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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]

    Something that always seems missing from these books or interfaces is the ability to navigate pages with the arrow keys. I'd love it if the Thauminomicon could do that, switching back and forth is a bit painful on my wrists. Research table even more so, it's really needed that for a while. Can't recall, is backspace to return to previous page after clicking a recipe a thing or is that just the arrow?

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    nerfed pure nodes a bit since they are theoretically a renewable
    resource. They will now have a tiny chance to shrink (and eventually
    disappear) each time they remove flux from the aura.


    Has this negatively affected anybody? I'm not on 5 atm because I'm fiddling with a pack using 4, but that sounds extremely game changing when it comes to battling the risk of taint.

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    posted a message on [Forge Multipart] ProjectRed - v4.7.0pre12.95 - 02/08/2016
    Quote from Drako9823 >>

    It has them. If you use NEI, it will give you all the recipes. You can find the wires in the Transmission page in the creative inventory. They are called "Low Load Power Line."

    I just was used to Elorram's Red Power, so I got used to all the names. I just wish Electrotine was called Nikolite...

    Pretty sure it was always called Blutricity(Never explicitly Blue Electricity), and it may interest you to know that you can use resource packs (or Minetweaker/Modtweaker) to rename items ingame. It's really simple to do:

    print(<minecraft:chest>.displayName); // prints the original name
    <minecraft:chest>.displayName = "Storage Box";
    //logically then
    <modname:item:id>.displayname = "LV Blulectric blabla";
    <modname:item:id>.displayname = "Nikolite Ore/Dust/Ingot/etc";

    Use /mt hand while holding the block you wish to change to find its identifier now that item ID are depreciated. /mt reload to reload scripts while ingame, no restart necessary. Minetweaker is all you need to do this, Modtweaker adds support for other types of recipe modification, hence the linkage below since you'll probably want to experiment. http://minetweaker3.powerofbytes.com/wiki/Main_Page


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    posted a message on (16x)(1.6/1.7/1.8beta) Isabella II (Unofficial thread) (CLOSED)

    Is anyone actively working on mod support for Isabella II? I'm currently using the 1.7.10 release from the FTB forum, but I'm wondering if there's anyone else that's actively doing it as it's rather uncertain whether the individual from FTB is willing to add support for other mods. I've been using Isabella as my main texture pack since before it became Isabella II, I have no plans to abandon it if it starts to become outdated but it is nice to have synergy between different mods. There tends to be a rather jarring difference in value between Isabella and Vanilla textures.

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    posted a message on [Forge Multipart] ProjectRed - v4.7.0pre12.95 - 02/08/2016
    You may use any of my mods in map packs as long as they are nonprofit and legal. DO NOT message me about mod packs, I will ignore them.

    I just realised that this says map, not mod. I initially misread it as mod seeing as it's under Mod Packs.. that is the most roundabout way of saying "No, you cannot use x in a mod pack." that I've ever seen. If Railcraft's license is overly complicated, this would be overly subtle. The heck is a map pack? Distributing redstone builds? Glad I noticed a week in rather than a year from now.

    Edit: Woah, wait a sec. License section 6 from Github:

    6. Distribution of original or modified Mod

    By default this Mod may only be distributed on its own by the Developers.
    It may be included in a mod pack with other mods, as long as it is
    (a)non-profit and (b)legal. URL shorteners or other attempts to make money is
    strictly forbidden without advance written permission.

    A User is allowed to freely copy and distribute the API files found under the
    API package or from a separate download, so long as it is not edited in any way.

    Was there a typo? If so I'd understand not touching it, MCF can really kill a post if you try to edit it.

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    posted a message on [WIP][Thaumcraft][Immersive Engineering] Arcane Engineering Alpha 0.2.0

    Wow, I must've been out of it to forget to put that up. It's NotEnoughThaumcraftTabs found here: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/notenoughthaumcrafttabs?gameCategorySlug=mc-mods&projectID=237232

    Mother of pearl you need to send me your mod list because there's at least 5 mods in there that I don't recognise and Thaumcraft is my main mod. When Forge is launching there's a nice list already prepared in your logs, you gotta send me that! PM!

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    posted a message on [WIP][Thaumcraft][Immersive Engineering] Arcane Engineering Alpha 0.2.0

    Actually, I don't even need to worry about that anymore. There's a new mod that adds the ability to switch between tab sets for the Thaumonomicon.

    And the mod's name is apparently ______. C'mon, share the knowledge!
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    posted a message on [WIP][Thaumcraft][Immersive Engineering] Arcane Engineering Alpha 0.2.0

    Been looking forward to this. Now to figure out which addon I don't need so I can swap it out for this one.

    Why? The Thaumonomicon can have two columns of tabs, it overflows. Minetweaker can also remove the Railcraft tab with the following script: (EDIT: You need modtweaker for this, which has minetweaker as a prereq)

    //Move Traheramagy research to basic/eldritch tabs to prep for tab removal.
    //ResearchKey, DestinationCategory, X, Y             moveResearch()
    //ResearchKey                                        clearPrereqs()
    //ResearchKey, Parent, Hidden?                        addPrereq()
    // (Less/More) Left/Right, Down/Up
    mods.thaumcraft.Research.moveResearch("RC_Crowbar", "ARTIFICE", -2, -1);
    mods.thaumcraft.Research.addPrereq("RC_Crowbar", "THAUMIUM", false);
    mods.thaumcraft.Research.moveResearch("RC_Crowbar_Void", "ELDRITCH", 2, -4);
    mods.thaumcraft.Research.addPrereq("RC_Crowbar_Void", "VOIDMETAL", false);
    mods.thaumcraft.Research.addPrereq("RC_Crowbar_Void", "RC_Crowbar", false);
    //remove RC research tab

    This is a pretty neat link between two great mods, cool of you to do it.

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    posted a message on Aroma1997s Mods (BetterChests, Mining World Mod, Aroma1997Core, CompactWindmills, AromaBackup, Portable Recharger)

    Would it be simpler to just have it fill the corners with a different material rather than mess with biome selection? Even though that could be a config option too, it seems like it would logically be simpler to use a different sequence for the top layer and change nothing else. With the amount of time saved using a quarry messing about with removing 4 cobble would hardly be a nuisance if somebody enabled it. KISS, yeah?

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    posted a message on MapWriter (continued) - An open source mini-map!
    Quote from VectronDiablon»

    what do you guys think of this as a addition?


    Can I get a hell yeah? I like your thinking. However, it may be confusing to those on mutliplayer relying on beacons to find their mining spots(just as an example. If a server has a resource world it's not unlikely that people will throw down temporary buffs to speed up mining). It's a good idea for SP, I think that it may be good to have a simpler, less intrusive visual (Like a dot-thing that can be seen through blocks? Even just the text would be good) as an option. I would definitely want the beacon-esque option for single player to mark major landmarks.

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    posted a message on ModTweaker 0.7.X

    Is there a way to consolidate log output for similar stuff? If I add 28 fermenter inputs for each default liquid I have 84 lines talking about adding 1 fermenter recipe. Is there a way to say "while X <= Y(add recipe, don't echo to STDOUT, iterate count), then if successful print(x biomass recipes[whatever the name for the resolved item output is] added, else RETURN -1"?

    I'm not seeing anything relevant on the wiki, but I also can't find a full list of functions for Mod or MineTweaker either. I imagine this is also a problem in minetweaker. :S

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    posted a message on ModTweaker 0.7.X

    You know those days that you do something so unbelievably stupid that you can't fathom why it even happened? I forgot to scan them after adding aspects. I'd only scanned them when they didn't have them. That's why nothing changed.

    Sorry! Thanks for your time? Please don't assume this is normal for me, I'd hate to be thought of as incompetent.

    If # isn't correct commenting syntax then the Minetweaker wiki needs to be updated, as of now it states that #, //, and /* */ are all correct. I thought it was an odd mix but I guess it appeals to all audiences.

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    posted a message on ModTweaker 0.7.X

    I have no idea what happened to the post, but there were items in there when I submitted it. I dunno if code tags work here, let's try:

    mods.thaumcraft.Aspects.add(<appliedenergistics2:tile.BlockCrank>, "arbor 1");
    # mods.thaumcraft.Aspects.add(<appliedenergistics2:tile.BlockGrinder>, "");
    mods.thaumcraft.Aspects.add(<appliedenergistics2:tile.BlockQuartzGlass>, "vitreus 3, potentia 2");
    // Q Crystal
    mods.thaumcraft.Aspects.add(<appliedenergistics2:item.ItemMultiMaterial:0>, "vitreus 2");
    // Charged variant
    mods.thaumcraft.Aspects.add(<appliedenergistics2:item.ItemMultiMaterial:1>, "vitreus 2, potentia 1");
    // Fluix variant
    mods.thaumcraft.Aspects.add(<appliedenergistics2:item.ItemMultiMaterial:7>, "vitreus 3, potentia 2, lucrum 1");

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    posted a message on ModTweaker 0.7.X

    I'm trying to add Thaumcraft aspects to Applied Energistics items but so far none of them save 1 are actually being added. In the log it says that it changed the aspects:

    INFO: [ModTweaker2] Reverting Aspects Recipe(s) changes for Fluix Crystal
    INFO: [ModTweaker2] Reverting Aspects Recipe(s) changes for Charged Certus Quartz Crystal
    INFO: [ModTweaker2] Reverting Aspects Recipe(s) changes for Certus Quartz Crystal
    INFO: [ModTweaker2] Reverting Aspects Recipe(s) changes for Quartz Glass
    INFO: [ModTweaker2] Reverting Aspects Recipe(s) changes for Wooden Crank
    INFO: Removing minetweaker command mfr
    INFO: Removing minetweaker command railcraft
    INFO: Removing minetweaker command aspectList
    INFO: Removing minetweaker command research
    INFO: Removing minetweaker command ae2
    INFO: Removing minetweaker command entities
    INFO: Removing minetweaker command tooltips
    INFO: Removing command minetweaker
    INFO: Adding command minetweaker
    INFO: Adding minetweaker command tooltips
    INFO: Adding minetweaker command entities
    INFO: Adding minetweaker command ae2
    INFO: Adding minetweaker command research
    INFO: Adding minetweaker command aspectList
    INFO: Adding minetweaker command railcraft
    INFO: Adding minetweaker command mfr
    INFO: [ModTweaker2] Altering Aspects Recipe(s) for Wooden Crank
    INFO: [ModTweaker2] Altering Aspects Recipe(s) for Quartz Glass
    INFO: [ModTweaker2] Altering Aspects Recipe(s) for Certus Quartz Crystal
    INFO: [ModTweaker2] Altering Aspects Recipe(s) for Charged Certus Quartz Crystal
    INFO: [ModTweaker2] Altering Aspects Recipe(s) for Fluix Crystal

    But ingame there's no change aside from the crank. This is the script:

    mods.thaumcraft.Aspects.add(, "arbor 1");
    # mods.thaumcraft.Aspects.add(, "");
    mods.thaumcraft.Aspects.add(, "vitreus 3, potentia 2");
    // Q Crystal
    mods.thaumcraft.Aspects.add(, "vitreus 2");
    // Charged variant
    mods.thaumcraft.Aspects.add(, "vitreus 2, potentia 1");
    // Fluix variant
    mods.thaumcraft.Aspects.add(, "vitreus 3, potentia 2, lucrum 1");

    What am I doing wrong? The crystals I could maybe understand since I've never specified a sub item before in a script but to my understanding the Quartz Glass should by all means be working correctly!

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    posted a message on Ars Magica 2 - Version (Updated February 8, 2016)
    Quote from Zsashas»

    You say you hate reading the compendium, but it's exactly this sort of thing that it explains. Also, changelogs are good to read.

    Maybe if I could physically read it without shoving my face at the screen I'd be more motivated to explore it? I'm not complaining about something that I could fix, it's hard for me to read due do how thin the script is. I'm not expecting it to change, I just want you to not be on my back about being physically disabled.

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