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    posted a message on CakeCraft NEW MINECRAFT FRIENDLY EXPERIENCE-NEEDS builders/staff/mods/plugin admins, DEDICATED SERVER

    Hey I used to be a, I suppose close, friend of Lunix68 a long time ago. To my knowledge this server is dead and he is inactive. I was a moderator on his first server and to be honest all of his servers were good and then turned into a shitstorm. I decided to stop helping him when his friend got all of my information and sent it to a skype conversation. All of his servers are dead and he made terrible decisions regarding staffing his servers. He staffed a kid who reset the entire server, which at the time we had invested 3 months of time into, and then blamed the whole thing on me. This server he decided to pick some random guy in the U.K as an admin who had a lot less experience with server plugins/setup than I did, and I had known him for around 7 years then I think. Just got back onto my account to see this notification from you and I decided to clear things up in regards to Lunix68 and his servers.

    TL;DR Server is inactive and he picks shitty staff members.

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    posted a message on MineBreak ➤ :: Prison :: ➤ Gangs ➤ Crates ➤ ETokens ➤ Bags ➤ Custom Plugins ➤ Looking for staff!
    By far one of the best prison servers out there. Keep up the great work Charles!
    username: purdyaggron
    - Jake :P
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    posted a message on Accepting applications for SMP server!
    1. How old are you? 14
    2. Where do you live? (state and country) US; SC
    3. Have you ever played on a smp server? If so, what rank were you? Admin, owner, normal player, etc.: I've been on many servers in ranks ranging from Regular to Admin to Co-Owner.
    4. If you answered yes to number 3, what happened to your old server?: Most of the time, the owner just didn't have enough money to supports the server.
    5. Why are you looking to join this server.: Just want to have fun in Minecraft again.
    6. On a scale of 1-10 how mature are you, be honest. We arent just looking for people who say they are very mature.: About a 7.
    7. Are you a good community player?: As long as nothing really happens (like someone gets ed off at me for some reason.) I am a good player.
    8. Do you have a skype? If so leave it in the resume.: purdyaggron
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    posted a message on ===SERVER STAFF NEEDED===
    What are you signing up for?: Mod/Head Mod

    Why should i choose you?: I ahve experience on Admin/Moderator on 20+ servers.

    How long have you been playing minecraft?: Since Alpha 1.2

    Have you ever worked at another server? (If so please tell me how long and what position you worked as): As I said, many servers. Highest rank I've ever gotten was Co-Out owner was never on and I had access to everything (SO I was pretty much the Owner.).

    Will you have fun while working for this server?: Of course! What's the point of playing video games without having fun?

    Age: 14

    Time willing to work on the server a day: 6 - 8 hours

    Public School Or Homechooled? (Please Do not anouce witch school you go to): Public Schooled (School is out though)

    I also do own TeamSpeak 3. (Currently updating it xP)
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    posted a message on CreepersCraft (Now hiring staff)
    -What staff position do you want: Mod
    -Your name: Jake
    -Age: 14
    -Minecraft user name: purdyaggron
    -Skype name: purdyaggron
    -Whats is your experience with staff: Been Admin/Mod on 20+ servers.
    -Why Should i pick you for staff position: I have lots of experience and knowledge of what to do when rules are broken.
    -What would you do to a griefer?: Depending on size of grief, it would range from Warn, Kick, TempBan, PermBan

    Thank you for taking your time and reading this!

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    posted a message on Noble Worlds! (need staff) minecraft server
    Ign: purdyaggron
    irl name: Jake
    Position: Mod, Head Mod, Admin
    Why should i pick you: Been Admin on 6 servers before, Head Mod on 4, Mod on 9. (All are different servers, so in total I've been staff on 19 servers.)
    Have you been banned before: Only times happened for stupid reasons. (One reason was for winning an arguement with an admin LOL)
    Age: 14
    experience: Staff on 19+ servers.
    Skype(optional you can say personally): purdyaggron
    Any other things you have to say: I can get on VERY often, as school is now over for me. Thank you for taking your time in reading this!
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    posted a message on [1.7.9] MineMasher Prison - Drugs - Gangs - MCMMO - Transfers
    *nvm I was being retarded
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    posted a message on [1.7.9] [Vanilla] CreeperBOOM! A city server-LOOKING FOR ADMINS!
    1.Skype name: Will message you it when/if I get accepted. (Been DDOSed through this)

    2.Ingame name: purdyaggron

    3.Why you want to be one: I've been a Moderator/Admin on many, many servers and I'm looking for a new server to help out with!
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    posted a message on Looking For: Admin
    Hey there Chase. Probsly not gonna accept this as I can't do plugins but what the hell? xD

    IGN: purdyaggron
    Age: 14
    Country/Timezone: USA (EST Time Zone)
    Experience ( please be about a short paragraph, not just a sentence) Well I remember my first contact with you being GlobeCraft (can't remember what year but how about this; A cluster­ of time) I was an Admin and most of your servers before Feddy starting calling me, and I quote, "a 13 year-old ­". I was wondering what became of you and other staff members and saw this post. I'm about to have free-time on my hands as school is almost done for me.
    Your skills that you can offer: Pretty good with GroupManager. A bit rusty but still good.
    Time you can dedicate: Starting June 5th, about 5-7 hours a day.
    Can I trust that you won't apply for many different servers, and will "focus" on this one if accepted? I'm not looking for someone who will continuously apply for a dozen staff positions.: Yeah, considering I've known you for a long while, I'd say yes.
    Experience with Bukkit? Somewhat moderate experience. (Learned some Bukkit from a owner of a small server before becoming the owner of a large network. Can't remember who but he had David in his name.)
    Experience with Multicraft? You tried to teach me, but being a 4 year old on a bike with no training wheels, I failed to figure it out xD.

    If you see this post, I'll be very glad to help out with any of your servers. (If you get online I'll message you my current skype.)
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    IGN: purdyaggron
    Age: 13
    Country: United States (East Coats if you need to know for time reasons.)
    Why you want to join this server: Well, I've been looking for a small community whitelisted survival/mindcrack server as staff tends to help out more then huge network staff does. I also think it would be fun to play some Mindcrack x3
    Things you like to do on minecraft: Build, try to make redstone contraptions (emphasis on TRY xP), and Parkour.
    Why should I pick you: Well, even though I am 13 I'd say I am mature for my age. If you're concerned about griefing/hacking, I have been Mod/Admin and many server and I do know how to use GroupManager (just threw that out there :3)
    Tell me about yourself: I am 13 years old and go by the name of Jake. I've been playing Minecraft since about Alpha 1.2.7. Probably not going to accept this (read other applications and saw denied for lack of information xD) but if I do I would love to join the server!

    - Purdyaggron ^_^
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    posted a message on SkyFall [ Vanilla mindcrack like server] [24/7]
    1. Where Are You From?(Country) United States
    2. How Old Are You? 13
    3. What Do You Feel Your Best At In Minecraft? I like the think of myself as the jack of all trades. I'm willing to try anything but I'm bad/average at most. (Except for mind games xD)
    4. Why Do You Want To Join SkyFall? I wanted a join a small mindcrack-like server.
    5. Will You Record Videos On The Server? Yes
    6. What Is Your Skype?(Needed for the Acceptance) If I'm accepted I'll PM you it. (I've been almost DDOSed by giving out my skype.)
    7. Whats You Minecraft In Game Name: purdyaggron
    8. Favourite Mindcracker? Probably Etho or Sethbling.
    9. What Would Bring To The Server? I could possibly try livestreaming on the server, and I'm positive I can make youtube videos. (trying to start out a youtube channel xP)
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    posted a message on Purdyaggron's Skin Shop! Open again!
    I will start working on all unfinished skins now! :D
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    posted a message on [1.7.4] ConradCraft! [Whitelisted] [Vanilla]
    Username: purdyaggron

    Age (Be honest): 13

    Maturity Rate (1-10): 9

    Rule Verification: cucumber

    * Did anyone tell you about the server:

    Tell us about yourself: I am a 7th grader that plays Minecraft (obviously I play minecraft xD) . I'm Polish but live in America. I can usually play 3-4 hours a day.

    Any vanilla experience: Yes, I've played on DMitchell's Vanilla server if you've heard of him. He's a developer of ForgeWare.
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    posted a message on Coconoot Vanilla Survival (Whitelisted) (Mindcrack Style)
    $ IGN: purdyaggron
    $ Age: 13
    $ Country you live in: US
    $ When did you start playing Minecraft: About Alpha 1.2
    $ Do you record/plan to record: I could livestream if my computer will accept the lag >w<
    Youtube channel: PurdyPVP
    $ Have you been a part of a server like this before: I haven't been apart of a mindcrack server before but I have been part of many vanilla servers.
    $ Do you consider yourself a good builder: Every once in a while my house will look good. Normally if my house sucks I get materials to make it look better.
    Imgur link to something you have built: No idea how imgur works xP
    $ How often do you play: About 2-5 hours a day.
    $ How can you contribute to the server: Well I could livestream or record. If I livestream it would be styled like Aureylian's Forgecraft streams, people help me when a need help. (I need help a lot xD)
    $ Skype username: I'll send you it in a PM.
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    posted a message on A Vanilla Survival Server
    Hey have you readded everyone? It says I'm not whitelisted.
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