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    and you shall go down in history as the man who beat minecraft ...EPIC
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    After running several large servers and spending waaaay to much time doing admin stuff I have backed off to a small 6 player server of clan mates and began a survival build. I started this build about 2 weeks ago and I have been working on it on and off since. I had just finished playing Skyrim and was feeling like I needed to plop on a viking helmet and run around screaming. Instead I opted to start building a village from scratch. Below are several photos of the construction process to date. I still have a ton of work to do but I thought that a thread on the forums would keep me focused on finishing it.

    The Great Hall that I am working on is to be the towns main focal point and security. It houses 2 Blacksmiths on each side which I have tied into the main fireplaces of the building. This kills 2 birds with one stone. It provides heat for warmth and fire for the smiths. On the underside of the great hall is also the kitchens which connect to the fireplaces as well. I wanted my great Hall to have a massive dinning table for my Vikings to feast on. How do you hold up such a large table ...why with GIANT chains. I am still trying to gather enough Iron for these and I expect it to take me another few weeks to accomplish.

    Early layout and starter cabin

    2012-02-05_12.29.30 by lenslicker, on Flickr

    Moving everything under the Great Hall

    2012-02-05_13.25.30 by lenslicker, on Flickr

    Working on the framing and roof also a nice sunset

    2012-02-06_01.10.15 by lenslicker, on Flickr

    2012-02-06_01.10.38 by lenslicker, on Flickr

    Decided it was not long enough

    2012-02-06_13.00.23 by lenslicker, on Flickr

    Changed the framing a bit and finishing the backside

    2012-02-08_13.09.31 by lenslicker, on Flickr

    Fireplaces installed and Roof installed

    2012-02-08_15.07.01 by lenslicker, on Flickr

    Outside doing some detail work

    2012-02-08_15.07.35 by lenslicker, on Flickr

    how its looking on my map

    2012-02-16_12.28.36 by lenslicker, on Flickr

    one of the blacksmiths etched out and waiting for details

    2012-02-16_12.28.43 by lenslicker, on Flickr

    Great Table up and chains temp made of dirt- Trying to decided if I like obsidian or Iron Blocks

    2012-02-16_12.30.01 by lenslicker, on Flickr

    From Above

    2012-02-16_12.31.28 by lenslicker, on Flickr

    temp survival shelter underneath the Hall will eventualy be converted into kitchens and Servant Rooms

    2012-02-16_12.29.35 by lenslicker, on Flickr

    The one thing I have come to hate greatly is cutting down trees especially the trees with branches. To date I have cut down 4,725 wood blocks in my build. I am currently in the process of De-foresting the area I built in and I spent time finding Pine Trees which I will be replacing the forest with as they do not have branches. This should save me more time as I will not have to build scaffolding to get into the leaves and find that one hidden block of wood.

    Anyways I hope you guys enjoy this I will post more as the build goes along.
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