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    posted a message on [Builders/Dev/Web Dev NEEDED] **-MineVine Network-** Custom Minigames ** Play with Youtubers ** Astounding Mechanics ** Best Bui
    1) What is your in-game name? chazhiralex_7227

    2) What job position are you applying for? Builder/Writer (I can do both)

    3) How long have you been playing Minecraft? I've been playing Minecraft since April-May 2013

    4) How much time can you spend developing the server a day? [if you are more available on weekends, let us know. On weekdays, probably around 2 hours. Some days I'm not sure since I have basketball and there will sometimes be game days, like this coming Friday, Dec 6, is my first game.

    5) How can I contact you? I really would prefer Skype. I don't have Skype, but you can contact me via email: [email protected]

    6) Please put an example of the quality of you work here. [e.g. if you are a builder, post a photo, if you are a coder, let us know what you have done, and if you are writer, show us your skill in such]. This question is necessary. Here is a link to what I shared on Google+ using a different email [build]: https://plus.google.com/photos/112697787771131246255/albums/5949631513407217249?authkey=CPGz36jczdWVJg
    This is a basic spawn build for a map I am working on. Here is the link to a story I made up:

    7) Do you have experience working professionally on another server? I applied to be an idea person for one and the owner said he was interested. They are still looking over my application, and they might tell me if I'm in this weekend.

    8) Tell us a little bit about yourself. Okay. I love writing stories, playing basketball, creating on Minecraft, giving ideas to people who created games I really like to play [I gave ideas to Mechatars, a robot-based game, and they gave me a free robot toy as thanks. I am going to send ideas to Mojang for Minecraft.], listening to rap music, and [when I feel like it] I play video games. I like hanging out with friends and family. I play in a basketball team for my school and our first game is this coming Friday. I made up some ideas for the people who are looking over my application. I have some maps that I offered for those guys to use to, and will offer to you guys as well. It will be multiple maps that can used as PvE and/or PvP. It's basically a map where there are two spawns, one for red and one for blue. It is recommended you use a plugin that divides red team and blue team. There will also be a smaller variant where there is an audience behind a glass dome. The dome goes inward or upward. Sometimes it can be a flat circle. There are teams of six in the full map, and it's a free-for-all in the dome. The dome can also have multi-team; three or four teams of two. There is also a game that can be played in the dome where one person watches their partner fight the enemy. The fighter can retreat and tag the watcher, just like in wrestling. Each team gets three tags, and you can't tag anymore. There are a couple maps that can be given for free, and the rest can be purchased in an access pack(s). I will be making more map series other than this one. I have given the dome and the full maps a name in one series, but I won't say because someone might steal my idea. I can also write good stories or ideas for a game once I get accustomed to the storyline or what the RPG is about. If you accept me, I am learning Python and soon Java along the way. I will probably be learning many more coding languages after Java. I am learning these on Codecademy along the way. Have a good day!
    Extra: I have a club of builders that can help. We can build or write. None of us know coding, but I will get the club to learn coding along the way as well. I can refer them here. PM me if you want me to refer them here and if I made the MineVine Staff team or not. There is a guy in the club who can YouTube, but isn't an Internet sensation. He does Mod Spotlights and can do Server Spotlights. Have a good day and PM me as soon as possible!
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    posted a message on |5000 Slot Server| Looking for Professional, Paid Minecraft Builders
    Name: Chaz

    Age (We do not discriminate against age, however, applicants 16+ are prioritized): 13

    In-Game Name: chazhiralex_7227

    How long have you played Minecraft? [A] I have played Minecraft for almost a year; I got it in March-May 2013

    Do you have a Skype account (if yes, what's your Skype name)? [A] I do not have a Skype account, but I can use Email [yahoo, outloook, and gmail, outlook is my business email and I can explain what I mean by business just let me know].

    Do you have TeamSpeak (if not, are you willing to get it?): I do not have TeamSpeak [nor a headset] and I might be willing to get it.

    Do you have a Steam account (if not, are you willing to get one?): I have a Steam account, but I don't use it since my computer's security system detected a virus in the desktop application.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, what would you rate your average building skill as? On a scale of 1-10, I'd say around 7 in building skills, since they're not too good and not bad.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how quick do you complete your builds? On a scale of 1-10, I'd say around 10 in how quick I complete my builds, since I played on Xbox and made a castle on survival and completed it in about 2-3 days of 2 hour playing.

    Do you work well with a team? I work well with a team and do better with a team.

    Have you worked with building teams before? I have not worked with building teams before, and I have a group who will soon become one.

    Can you provide a link or links of some of your previous builds (Imgur/Puu.sh/Dropbox preferred): I don't have any links or pictures, but I know how to take them and can provide proof of a spawn build.

    Server Experience (if any): My server experience is rising, since I barely got into it. I'm applying for server staff that need builders.

    Have you ever been banned from any server (and if so, why): I have not ever been banned from a server.

    How long can you dedicate to building daily?: I probably won't be able to dedicate many hours of building on weekdays since I am going through middle school and am in a basketball team and stay the night at a house without Internet. On weekends I usually have practice on Saturdays. I can dedicate a lot during school breaks and summer vacation.

    Why we should choose you as one of our builders: You guys should choose me as one of your builders because I build quickly. I can tell you how because what I can tell you is pretty cool. I also have a whole club of builders that I mentioned that are willing to help. We are about to be a complete team and my team knows each other in real life until we expand it online.

    Extra Info: Also, one of my teammates will be able to receive payment using PayPal. My parents won't let me hook up their PayPal accounts; they might think you'll charge them or something like that. Some of my friends might even be more dedicated than I am, because most of them aren't in the basketball team. PM me if you have any questions or want to tell me something.
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    posted a message on Hiring Minecraft Spawn Builder(s) [Reward]
    Minecraft User: chazhiralex_7227
    Age: 13
    Skill of building [1-10]: 7
    Skype: Don't have one but can use Email or Google Hangouts
    Proof of Builds [Spawn Build so it isn't very sophisticated]: https://plus.google.com/u/0/stream/circles/p1da9ca08bc9bb72
    Types of Buildings you can building: Any I can think of
    The photos are those of a map series I will create. That room is what every spawn place looks like. It is based on war like Call of Duty, so that's why there's walls everything.
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    posted a message on Can i join a small server of someones
    Everyone who wants to join my club/clan/team PM me
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    posted a message on Looking for someone to play
    Hello, person looking for a server. I am here to recruit you.
    You, sir, will be one of the first to join the server production group that [hopefully] will get successful. The way we work is that we build servers from being on a free one [with not too many people] and save it until we can afford a good server [and find one too].
    PM me if you have questions.
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    posted a message on Can i join a small server of someones
    I have a club that will soon start to produce servers. I might have servers go into small servers limited to the club that will be meant for building the server then make it big. You can be a builder if you'd like. If we get successful, I MIGHT pay some of our group. If you don't want profit, don't even worry about it. But yeah, the club will begin to expand to recruiting online people, and you, sir, will be the very first [if you join us]
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    posted a message on [$]Paid- Hiring Admins, Web Devs, Writers, Analysers, and More!
    I can't get Skype; the people in my house will think incorrectly when I start talking to strangers.
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    posted a message on I am really starting to hate minecraft community.
    One does not simply quit looking for servers after something bad happened on one... [meme I came up with]

    Just look up other servers! I'm going to be producing servers with a club of mine soon, and I will be sure not to have jerks on our servers and we will ban the ones who ACTUALLY break the rules. Our group will soon expand online and we will be recruiting people to help with server production, advertisement, etc. I'll put you on a list to let you know when we make our first server. If we don't make a server or we end up failing, I'll give you the address to the friendliest server(s).
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    posted a message on [$]Paid- Hiring Admins, Web Devs, Writers, Analysers, and More!
    I am here to apply for two jobs, these are the Creatives and Writers.
    Creatives Application:

    I left the
    for which indicates the question
    I placed (A) for where my answer is.

    Are you able to evaluate circumstances and come up with high quality ideas and suggestions?
    (A) Yes, but I must get accustomed to what a server, story, game, etc is about to be able to come up with a juicy idea. That's how I work. Once I get accustomed to a storyline, I MAY never run out of ideas, just like I did for Pirate101, Wizard101, Mechatars, and I think that's it.
    Are you not afraid to tell people your thoughts? Can you give quality critiques?
    (A) No, not really, unless they are really strict and will fire/ban/kick me from whatever I am working for if my idea isn't their idea of "perfect"
    Explain to me, very briefly and not too detailed, an idea you've had for a Minecraft server that could be very successful, and very original; preferably that has never been done before. Remember, briefly, we don't want anyone reading these to steal a great idea of yours.
    (A) I did, for a server called LoreCraft, which was for there to be an Underwater Kingdom by the name of Aqualia or Deep Sea Empire, but the owner said "Do you know what kind of RPG genre this is?" and I said "No, sir." then he replied with "If the idea doesn't support the genre it most definitely won't be considered." I have gotten afraid a bit to say ideas since kids at school would make fun of my fictional stories.
    Are you able to contribute at least 2 hours daily to our server project? If not, please explain why not and also what you could do.
    (A) I might be able to; I have homework almost everyday, but I can get it done. Also, I am signing up for basketball, another hobby I have. I will most definitely be able to when I get a Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring, and Summer vacation and on weekends of course.
    What is your Skype? Currently, we need all users to have a Skype to communicate quicker. We will then have a different communication method once we can all agree on something.
    (A) Sorry, I do not have a Skype, but I have an email dedicated to my club of helpers for anything "server related" like advertising for servers, building in-game, etc. That email is [email protected]
    Impress me. This is your chance to shine. Tell us about an accomplishment, achievement, something you're proud of you've done. Essentially, you're selling yourself here. Make us want YOU.
    (A) I once submitted an idea to a company for their game Mechatars. I think it was a couple, and they replied with a letter of thanks and it said that my letter reminded them of how hard they have worked. They said that the ideas I had may come into the game soon during the year I had sent the letter (the ideas did not come into Mechatars; it recently shut down). They gave me a free product from their company, which was a bug robot that went along with the main robot characters. I am also going to send some ideas to Mojang soon.

    Writers Application:

    Copy and paste a blog post, essay, article, page in a book, or anything else written by YOU and only YOU. This would ideally be a minimum of 300 words. This is to get a general idea of your writing style and grammar. Don't have any? Write a short (min. 300 words) backstory of an apocalyptic event on a very successful civilization, essentially explaining how it happened.

    (A) Title: Escape From the Skarbok Laboratory
    Once in the city of United Tech, dating in the far future was a laboratory in the midst of many technological institutes, companies, schools, houses, even the streets, fences, and everything you can think of had some sort of technological development behind it. The factory was called Skarbok Laboratory, owned by Skarbok van Schmidt, owner of Skarbok Incorporated. He had some test subjects, which were mostly zombies and monsters. But in one test subject area was a human from the past years, one of the last few remaining. He yelled to the robots in English, but the robots spoke coding languages and abandoned the languages of their creators. The human did not know what to do. He waited seven years as the robot inhabitants fed the poor man. He didn't look poor, but deep down inside he felt sadness from being trapped in a glass cylindrical test subject tube from all of the futuristic world that he desperately wanted to see. Worst of all, he was trapped with zombies across him in other tubes that gave him looks of cannibalism. The zombies wanted to eat him alive.
    One day, the man found out that underneath his tube was a large chest. He opened it, and the sound of an electrical outlet came from underneath. He heard the sound of something being ignited. He ignored it; explosives were totally different in this world; they were not lit up by match or flint and steel. In the chest he found some armor, a pointy metal weapon which was a sword, a curved stick with a string going through the gap at the back. "A bow," the human subject whispered. He found some arrows and a quiver to hold them all together. He found some digestives which were water, one of the many beverages no longer used by the robots, and some bread. He also found a backpack to hold any miscellaneous items. He stayed put with his new items. He heard the robots say something in a coding language as they pointed at him. There was a sudden trembling noise underneath the human. The human didn't seem to care; earthquakes never happened in the robotic world. The robots were scared, though. They began to panic; one set off an alarm. Suddenly, there was an explosion underneath the human subject! The human was forced upward by the tremendous force. The test subject tubes shattered and released some zombies against the human. The human took out his sword and fought the zombies. The human quickly ran out of the room and and went out to see what his world looked like. In the rest of the laboratory building, he found some TNT. He shot an arrow at one of them, and the arrow began to gather fire. The fire ignited the TNT and blew up a whole section of the factory. He found more sections of TNT that seemed to be being studied and blew up the inside of the factory. He blew up what guarded the entrance, which was more TNT that could be removed by a simple command. The human gazed at the future for the first time. He heard someone yelling stuff in his language.
    "Simon!" the person speaking his language said. He looked and saw a human by a helicopter hovering above the laboratory. "Get over here! Climb the ladder at the right side of the building!" The robotic police began to come after the human. The human ran to the ladder and climbed up before the robots could catch him. Some robots with hover abilities rose to catch him. The human in the helicopter threw a rope down and the human climbed up. The helicopter flew off, escaping the maximum height of the hover robots, which wasn't very high.
    "Hey, thanks for saving me!" Simon yelled.
    "No problem," the human said. The human was a female. "My name is Sabrina. I'm your best friend from when we went to school and such, until the robots persecuted you until they decided to capture you and destroy humanity and run a robotic texture over the earth. I hid and dodged the texture. I found this helicopter and learned to maneuver it. I'm now here, saving you." Sabrina winked at the end of her sentence. She had feelings for Simon.
    "What are we supposed to do?" Simon asked. He liked Sabrina, but had no time to push it. He knew he had to recover what was once Earth.
    "Activate these cannons. They shoot bombs that we will have to use in order to destroy the textures. I will hack into their technological systems using Java. That's the language they use," Sabrina said.
    "I think they wiped out my memory and placed in stuff about just wanting to see the future. I don't remember being kidnapped. I don't remember going to school with you or anyone. I just remember waking up in a glass tube," Simon said.
    "Save it for later, we have a humanity to recreate," Sabrina said. Simon did what she commanded and started using the cannons. He saw some robot aircraft coming out of the skies. He went to a machine that had an aiming dot that shot something. He fired a shot at a robotic aircraft. It exploded with the first hit and destroyed the entire ship. The ship hit the ground and exploded a large portion of the city and the main texture. Simon saw a moist ground and remembered 'dirt' and 'soil'.
    "Good job, Simon!" Sabrina exclaimed happily. Simon merely chuckled and went on attacking and bombing the buildings. He bombed and shot until there was a gigantic patch of dirt.
    "It's all clear, let's spread this dirt stuff," Simon said. They bombed the next cities they would encounter. They had every city on Earth destroyed. They bombed the textures going over the waters. The used the rest of what they had to restore most of the remaining textures into dirt.
    "Good, now we have to bring back our humanity," Sabrina said.
    "How..?" Simon stuttered.
    In the end, they brought back the humanity of before and rebuilt their empires and cities. It wasn't perfect, just like everyone and everything isn't perfect, but they brought everything back. Simon was religious, and he prayed to God to bring animals back, and it was done. God brought Earth back to the almost perfect way it was, but nothing will change sin.
    I hope you liked my story.

    Would you prefer being an informative writer (posting server news, updates, events, writing a server guide, etc), or a creative writer (writing the lore for the story of the server, writing drafts for the story, quest dialogues, etc)

    (A) I can be both actually, but, like I said, I must get accustomed to it. If I have to pick one, I would pick the creative writing, but if I don't qualify for it, I'll be an informative writer.

    Are you able to contribute at least 2 hours daily to our server project? If not, please explain why not and also what you could do.

    (A) Like I said in the other application, I have school and basketball. The season ends in Feburary or March I think. I'm not 100% sure.

    What is your Skype? Currently, we need all users to have a Skype to communicate quicker. We will then have a different communication method once we can all agree on something.

    (A) Like I said in my last application, I use Email, which is [email protected]k.com

    Impress me. This is your chance to shine. Tell us about an accomplishment, achievement, something you're proud of you've done. Essentially, you're selling yourself here. Make us want YOU.

    (A) I won a couple of writing contests that had to do with Wizard101 and Pirate101. I won one for the Pirate101 Beta Key, one for Halloween a year back, and I think that is it. The one for the Beta Key had artwork along with it.
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    posted a message on Need advertisers/workers (WILL PAY)
    Oh, and are you still taking applications because I did post a bit late
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    posted a message on Need advertisers/workers (WILL PAY)
    I might have to email you the picture of the banner because I don't know how to upload pics here
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    posted a message on Need advertisers/workers (WILL PAY)
    You are very lucky I found this forum topic. I have an entire club dedicated to helping out with server stuff (building, advertising, and we will soon host our own servers). I know you said you were only looking for two or three people, but I can arrange to pick the best members (which will be most hard-working, most dedicated, trustworthy, etc.) if you want to.
    Well, I am also applying for this by myself, even if you don't want the club I have to help. Well, here's the application:
    IGN: chazhiralex_7227
    Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time (PST; in Southern California)
    Email: [email protected]
    Skype: None, that's why I have provided an Email alternative
    Age: 13
    I want to be a Helper because I can advertise and find servers very easily. I made a banner for my club already if you would like to see it
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    posted a message on .-~*Looking for Staff*~-. 1.7.2 New Dedicated Server
    Just to let you know, you skipped my application. I think it's on page 2. Just letting you know not tryna be impatient or anything.
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    posted a message on Looking For Staff- will pay RLM
    IGN: chazhiralex_7227

    Age: 12 going on 13 in November

    Skype/oovoo: None/None(Don't have either of them if it is two separate things)

    Experience (plugins/servers/etc): Servers: Rising up Plugins: None Etc: Good at advertising

    How much time a day will you dedicate (in hours)?: Unsure I have school and sometimes have to stay at another house without Internet.

    Why would you like to be (Head-Admin) (Plugins-Manager) (Admin) (Advertiser)-pick the "one's" you are applying for?: I'd like to be an Admin, Head-Admin, or an Advertiser. The one I want the most is the Advertiser job.

    Do you understand that you will play a huge part in this server? Yeah, I mean you're willing to pay people, and you have a plan and everything.

    Do you wish to get paid for you're services?
    Yes, I was hoping to get experience in helping others out with servers to get server experience. I also wanted to make money off playing Minecraft, whether it be helping or making my very own server with ranks and such.

    ADDTIONAL: I am good with stories, if the server had any stories behind it (backround stories). I also have 6+ friends who also want building experience. I know one who is also good with stories.
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    posted a message on NEW Medieval RPG/PVP Server [LORECRAFT] Looking for Builders and Writers!
    Hey! I'm here to show you my writing skills since I couldn't earlier.
    The title of this story is called "The Hidden Adventure"
    Once there was a man who was born in a big village and raised by a loving mother and father until age twelve. On his twelfth birthday there was an attack on the village by many monsters. The boy lost his parents and was forced to live... in the wild.
    At twenty years old, he built a house in the wild. He had a great food supply; the farm he built was great for that. He had materials that he would use in the case of an emergency.
    One day he decided to keep track of his adventures in a book, so he decided to search for materials to make a book. He discovered that the parchment would be made from the sugar cane, the fine leather of a cow would make a great book cover, and the quill for writing would use the ink sac of a squid and the feather of a fowl. He gathered materials for the book and added sugar canes and squids to his farm in case he needed more books. He decided to design his book cover, so he got a red and yellow flower and created a fiery cover. He kept a spot for when he would find out his name, since he didn't know it yet.
    The custom of his family was that one shalt not know their name until age twelve, but the attack stopped that. To that day, he vowed to someday find his name and rebuild the village in honor of his parents. He also wanted to find his brother, who meant a lot to him.
    He put MY SURVIVAL underneath the name part.
    After that he started to find mysterious sights which he started to journal. He found a cluster of stone bricks which was probably a broken structure. He kept a piece of a stone brick to draw what it looked like. Another day, he saw dark men carrying the bricks; they were really tall. He observed them without getting noticed and drew them. He walked over to the mysterious rubble two days later and noticed that the structure was fixed. He looked inside and heard monsters' footsteps inside. It was really dark in there, so he decided to leave it alone. He went to journal what he saw and armed himself, for he was going to fight some monsters that night and go in someday.
    He fought monsters every night and found challenges every time. He journaled every fight and had to refill his journal since he made it refillable. He was ready to venture into "The Cave of the Dark Men" as he had called it.
    He stepped inside once he was ready and placed torches on the wall in an organized fashion. He saw the shadows of the tall men fixing something and quickly hid behind a wall; he started to hear weird noises from the men. He saw the shadows start to advance on him, and the man quickly pulled out a diamond dagger and climbed up to the corner of the ceiling. It wasn't too high; the building fit the size of two of the tall men. He readied his bow but kept his dagger ready to strike. A tall dark man came out; he was like an alien in a way with purple power emerging from the live body. He snarled at the man, who stayed in his position on the wall. The man shot an arrow at the tall, dark man, but the arrow whizzed through the alien-like entity. The dark man then vanished. The man with the bow ran away to explore the rest of the structure. He ran into a library full of cobwebs and treasure chests. When he went up to get one, he was hit in the back by a burning force. He turned and faced the dark man from the entrance to the structure. He got his dagger out and dealt with the man up close. The dark man was tall; he died with seven hits of the dagger. He went back to get the items that were in the chest. He found a map of the mysterious structure, some paper good for his journal, and a note from a man called Saint Johnston.
    The note read
    "Beware, whoever may find this... stronghold. It is full of danger in every step. The Endermen guard the portal to their master, the Ender Dragon. You must be careful not to look into their eyes, or else you will be donated as a sacrifice to the might dragon. Please... if you find this note please avenge me in my attempt to stop the Ender Dragon. He will rule the world once he gets to have power. He'll gain maximum power once the Endermen fix the stronghold. Please stop him before anything bad happens.
    From Saint Johnston, Former Explorer"
    The Former Explorer part was written in blood, possibly by the Endermen. The man sought to find this Ender Portal.
    He searched the stronghold until he finally found the portal. It was a room with stone bricks holding lava and a cage that produced small grey bugs that would crawl into the stone bricks. The man quickly defeated the bugs and went to the portal. The portal had a black and purple light but somehow lit the room really well. He was about to step inside when he was pulled on the back of his shirt.
    "Going somewhere?" asked a creepy voice.

    If you want to see more of it, please ask me. I had to leave while writing (school night), so I had to stop here. I wrote this story while playing Hardcore mode,since I was kind of bored. I decided to finish it up and show it to you on here. The rest of it is pretty cool, so if you would like to see it, I'll be more than happy to show you. I've had great writing experience in school since fourth grade. I learned to type really fast in fifth grade due to a class that dealt with typing out things. I hoped you liked my [not so] short story. I know one friend who doesn't have Minecraft but is great with stories. Another two friends are good builders and two others are kind of alright. I haven't seen that one kid's builds who I mentioned that messes around and might grief the server, and I haven't seen builds from the other alright builder. Plus, one of them can't get onto their computer since it doesn't turn on.
    Well, good luck with the server! Hope to hear from you.
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