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    posted a message on TRON; REZCRAFT 64x (Discontinued)
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    Because requested, I am going to edit this post to say this pack is discontinued. That means I am no longer working on it. The textures I've made now belongs to the community, and they can do as they please with it. That means if you plan to continue where I left off, feel free to make your own thread. I am posting this now because I'm trying to stop the necro-ing of an already dead thread. I will leave the download up however for anyone that want's to 'remix' it. Also don't forget to credit me if you plan to remix my pack. ;P

    Other Notes:
    -I'm willing to help on the pack remix, but don't expect me to help 100% of the time since I have other projects I work on as well.
    -Check out my new ancient Greek texture pack found here: Click
    -If textures get requested a lot, I'll try my best to make them.
    -Don't forget to credit me if you are remixing.

    Current v0.5.2
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