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    Hey! So I was torn between the two versions of the map- the Legacy version was more fun, but the Comet Observatory version was bigger.

    So I decided, why not combine them?

    So I created a custom version of your map, based on the newer version but designed to work like the Legacy version.


    -Changed a lot of the chests back to their original loot

    -Redid the gamerules to match the Legacy version

    -Changed the map to a Plains biome (to let mobs spawn)

    -Replaced the heavily exploitable iron supply that is the Engine Room dome and walkway with Polished Diorite (looks the same, but is not exploitable)

    I can email it to you if you're interested. There are no downloads for it, so if you hate it, I can just keep it for private use.

    Let me know what you think!

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    posted a message on Epic SUPER MARIO GALAXY MAP!

    Will you EVER finish Beach Bowl?

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    posted a message on ganymedes01's Mods (Just a hub for all my mods)

    Et Futuurum question:

    The way you modified the skin system with Et Futuurum has proven quite problematic for me- one day, my skin renders fine, then when I get into the game some other day, my skin is all jumbled up (all the parts are rendered onto my head and nothing on my body). The only way to fix it is to chanjge my skin to something else. This is VERY infuriating.

    Then there's also the issue where I'm not sure if the way you messed with the model system in Et Futuurum will work with IPixelli's Gender Mod.

    Given those two problems (particularly the skin issue), what I really need is a modified version of Et Futuurum that DOESN'T add the Alex model or change how the game renders skins. So my question is: How would I go about removing that feature, and would I be allowed to have this modified version of Et Futuurum in my modpack?

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    posted a message on [1.5-1.7.10][FORGE] B0bGary's Growable Ores! Mod Support for BOP, TiCo, TE, AM2, IC2 and Metallurgy! NOW WITH AUTO MOD SUPPORT!
    Hey, can you add some more mod support? I was thinking:
    TwilightForest: Liveroot, Ironwood, Steeleaf, Armor Shard, Fiery Ingot
    CandyCraft: Licorice, Trampojelly, Nougat, PEZ, Honey
    BetterMining: Sapphire, Ruby, Lucky Coal/Iron/Gold/Diamond, Mystical Ore, Chance Ore
    FossilsAndArchaeologyRevival: Fossil (Biofossil, Relic Scrap)
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