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    As the story goes, a group of like minded friends start a SMP server, which we would like you to be a part of! FriendCraft is a vanilla experience with a few quality of life plug-ins to enhance the game! {single player sleep, player heads, coord HUD, drain drops elytra}. You would be joining the ranks of about 6 active members that consist of builders, redstone creators, and some of the nicest people you may ever meet! We are an 18+community from all over the world, the server however is based in the USA, east coast. We will have a shopping district, a community area, and a gaming district! We want you to help us create a fun, active, lgbtq+ friendly atmosphere. We have a zero tolerance for any racism/sexism/harassment of the like. You will be banned. Period. We pride ourselves as being welcoming and tolerant of all race, religion, orientation, etc.

    Add me on discord (poisonedcoffie#7603) or leave a comment here!

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