but again I'm use to that with other games I play with my kids.

    I'd agree with you if not for all the constant "large companies buying/bullying into indi game is bad and I don't want to be a part of it" rhetoric that Notch and other Mojang employees spewed everywhere. Not just on twitter but at cons and other internet sites and in interviews. So yes in the end Notch selling to Microsoft is worthy of losing respect and yes he did basically sell out his "morals" unless he never really cared in the first place and that indi talk was just to appease his fans. Either way both are a sad coming from someone who many put on a pedestal.
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    posted a message on Microsoft/Mojang Deal Confirmed.
    I've been in around gaming for a long time. I've never seen a large company purchase a game like this and keep it going the way it was intended. Microsoft WILL do some stupid typical Microsoft things to the game and in the end it will probably kill Minecraft as we know it today, September 15 2014, but we'll have to wait and see.

    I'm not holding out hope for updates anymore. I'm figuring it will be like flight simulator now with everything being DLC does anyone really think the new 1.8 stuff Mojang worked nearly a year one would be given way free from a company like Microsoft? Never has happened and never will happen not with any game and won't with minecraft anymore. Microsoft refuses to put games on playstation and rarely does for Wii. While they can't stop what's already been done do you really think 1.9 or Minecraft 2 (which will be coming) will be on any Sony product? You're kidding yourself if you do.

    As for Notch (again)while I cant say I wouldn't take 2.5 billion either. I lost some respect. Bashing EA, Facebook, and even Microsoft (along with many others including indi companies making deals with larger companies) in the past and then selling to one of them screams hypocrite. As I said though I doubt I would walk away from 2.5 billion. Notch and the other two leaving both know Minecraft won't be the same and they are getting out now, IMO, to get away from the inevitable fallout that WILL happen.

    The ONLY thing that would change my opinion of this deal and Notch is if they negotiated some clauses in the contract to protect the future of the game. Not that Microsoft couldn't easily get around them. It would be nice to see some sort of update in game for current players of the game as a sort of goodbye or something to acknowledge the people that made the game worth 2.5 billion. Considering the only people getting screwed by this are current Minecraft users.
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    posted a message on [1.8] I am disappointed.
    I don't really want to but I'm going to get on the why did a update like this take so long bandwagon.

    The ocean stuff is cool but most everything else is just kind of there.

    The new blocks are way to abundant. I'm guessing it's going to scaled back in the first patch but still way way to abundant right now. Way to many stupid little bugs also;

    Random half hearts of damage even when not doing anything or not near mobs. (even happens in peaceful for me)

    Mobs got stupid (you can hit them 1-2 times before they acknowledge your existence) + spiders don't care about life anymore (climbing cactus and sitting there to die, crawling down the side of something into lava) + creepers (the delay for a creeper to explode was either raised [made easier] or something is wrong with them you can walk right up to them and they won't start charging for a couple seconds + endermen (the sound effects for endermen messed up)

    The new stuff is cool though. Granted the blocks are boring. But armor stands and banners are neat (if your in multiplayer). They don't really add anything to single player though. All in all I like the new stuff but it just seems like more could have been done.
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    posted a message on Falling on glass
    if falling on glass hurts you because it's realistic shouldn't punching glass to break it also cause damage for the same reason. Plus glass blocks are solid blocks falling/jumping on one on one wouldn't break it. Solid glass blocks are stronger than concrete blocks and less likely to break in the real world. So if we are being realistic then no glass blocks shouldn't break when you fall on them.

    Also this gets into the shallow water fall damage thing. Which is just a big flame war every time it's posted.

    No support.
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    posted a message on Make Husbandry feasible
    If it only takes "5 lines of code max" why not use the developer api to do it yourself and see how it works. Honestly to me it seems way overly complicated.
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    posted a message on Emeralds give more XP than quartz?
    emeralds aren't more common than quartz. They are rarer.
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    posted a message on Pollution Simulator - WE ALL GON' DIE
    I will admit I don't get it what it is trying to show with all the blue dots running around but it's cool that you programmed that. I'd like to learn a tenth of what you already know.
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    posted a message on Jack'o'Lanterns need a nerf
    after playing for any amount of time you can light up anything with torches. So it's actually more resource/time consuming to create jack o' lanterns.

    I'm not really seeing your point to this. Jack o' lanterns are a decorative block. Use them if you want don't if you don't want to.
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    posted a message on Soundcloud Account Suspended, What Should I Do?
    I think you got what you deserved honestly. You tried to use a stolen credit card (even if it was your dads) to buy a service online. You're lucky the police weren't involved.
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    posted a message on What's your top 5 favorite music artists?
    This is really hard. I've been thinking about it for probably an hour now. To make it a little easier I'm going to current artists and exclude any local/obscure bands. Which probably pretty much eliminates most of my top artists/bands.

    In no particular order (and altered to better fit the demographic that resides on this forum)

    30 Seconds to Mars
    Black Veil Brides
    Kongos (more the style of music than the band but I can't think of anyone else right now)
    Barenaked Ladies (kind of a cop-out but they were big when I was in middle/high school)

    If I were adding local and more obscure bands the list would be

    Bruiser Queen (Local)
    The Limousines
    Super Fun Yeah Yeah Rocketship (Local)
    The Last Dance
    Alice In Videoland (honestly I don't know why but I like them)
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    posted a message on Worst/Most Annoying Fandoms/fanbases?

    Is there any fandoms that people LIKE (even if they aren't part of them)?

    Exactly. This thread is pretty stupid.
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    posted a message on | How to get a nether portal | NO DIAMONDS required | Survival Minecraft |
    That's how I got to the nether the first time. Nothing new. I think is a watch my youtube vid post more than actually helping anyone.
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