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    posted a message on Whenever i try to join a session, says host has exited the ga,e
    Whenever i try to join or my friend invites me, it always says " The host has exited the game." Any help?
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    posted a message on Minecraft Server - Looking for moderators
    [size=small]Hello there, I have recently created a Minecraft Server. I am looking for Players who would like to be Staff on Our Server. We are looking for Moderators. /size]

    How many slots are open?

    The Number of Slots LEFT will be updated by real time.

    Moderators - 3

    To Apply for a Moderator please Post an Application Including the Following Points:

    What Position Do You Want?:

    Why Do You Want To Be In That Position?:

    What Do You Like To Do On Minecraft?:

    Are You A Nice Person?:

    Do You Have Skype?:(You Won't Need A Microphone, We Will Only Chat For A While)

    How Long Have You Played Minecraft?:


    What Is Your Skype Name If You Do Have Skype:

    I will personally add you with our server skype account called StaffForms, Our Name is Bob Jones (Please make sure you are receiving messages from the right account and check to see the username. USERNAME: StaffForms). if you add us on this account, we won't respond to you so make sure not to add us and wait for us to add you or we will probably decline your application.

    If you have any other questions, please post below.
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