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    posted a message on Ryzen 3000 series CPU owners, Are you seeing bad hitching/stuttering on servers?

    Anyone here using a Ryzen 3000 series Cpu? If so, do you sometimes see really bad frametime spikes whilst at Hypixel/Mc Central (possibly other servers?)

    Please take a look at this thread - Random hitching/stutters in Hypixel? (Ryzen CPU owners) | Hypixel - Minecraft Server and Maps

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    I had performance issues in Hypixel and other servers when using 1.8.9 optifine, random frametime spikes and the screen would freeze up for split seconds at a time. My framerate is high so the stuttering was unusual. I managed to fix it doing the most simple thing that you wouldn't think would fix it..

    Question : Does anyone here who uses 1.8.9 optifine get random stuttering / screen freezes / lag, when on a server, even though your framerate is high? When on a server, check to see if these tall white spikes appear on the Lagometer, you can't miss them, they stand out.

    To open the Lagometer, in game hold Alt and press F3. Now watch players as they spawn into the game. If you see these spikes :

    Try this :

    1) Open video settings

    2) Toggle Smooth lighting Level from 100% to 0%, wait a couple of seconds then switch back to 100%.

    3) Or, If the smooth lighting level is already 0%, toggle Smooth lighting Level from 0% to 100%, wait a couple of seconds then switch back to 0%.

    After doing the above, check Lagometer again, tall white spikes are gone? The game should be much smoother.

    You aren't disabling any options, you are simply toggling one option, leaving your own settings intact. This simple toggle, reloads the shadows (or something like that) and can fix random stuttering for some users. The fix stays applied until you close Minecraft. I found that players spawning onto the map causes the spikes to occur, and turning player visibility to off is an alternative solution to toggling smooth lighting level (although I prefer to keep players visible).

    Proof it works -

    Related thread - https://hypixel.net/threads/do-you-get-fps-drops-in-the-lobby-when-players-join-tip-for-1-8-9-optifine-players.3398488/

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