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    posted a message on GXC Season 1 | 1.14.4 Content creator SMP | Looking for more members | Accepting Twitch, YT, Mixer etc. |

    ok, im not only joining just for the subscribers, I also want to join a smp with other people that doesn't have like 100 players on it

    Quote from JSOGaming»

    Any update on my app? I'm hoping to start my new series on Monday but obviously can't till heard back - Cheers :)

    Quote from pugyyt»

    General information:

    1. What is your name? pug
    2. How old are you? 16
    3. Are you afraid of meeting new people (shy)? nope
    4. What is your IGN (in game name)? 1zg
    5. What is your discord? (you must have discord) Outerspacepugyt#0001
    6. Where are you from and what is your time zone? pst
    7. Tell us about yourself (anything you would like). i love to make minecraft vids / streams in my free time

    Content creator information:

    1. Are you a youtuber or twitch streamer? (we accept both)youtuber
    2. Do you enjoy doing your channel? yes i do
    3. What is your channel? Please include a link. https://www.youtube.com/c/OuterSpacePugYT
    4. What is your favorite video or stream you have ever done? this one
    5. Do you have a working microphone? yea
    6. Have you ever been involved in a content creator SMP, if yes which one(s)? i have not been in any smps btw. i do mostly pvp vids/streams

    I will get back to all three of you within the next few hours

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    posted a message on | New MC Server in early development! | Looking for devs/builders and staff | Experienced owners |
    Quote from epicxcrazyben»

    Name: Ben



    Discord:Benny3590 #6434

    What staff position you are applying for and why you want this position: The staff position i would like to apply for is Helper and the reason why i would like to apply for helper is the fact i have recently started playing minecraft again after a few years away due to work. i have a high work ethic when socialising with the community and always try to get along with everyone on the server. over the years of playing Minecraft i have been given the respect from other helpers on different servers, so i'd like to do the same for people on this server.

    Why you think we should select you for our team: I have a high drive in helping others and socialising with others and making servers operate a its highest potential, im very easy approachable on discord or on the game always trying to help in anyway possible.

    Past Experience: Been Moderators on a few previous servers a few years ago and recently a moderator on a Semi-Vanilla server

    Optional Additions: Time zone : GMT UK,

    how much time you can commit : min- 3 to 4 hours

    max 5+

    many thanks - Ben

    Thank you for your interest in becoming helper on our server. After reading your application we feel you are a great person for the job. I have sent you a friend request on discord.

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    posted a message on EXTREMELY NEW MINECRAFT SERVER | Taking full staff team in recruitment! anyone can join! | Admins, Head-admin, Moderators etc.

    My Applicaiton:

    Name: Gus

    Age: 15

    IGN: pcgus

    Discord: pcgus#5666

    Position of my choice: Admin or head mod but if both become unavailable I would be ok with sr mod or helper

    Why chose me: Well, i have been playing minecraft for around 7 years and have played many servers and put lots of time into the game. It has been a dream to be staff and fully help out a server, in ways other than just buying ranks or playing the server. Also you should consider me because i am very trust worthy and will be loyal to the server. I will devote as much time as possible and will do all the duties assigned to my staff position. Finally i would be a good asset to the team because i work well with others and always do whats best for the server / group. Just as a side note I do have a nice mic to talk with other staff (if needed) and i can record good quality videos (if needed for anything).

    Past experience: The only true staffing experience i have was owning a server for a few months with my friend but other than that I dont really have much past experience with staff due to most servers requiring 14 or older and ive only been above that for almost 2 years but i have helped out on many servers (without being staff)

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