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    Quote from Wolfram »
    The problem with the 100% freedom policy is that people are as free to destroy as they are to create. If you were presented with some land and one hundred people to live on it, but there were surely some sexual offenders / thieves / murderers in there, wouldn't you want to screen them before letting them in?


    How accurate is your screening process?

    All anti-griefing tools should be server options and users should have the ability to see what is and isn't enabled before they join a server. People should be able to use filters so they can more easily select servers run the way they prefer to play.
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    Quote from KuroBit »
    Maybe it can't be stopped, but I'm sure it can be made harder to do.

    Development time is limited. Making it more difficult would delay the addition of new features to the game far longer than it would stop people from working around whatever security Notch attempts.

    It was my impression that custom skins were tossed in so that people paying that first weekend had something that other people didn't and not as something that people were intended to take really seriously. A quick, dirty but fun little bone for us to chew on until he had time for real development.
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    Quote from Eibx »
    I think Notch is making a mistake by charging for the game.
    This game should live by the people's love for the game, not their need to play it.

    Quote from Notch »
    I’m moving to the new server. The bad news is that the levels take up 1.5 GB of data

    Le mieux est l'ennemi du bien.
    Love doesn't pay for servers or bandwidth. The cost is both modest and one time.
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