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I play a lot of maps, usually with my friend phantomoperator, and we usually record them and put them online, so there's a lot of maps on my youtube channel which is in my signature. I also play a lot on the hypixel server, the hive server, the shotbow server, and the skype group I'm a part of, Lunchcraft, has their own server we play FTB and adventure maps and other things on. If you want to talk to the group or to me, you can add me in skype, or if you wan't to play with us, I can talk to the others in the group and see if we can work something out. Be aware everyone in our group is 16-17 years old, so as you may be able to tell, I do a bit of editing in my videos to censor out some swearing and stuff like that. Not a lot, just some of the worse things that usually come from phantom. So if you don't mind the usual teenager talk, you're more than welcome to chat with us.

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