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    posted a message on [Season 2] PokèWorld SMP - Whitelist | Survival | Pixelmon Reforged

    Discord (you must have a Discord account):peppery#9957
    Timezone or country:Eastern Standard Time
    Why do you want to join?:am really tired of playing on pay to win servers with a bunch of useless gimmicks just what a nice survival pixelmon server i can make friends on.
    What can you bring to the server?: i dont know if Redstone is allowed but am decent when comes to redstone contraptions am also pretty good at building massive structures if need i can provide pictures of said structures
    How many hours a week can you play?:I can usually average 2-3 hours per day
    Anything else you want to mention?:i just hope that i can make some good friends on the server and have a fun time
    Favorite Pokèmon:Lurantis

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