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    Hello Everybody proCmd() here ! Ans today i will be doing custom mods for you guys. Any mod that you want. From commands to tap for this and tap for this to happen. Any mod you can think of and the mod will be under your name ! You can do what ever you want with this mod. Now let me just tell you about myself. I am a mcpe moder and i am now the only person doing this. My name is proCmd() because i love making command mods. I will soon make a small form where you can fill out your request. I hope that you share this post and enjoy my stay here on the minecraft forums beacsue i may not be here long.

    Reuest Your Mods
    * Name Of The Mod
    * What it shall do
    * Decsciption
    * Is This A Pc mod ? If so link
    * Minecraft Name
    * Age

    Thanks for reading this post and requesting a mod. Hope you have a good day. :D
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