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    We have resumed recruitment after a long hiatus.

    The network is nearly complete but lacks active staff members :)

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    Before creating an application, make sure you meet the requirements:
    You must:

    - be at least 16 years old have an excellent understanding of our rules and punishment guidelines

    - be a member of our forums as well as our Discord server (https://discord.gg/vv2S58f)

    - never have been permanently banned/muted (for a valid reason) on our network

    - have waited at least 60 days since your previous application (if applicable)

    Please fill out the template below to apply for a position on the network:
    In-Game Name:

    Discord: (can be sent in a PM if you want)

    Real Name (optional):

    Gender (optional):





    Have you ever been banned on our server? Any other Minecraft server? If so, why were you banned?

    Have you ever been a staff member on a Minecraft server? If so, tell us about it.

    Do you have screen recording capabilities?

    How many hours can you contribute to the server per day?

    Have you applied to be a staff member on our server in the past? If so, when?

    What position are you applying for (Helper or Builder)?

    What are a few of your strengths?

    What are a few of your weaknesses?

    Write a paragraph about yourself. Tell us what you like to do, why you deserve the staff position(s) you are applying for, anything else you'd like to share.

    *Only if applying for Builder* What are some examples of builds you've done? Share pictures, attachments, videos, etc.

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    posted a message on Recruiting to new project. Need all positions filled.

    Just added a simple application :)

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    posted a message on [NEW SERVER][RAMDISK][24GB][IntelXeon8CoreCPU][100/100mbit]LF Staff for Survival Server. Dedicated Linux Server hosted in Italy
    Hi :)

    I'm looking to start a Craftbukkit Survival server, we can discuss the terms of the server but i'm thinking Hardcore Survival with Factions.

    Basically i've got lots of spare resources on a server i rent, and i'd like to try and cover some of those expenses by running a successful Minecraft server. I have over a years experience with hosting bukkit servers and i'm a Certified Networks Administrator. I'm 26 years old and from Norway.

    The staff positions i'm looking to fill at the moment is;

    Admins [Full access to all commands, must be able to use all the plugins the server uses.]

    Operator [Opped and access to most commands.]

    Moderator [Moderates the chat and has kick/ban access. Helpful towards new players]

    Builder [Responsible for creating spawn, rest of the world, maintenance and general roads, maybe a minecart system for fast travel?]

    Helper [Helps new players]

    I know a lot about hosting servers and plugins, permissions etc and can modify the server to fit our needs but right now i need people to help me with creating the server and deciding with plugins and options to use, as i've gotten a little outdated in the actual Minecraft apartment.

    These days younger Minecraft players seem to outshine me in that apartment which is why i won't set an age requirement for ANY of these positions. You are however required to actually know the jobs you apply for.

    The server is hosted on a 100mbit full duplex server with 24gb of ram available to it, it has an Intel Xeon processor with 8 cores, and the world files are hosted on Ramdisk for maximum speed.
    I have also setup dynmap and basic server configuration.

    All applications should read as follows;

    minecraft ign:
    why should i pick you?:

    If you are accepted i will pm you server details.
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