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    posted a message on Herblore Mod™ V2.1g [Finally Updated!]
    I am dying here... lol, so many mods I am waiting to either release, or update, or be compatible... I usually run 50+ mods... currently running modloader, this, and timber... I feel naked!
    Quote from calebmanley

    I need some feedback.

    Ive recently thought of a nice, unique way to add hemp.
    Ive been reading up on it, and getting mixed messages.

    But im considering changing toke, so it grows the stalk 2 high, then on top it will grow a head.
    The stalk will be used for hemp fibers etc...
    The head will contain the toke (bud) which will be used for smoking.

    And then to all the haters, i could just say that 'toke' is a hybrid of hemp and marijuanna.

    If you feel like it, maybe you could even look up on hemp and tell me what you think!

    I have no argument, That sounds better to me anyways... I like the sugar cane growth, but the 100% chance of getting something smokeable leaves me with a massive stash, with getting less toke, and another presumably useful item, I see no downside.

    Oh, and to add to my above statement... If that is whats keeping you on modloader instead of FML, can the villagers buy toke, also? If I can't hide it, I may as well be a kingpin... xD
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    that is very crappy... It worked fine with 1.3.1... But that was with ML version of SR.... a shame too... such a great combo... Keeping your stash hidden on LAN...
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    Short, and to the point:

    There are mods that can change the version you play on. You no like updates? You download mod, choose version of choice, play that version and keep rants to self. :3

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    You have instantly become my hero. I shall build an underwater temple in your honor upon release.
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    Quote from reverb88

    Have there ever been any issues with someone getting a virus or something when they downloaded this modpack?
    I just want to make sure I won't get my information stolen if I download this modpack.

    Yes, it is filled with spyware, as well as a couple trojan's, but arrrg's AMCO pack is so fantastic, all few thousand of us, do not mind sharing our personal information so that he may clean out our bank accounts, to support the development of this fantastic modpack...
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    posted a message on HorrorMod - Inspired by Amnesia and Psychological Horror!
    Full support!! I took the amnesia challenge, play at night, dark room, with headphones...

    End result:

    Phelandisturbed doing a backflip in his chair...
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    Quote from Xie

    Yeah, the food particles has been a bug for awhile. The problem is the food particle texture isn't being read from the custom sprite sheet, but from the same place on the vanilla sprite sheet instead. It should be pretty easy to fix, but it hasn't been a high priority :tongue.gif: I assume the shelf problem is similar.

    Define high priority? :tongue.gif: I, and many others, I'm sure, would love to have food on our shelves, as opposed to iron and stuff xD If it is indeed pretty easy, why not? :biggrin.gif: I'll keep clicking your adfly links xD
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    posted a message on [REQ] Farmerama
    Xie's farming overhaul... adds TONS of fruits veggies etc, and foods!
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    posted a message on [SSP/SMP][1.3.2]Fossil / Archeology [v6.9 P-4]
    Quote from Flammarilva

    If you have better sound,feel free to share.

    I kinda pictured a triceratops making a mooing grunt anyways... :\
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