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    • In-game name: poptui
    • Age: 20
    • Where do you come from: United States
    • Native Language (must be able to speak english): English :)
    • Read all server rules? (We dont want floating trees/ 1x1 towers or -bridges): Yes of course 100% <--- ;)
    • Where did you hear about our Server(s)? Scrolling through the Minecraft forums
    • Did you know MoveCraft before? Yes I think... It is very familiar :P
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    posted a message on Lucky Block Mod - Drops items, spawns mobs, structures and more!
    While trying to get the installer on the website it came up as saying it has a virus and deletes the file. Whats up with that?
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    Well we all know and love Mcmmo from servers. I indeed love it so much I've been looking for ever to find a mod just like it. I found some but they are always out dated. I don't wanna have to create a small server to have fun. I wanna be able to play it with single player. So I'm asking if anyone could possibly create one you can add more skills then what mcmmo has to offer. I have some Skills Ideas myself.
    • Running: Higher levels decrease the chance of Hunger loss.
    • Swimming: Makes you swim faster as you level higher.
    • Alchemy: Making potions. Higher levels get higher duration Potions.
    • Armor Smithing: Make armor Higher levels can make better armor w/ better duration.
    • Weaponsmithing: Same goes as Armor smithing.
    • Cooking: Raising cooking decreases the chance of burnt food.
    • Enchanting: Higher levels don't have to spend as much xp.

    Other then Levels I think that there should be added npcs. But added to a town. When you start your freshly new minecraft world. There will be a town nearby which adds npcs which can help sell items for those skills. You can also sell your items to npcs in the town like at a merchant. There should also be a bank system too! :D

    Well that's all I have as an Idea. If you wanna make a mod like this please message me or leave a reply.
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    Poptui's Guard Application

    ) IGN: Poptui
    2) Your age: 17

    3) How long have you been playing the server? (Minimum of 3 days) I've been playing for a very long time about late 2011.

    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? Yes, I have also understand every rule that has been mentioned and will obey by them.

    5) Any experience with the prison genre? Yes,I've had a lot of experience I've at least played 5-8 prison servers.

    6) What is your time zone? UTC/GMT

    7) Why are you the best choice for guard? I'm a experienced player and also trust worthy. What makes me a good guard is that I can keep up with all the PVP and try the best to stop it! If i see any pvp I will attack any players who attack another player. If both of them are fighting they are gonna be dead, inless they run into non-pvp without a sword and I didn't get a chance to hit. If any player is seen with a sword i count down from 5 to give the sword up if not they are jailed for 10 minutes. I believe that I can be a very good guard and i wont disobey any of the rules. All this information should show that i can be a best choice for a guard including recommendations from at least two of the guards.

    8) What is your current rank? Do you understand that we will require PROOF of your rank when/if you retire from guard? I understand that I will need proof. I have token a photo of my rank or where my player was located.


    MichaelM8 recommended me.
    B0mberman recommended me.

    Well Thanks for taking your time for reading my application! I hope you have a nice time playing on the server and running it if your the owner. I also hope that if you do choose another person for a guard i hope that you choose one that will be good! Good luck!
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