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    posted a message on [NO WHITELIST][1.4.4] ‡‡ Mystic Realms Network ‡‡ MMORPG // Towny // PvP Servers ‡‡ [Arenas][Spells][Battlegrounds][Dungeons][Qu
    Age: 15
    IGN: pixijenjen
    What are you looking forward to on the server the most?
    Seeing how the MMORPG experience transfers in to Minecraft. I also look forward to seeing how the questing works.
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    posted a message on Sound not working
    For a while now, my minecraft sound hasnt been working unless I literally put my headphones up to the highest volume, and even then its a whisper. I tried updating my sound card, downloading the resource folder off the internet, even getting new headphones.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.
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    posted a message on 'Sticky Blocks' (A further advancement of sticky pistons)
    Sounds fancy :] Good idea!
    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: for you good sir.
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    posted a message on What are some of the things you find attractive?
    Quote from Pelykys

    Hey. HEY. I'm a girl.

    Pelykys' feelings are hurt.

    We must UNITE :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on What are some of the things you find attractive?
    Quote from brADyHD

    Since when did this topic become about pixijenjen's interests?

    Sorry for posting about the topic people, god.
    I watch the topic because im bored and an hour later, BAM notification spam o.o
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    posted a message on What are some of the things you find attractive?
    Considering I haven't seen any girls reporting here, I might as well :]

    Perfect guy:

    Must be willing to play whatever game I want to.
    Is willing to cuddle instead of have sex.
    Is willing to spend time with me instead of his friends.
    Is a brony <3

    I'm a sucker for green/blue eyes
    English/Australian accents are SO ****ING HOT *ahem* excuse me.
    Long brown emo-hair. Not overly long, just enough to hide the eyebrows and flip over one eye.
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    posted a message on The Minecraft Disk 11 whats the big idea?
    11: A mysterious miner is running from an unspeakable evil and hides in a dark, dank corner of a cave. He burrows deeper into the earth and snuffs out his telltale torch. As he is writing his final wishes on his last piece of paper in hopes some one will find them, he looks up to see what he was running from in the first place, the dreaded Herobrine. The recording ends suddenly.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] V.5.1 BLOCK HARDNESS MOD
    smart, very smart.
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    posted a message on Push "x" for as long as you can hold your breath.

    lol i almost died (not really)
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    posted a message on The Arts - Mod
    this is BRILLIANT :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.6.X/1.5.2/Others]Pam's Mods - Feb 9th (I'm Back!)
    Would you allow me to make a video showcasing the harvestcraft mod?
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    posted a message on [ADV] The Fountain of Youth (working title)
    I would love to test this map. Not because I'm a map critic, or because I've made any before, but simply because I am sincerely impressed with the screenshots and the amount of work you have obviously put in to this project. Don't get me wrong, I'm not some derp who's played about 3 maps before. I have played my share of maps ranging from puzzle to adventure to creative. With that in mind, please consider me to test out this magnificent map, as I would love to be a part of the creative process.

    -Edit- I have played your previous maps, and am excited to see how this one differs :]
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    posted a message on Arcania - RP/Survival Server
    Welcome, humble gamer, to the Kingdom of Arcania!

    This is an RP survival server that is extremely vanilla, with the intention of only enhancing the gameplay experience for you, humble gamer.

    This is where you first start out, in a small tent by the sea. If you travel across the sandstone bridge, you will see the great beachside couples resort with rooms for you to stay in.

    Once you leave the beach, you will come apon the city hub. A bustling shopping center, with stores that sell everything you could ask for, thanks to IConomy.

    The bakery.

    The blacksmith.

    The hardware store/black market.

    Everything and more is sold here.

    But why is there so much pixel art, you may ask?

    This is the city of pixel art! Pixi Pixel we call it, because pixijenjen made all the pixel art and mostly because it sounds cute.

    But what if you want to go to other areas of the kingdom? Not to worry, take the railway.

    The railway can take you to the residential area (where you can buy lots), and the community mine.

    And if your getting tired of the Urban life, take a relaxing vacation in the countryside.

    If you've seen enough and want to join, the ip is:

    We'll see you there :]
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    posted a message on [SHOP][CREATION]PYRO'S SKINS WORKSHOP
    Helloh dere :biggrin.gif:
    I know this isn't specific or anything, but could you please make me a baddass girl thing...like an assassin or something :tongue.gif: all the ones I've found are all girly -.-
    Thank yah :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [128x][1.5] Velious Pack (WIP, Snow/Ice themed)
    For some reason when I put the .zip into the Texture packs folder, it won't show up on the in-game screen. I'm using the patcher and all that shite, so could someone help me with this issue?
    It's hella sexxy btw :biggrin.gif:
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