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    A few scripts i've made, since i messed around alot, and had too much fun :D

    Holding a torch lights up your screen (brightness set):
    ONLY WORKS WHEN IN EVENT: "onInventorySlotChange".
    IF(ITEM = 50);

    Compass (looks to the north and shows compass gui):
    LOG(" N ");
    LOG(" W * E ");
    LOG(" S ");

    Toogle between survival mode and creative mode (needs permissions):
    IF(MODE = 1);
    ECHO(/gamemode 0);
    ECHO(/gamemode 1);

    Togglable sneak:

    Drop a wanted amount, for example type in 64 and you'll drop 64 of what you are holding.

    What coords am i, you can change "Log" to "Echo" if you want other player in chat to see it.
    $${LOG(My coords are: %XPOS%x,%ZPOS%z,%YPOS%y)}$$

    Oxygen reminder:
    IF(OXYGEN = 100);
    	 LOG("Steve is in need of air!");
    ELSEIF(OXYGEN = 10);
    	 LOG("Help! Steve is drowning!");

    Where did i die?
    Only works on "onHealthChange"
        if(HEALTH <= 0);
    	    LOG("You died at: %XPOS%x, %ZPOS%z, %YPOS%y.")

    Most scripts are easly editable to similair things, for example you could take the drop script and turn it to an use script and shoot snowballs, egg, potions.

    I hope some of them are usefull,
    - Phtje :)
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    My story:
    Phtje was a lonely guy, expelled by his parents who had no money to "keep" him.
    Now he's searching for a warm place. He wanders trough village's and city for jobs and a warm bed.
    He doesn't like talking, mabye someone could change that. He used to talk alot,
    but since his friend was killed by evil he speechless. He had no clue what to do.
    But he didn't give up, he wants to be the greatest assasin and kill all the evil!
    Together with his found pet he is a good team. Also he's interested in redstone machnanics!
    But mabye evil converts him...

    (I tried lol)
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    package net.minecraft.src;
    import java.util.Random;
    public class BlockShadowglowstone extends Block
            public BlockShadowglowstone(int i, int j)
                            super(i, j, Material.rock);
    	public int quantityDropped(Random random)
            return 4; // how much i't drops
            public int idDropped(int i, Random random)
                            return mod_Ninja.Shadowdust.shiftedIndex; //edit mod_Ninja.Shadowdust to yyour mod_*.item

    Hope this will help =)
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    I think the mod is called dynamiclight.
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