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    hey i made a map and am looking for contructive critisism so go ahead and try it, It's VERY difficult but possible so here

    Click Here For The Topic On It
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    Hi, I would like to first thank you for looking at this map, it is the first custom map my friend and I have made so don't hate. but at the same time we are looking for constructive critisism.

    There are no screenshots but you might not want to play this if you get frustrated easily or do not like difficulty. It's not an easy map...
    It isnt very long and its got a surprise story so check it out if your interested.

    well there you have it, enjoy!
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    yeah if you could design me a "castle" loosely based off this picture i would be very happy. Please at least try or tell me if there is a reason you cant or wont.
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