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    Long time lurker. I have actually tried this a few times and it always gets lost as I clear room or lose interest. I updated to 1.13.2 and booted up the Chromahills pack for this run. Since screenshots are limited to 5 Megs I ended up uploading everything to imgur, sorry if this is bad practice but I didn't want to resize everything.

    The seed was a great start, its plains between Savannah's and a medium sized ocean. The first day I built a super bad cover over my start point to meet the starting criteria. Luckily there were a fair amount of sheep and I was able to craft a bed, and copious trees for a boat. From there I raided a village near me for a few loafs of bread, carrots and potatoes, no black smith though. I set sail from my starting point only to instantly find a shipwreck, it can be seen in the first photo in the background. After looting the ship I spent some time following treasure maps, I found 9 in all, 5 of which were unique. While looting treasure maps I found a decent sized set of underwater ruins. The chest in them were all duplicates that netted 8 stone axes. I also managed to loot a ton of iron, gold and emeralds from various maps/shipwrecks/ruins as seen in one of the screen shots. While out I was able to find spruce trees and collect saplings, this would be the foundation for this base. I returned to my starting spot and began farming 4 sapling spruce trees. I will tell you what, had it not been for the stone axes I may have gave up, trying to mow down a 30 meter tall 4 wide spruce with a wood axe is just soul crushing, especially when you have 60 bars of iron.



    1: Overview with ship wreck. Outside consist of minimum 3 high tall spruce logs backed with spruce planks and upside down stairs on the outside wall. The wall is 4 high everywhere and 3 thick at the top. There is an entrance on the left and in the back.

    2: Overview with farm(wheat, potato, carrot and pumpkin) 2 animal pens.

    3: From the wall, its all over 3 high with stairs on the edge and lit up.

    4: Keep/House front with storage.

    5: Different angle of keep and house.

    6: Inside shot of the bedroom and ladder to the loft. Nothing is in the loft, I wanted to use the 60+ books I found to make a reading room but did not get around to it.

    7: Farm, wheat, potatoes, carrots and pumpkins. I think there are 15 bales of hay.

    8: Starting point to the left. I will do something better eventually. The lowest block in the center is my start. The column is all the different woods I have found. I forgot to remove a chest before the shot.

    9: Leather armor I found and horse armor/saddle.

    10: Food Stuffs, cooked meat in this challenge can be easy with the chest on the ships full of fish. I cooked all my other meat though. Saplings for quest.

    11: Loot, Gold, Iron, Emeralds and 1 Diamond.

    12 Tool use, 8 stone axes and zero crafted, 16 wood axes. 1300 spruce logs, Never want to do that again.


    Found a mending villager for 20 emeralds. I am probably going to put mending on a stone pick........

    All of the coal was found in chest or converted form logs, none of it was mined.

    Aside from ruins I never broke stone or ores.

    Found a iron sword, full leather armor and iron pants.

    Edit: I made a bucket from Iron I found because anyone can carry water in a leather hat, and I made a set of shears as I found flint and flint can be used to remove wool/leaves. These were the two items I felt were available with wood technology.

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