About Me

Hayo! I'm Pixus, although I suppose you could call me Pix for short.

I'm an aspiring writer who hopes to get a series up of mine running, although that's mostly just a pipe dream at the moment. As for what I'm
doing on here? I'd say that the style I'm going for with my art would be similar to Minecraft with elements of Terraria mixed into it (heck, part of my inspiration was Elemental Animation's animated Terraria series), which was why I wanted to join this site in the first place. That, and to post my in-game structures in... although they're modded so I don't think anybody would be able to use them without using those mods, which might defeat the purpose of using them. I'll see if I can try to create vanilla variants of them, though.

Here's what you can expect from me: models of my characters, renders with them, and posting progress of a texture/resource pack I'm working on made specifically for my renders. It's nowhere near finished, and I'd really appreciate criticism on it, what to change about it, and such.

Location Limbo of the Lost

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