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    IGN: Preciseful
    Age: 14
    Timezone: GMT+3
    Role applying for: Mod (Admin too perhaps)
    Do you work for any other servers? If yes, how many? : Currently, none, but I used to work in a few servers, which mostly I quit because nothing was being done, and it wasn't really taken seriously. Was mod in most of them.
    Extra info : I will not be using my microphone for privacy reasons, but if I'm not accepted because of that, it's totally fine.

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    Position you're applying for: Moderator

    Minecraft name: Preciseful

    Age: 14

    Discord name: ā‚±reciseful#4413

    Do you have past experience? If so, explain: I do, was an admin on a server that didn't last very long but it was public, my own server that also didn't last long. I was a moderator on a server named AquaCraft but I ended up quitting because no work was done there.

    How would you handle someone hacking?: Depends on the situation mostly. If it's like X-ray, I'd tempban for about 30 days. If it's kill-aura, and how bad it is it's a tempban for either 5 months or a permanent one.

    Lets say a player says something rude towards you personally. How would you handle it?: I would first tell them to stop, as they might not know what they're doing is against the rules for some reason. If they keep doing it, I'd mute for about 30 mins or less. Keeps doing it? A mute for 1 hour. And if they keep doing it and mute does nothing, I'd tempban for about 30 mins or 1 hour. Depends on what they're saying most of the time.

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