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    posted a message on Server Build Team Requesting Members =-LegendMC-=

    Ingame Minecraft Username: prefix331
    Country/Timezone: Norway GMT +1
    Times you can be online (Weekday/Weekends): Weekdays i can be online 2-4 hours each day, i work shifts though so it'll be early one week and late the other. In weekends much more :)
    Do you have skype? (Don't need to post your skype username, just msg me it.): Yes. let me know if you're interested an i'll pm it.
    Yes/No Building Portfolio (Examples of your builds: screenshots, videos, servers you have built on etc): No sorry, i have yet to create a portfolio. I am an experienced builder that has been working solo since infdev though :)
    Favorite building style(s): Spawns and Town Layouts
    What building styles are you able to do? (Interior design, large builds, terrain, gardens, houses, town layouts, redstone, puzzles etc): Interior design, exterior, gardens, lakes (nature in general) town layouts, roads, industrial, lighting and more.
    What are your least favorite building styles to do?: redstone
    What are your views on others editing your builds, or you editing others builds?: Hey, we're a building team aren't we? isn't that what we're supposed to do? :)
    Any experience with WorldEdit (Optional): Many years of experience with WorldEdit, i think i know most of the commands by heart, some experience with WorldGuard as well.

    Put any extra information here:
    ~Questions. Answer with numbers 1-10 (1 being the worst, 10 being the best)
    How active can you be on a regular basis?: 8
    How are you working in a team?:8

    How are you working alone?: 4
    How creative would you say you are?: 9
    Are you able to take constructive criticism?: 9
    How OCD would you say you are with building?:10

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    posted a message on Want to create a NEW server READ ME!

    This project seems interesting :)

    If you need a mature experienced administrator that has experience with most plugins as well as Linux, SQL and ramdisk. Let me know and we can talk more :-)

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    posted a message on Experienced mature admin/developer looking for work.
    Quote from VTxPanda»

    Hi George, I'm George, im looking for a person to assist me in working on permissions an other server configs just add me on skype: georgecotty

    there you go George, permissions set up successfully :) Though you only needed a little help in the right direction :)

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    posted a message on Experienced mature admin/developer looking for work.


    still available for work, last server was setup succesfully with 1.7.10 and pixelmon with all plugins and permissions working properly, however owner decided to go with a factions server in the last day of preparation :)

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    posted a message on ★ Chromosity Network ★ Need Staff, *Co-Owner*, Builders, GFX and more! Over 25 spots available!

    Sorry, i missed the last paragraph. It's edited in now. Could we possibly have a chat ingame or on skype? My personality is edited in on my main post btw.

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    posted a message on Experienced mature admin/developer looking for work.

    Hello there!

    I'm George, if you're reading this you're probably looking for a staff member (or two) for your newly created Minecraft server, i'm the guy you are looking for.

    I'm 28 year old and i've been playing Minecraft since infdev, i had my own server for about a year and i've fiddled around with most of the most common plugins. Due to time and money issues i'm no longer running a server, but i'd still like to offer my services to those who need them, in exchange for some amount of creative control over a server :)

    I can offer support for setting up plugins, or setting them up for you, as well as permissions and WorldEdit for large scale building.

    I am a mature person, chill, laid back.

    Send me a PM or reply here and i can tell you more about me and you can tell me more about your project.

    Do not contact me if you're not serious about this, i'd like to start something permanent, not just a two day server.

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    posted a message on | IceBlock MC | Survival Games | Custom Minigame | Mob Arena | Factions | Creative Plots | HIRING |
    Quote from Lost_Islander»


    IceBlock MC is a 100-slot anti-pay-to-play, casual community. We are constantly looking for change; isn't that what made Apple famous? One of Apple's most famous quotes includes that the misfits, the rebels, the men and women who want to change the world most definitely can.

    We exist to provide a unique quest experience, which is still being developed. The idea was formulated when two guys decided to offer a new minigame sooner or later, and for the time being, decided to create several other minigames.

    Currently, we are looking to construct:

    1. A Build Team

    2. A Staff Team

    3. A Dev Team

    IceBlock is seizing the opportunity to hire the next generation of a) productive b ) kind c) funny d) helpful young adults, youths, and adults to help cultivate IceBlock's compatibility for boys, girls, men and women of all ages.

    I like this.

    I'm willing to offer my services as a Developer/Builder. 28 years old, from Norway. I have experience with WorldEdit, permissions, permissionsEX, Bukkit, Voxelsniper and factions to name a few plugins. I hosted my own server for almost a year before lack of funding and spare time lead to our demise :P

    Let me know if there's anything i can do :)

    Cheers :)

    Oh, here's a copy paste of my previous application. Keep in mind that's 2 years ago :)

    "Hello, i'm George
    I'm 26 and from Norway, I'm a certified Networks Administrator in real life.
    I've been playing Minecraft since infdev.
    And Tekkit for about a year, still learning (theres so much stuff! plus new stuff always gets added, but i know the basics)

    I have excellent experience running and hosting a Minecraft Bukkit server (for nearly a year) I've had mods work for me as well as co-admins.

    I can bring extensive knowledge of administration plugins as well as installation/setup of the plugins itself (if you need it)

    I am quite good at building and well versed with WorldEdit and WorldGuard (if you use those) As well as LWC, HeroChat and many other plugins. I enjoy helping people and working together with others to create fantastic projects :)

    Hit me up if you're interested, i'd love to work with someone mature and dedicated :)

    Oh and you can check me out here at mcbans so you know i'm legit :)


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    posted a message on [NEW SERVER][RAMDISK][24GB][IntelXeon8CoreCPU][100/100mbit]LF Staff for Survival Server. Dedicated Linux Server hosted in Italy
    Hi :)

    I'm looking to start a Craftbukkit Survival server, we can discuss the terms of the server but i'm thinking Hardcore Survival with Factions.

    Basically i've got lots of spare resources on a server i rent, and i'd like to try and cover some of those expenses by running a successful Minecraft server. I have over a years experience with hosting bukkit servers and i'm a Certified Networks Administrator. I'm 26 years old and from Norway.

    The staff positions i'm looking to fill at the moment is;

    Admins [Full access to all commands, must be able to use all the plugins the server uses.]

    Operator [Opped and access to most commands.]

    Moderator [Moderates the chat and has kick/ban access. Helpful towards new players]

    Builder [Responsible for creating spawn, rest of the world, maintenance and general roads, maybe a minecart system for fast travel?]

    Helper [Helps new players]

    I know a lot about hosting servers and plugins, permissions etc and can modify the server to fit our needs but right now i need people to help me with creating the server and deciding with plugins and options to use, as i've gotten a little outdated in the actual Minecraft apartment.

    These days younger Minecraft players seem to outshine me in that apartment which is why i won't set an age requirement for ANY of these positions. You are however required to actually know the jobs you apply for.

    The server is hosted on a 100mbit full duplex server with 24gb of ram available to it, it has an Intel Xeon processor with 8 cores, and the world files are hosted on Ramdisk for maximum speed.
    I have also setup dynmap and basic server configuration.

    All applications should read as follows;

    minecraft ign:
    why should i pick you?:

    If you are accepted i will pm you server details.
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    posted a message on New server needs Staff
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    posted a message on AbsoluteCraft [Vanilla SMP] - Friendly, Expanding Community - Looking for players! - 18+
    IGN: prefix331
    Age: 26
    Location: Norway
    Additional Info:
    Looks good, finally a vanilla smp server that's 18+ :)
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    posted a message on removed
    Quote from Kovu

    I was interested until I saw:


    A little bit annoying, but completely understandable.

    This is a nice opportunity and i don't want to give it out to just anyone. If someone writes a good application and says they're almost 18 or something like that, i might consider them anyway.

    Your profile says you're 23.

    Anyway, If you feel you're mature enough to pass as an 18 year old, give it a go :)
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    posted a message on removed
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    posted a message on Trying to find a brand new tekkit server for a small group
    We might be able to partner up, i currently have a Tekkit 3.1.2 server hosted on a 100mbit full duplex connection with 12gigs of available ram, i'm considering putting it on ramdisk to increase the performance even more, but as it is i don't have the time to fully administrate it. The server has been setup with basic plugins and configuration (WorldEdit, CoreProtect, Essentials, I've disabled creeper block damage and built a very basic spawn) I'd like someone to configure it and ban easy grief items, as i'm not 100% in Tekkit yet, even though i know Minecraft and its plugins very well, i've previously hosted a Bukkit server for over a year. If you're interested i could give you access to the server to configure it properly (and add any plugins you think we need) I think we also may need a Permissions plugin (like PermissionsEX) Unless we can use Bukkit's built in Permissions, and configure the proper groups (Vip,Admin,Mod,Guest, etc.)

    edit: oh and i've disabled ComputerCraft and ccSensors, and NEI clientside (to prevent exploitation of the item spawning bug) otherwise all mods are enabled.

    I am a 26 year old Networks Administrator from Norway by the way :)

    Hit me up if you're interested :)
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    posted a message on New Tekkit Server, Need Staff+Builders
    Umm... What kind of Tekkit server are you going to make? are you planning to have everything tekkit has to offer activated? What plugins will you use? This is all relevant information if you want staff that is somewhat capable. Having an idea besides "i wanna make a l33t server" also helps.
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