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    Me and 2 friends of mine created a realm. We were interested in getting a few more people to join. It has 10 slots and 4 are currently used, it is survival, with a huge emphasis on building. We have made and are currently making medieval cities. If interested please reply with name and I will consider you. Strict building code is enforced and we do not allow exploitation of bugs or glitches or any form of cheating or stealing w/o permission. We just want some fresh faces to play with. Reply if interested.


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    Looking for something new?
    Getting sick of playing on minecraft server that are super easy with no challenge once you get past the first night? Well here is a server that will truly put your minecraft skills to the test! PvP is allowed so is griefing! This server is legitimately a challenge you will never forget! There is no /sethome or /back so the only way to get your home set is a bed! and if you die in a cave... too bad >:smile.gif: This will ultimately put all aspects of your survival skills to the test! You will need to gather food on the first day and travel thousands away from spawn!
    -No spawn killing!
    -No racism/sexism
    -No Spamming or asking for free items!
    -No modding or X-raying!
    -No asking for OP
    Our Belief System in Depth!

    We believe that sooner than later that America will collapse and nuclear war will break out, due to that we all agreed not to have kids! But that's not what's important! What is important than? MINECRAFT :smile.gif: ! We will be hosting this server until the host shuts down because he has been drafted for the war (or any other reason the host shuts down) or until not even 1 person gets on for an entire 24 hours! We here at ChallengeCraft believe minecraft is one of the greatest things since God created the earth and sliced bread! We will always stay up to the latest release and if bukkit is out for that version we will use it, because we like bukkit!

    The Advice Branch :smile.gif:

    Here is some common advise for your personal use when you join (yes you should join (and will))

    -Move far away from spawn, unless you like to build stuff only to be hopelessly crushed by some heartless griefer D:<

    -Use apples from trees! When you first get on the aren't likely to be many animals and farming takes a great deal of time! So you should probably use the apples that now conveniently drop from leaves!

    -BOAT! Go on a boat, it's a faster way of traveling away from spawn and uses like no hunger so you won't starve!

    -If you need help be patient! Or repeatedly say "pi pi pi pi pi pi" if pi653 is on!

    Why this Server?

    We only have one reason YOU should join this server! 12w07b! Pre releases! Cats! Double height maps! Jungles!

    What's New in 12w07b (1.2 pre release 5)

    -Cats (What are they for? Creepers will not go anywhere near them no matter what! :biggrin.gif:)

    -New jungle biomes! (Whats so great about that? Cats! and easy to hide secret bases and thickly forested dense awesomeness!)

    -256 high maps! (Sky cities, derp)

    -Zombie invasions on villages and better villagers! (Well if you chance to find a village you can protect the villagers from the zombies, its almost like minecraft has a goal!)

    -New redstone block thingy (IT'S LIKE A LAMP ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF ON OFF)

    -Smarter mobs! (Challenge bro, challenge)

    Well this All Sounds Dandy and Jolly but how the Bloody Hexagons do I Update to 12w0whatever?!

    (This is the most important part if you read nothing else read this!!!)

    Follow these really simple directions :tongue.gif:

    1) go to your minecraft folder (windows: go to 'Run' and type %appdata% then press enter and you will see the .minecraft folder, that's the one. Mac: go to *Library>ApplicationSupport>Minecraft if you are on Lion Mac your library may appear to be invisible, to find it click the search bar under finder (the line with the little magnifying glass) and press 'shift>command key (the one with apple)>g' then type in '~/Library' and there you will see application support)

    2) Go to bin the bin folder

    3) Locate the minecraft.jar and drag it out of the bin folder to anywhere, or just delete it (DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING ELSE)

    4) Download the new minecraft.jar (12w07b) here
    5) Open your downloads folder and find the new minecraft.jar then drag that into the bin folder (the minecraft.jar MUST be called minecraft.jar not anything else like minecraft.jar(2) or minecraft copy.jar)

    6) Launch and explore the jungles and see kitties!!

    NOTE: To go back to 1.1 either force update or drag the original minecraft.jar back in the bin and the 1.2 one out!
    NOTENOTE: This may not work if you have mods installed!

    OPs (Those sometimes helpful people)
    -pi653 Founder/owner/president/dictator
    -kalien96 helpful OP guy
    -DBK2k also semi helpful
    -MadCowTornado Very liked and loved OP very incredibly helpful but not on much D:
    Other OPS

    Well? What are you waiting for? Update and join!

    Also feel free (do please) give us lots of diamonds and comments! :tongue.gif: (or even so far as to favorite)

    Uptime: 24/7
    Slots: 20
    Version, latest
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