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    posted a message on Angel & Panda's skin shop
    A shield and a sword please
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    posted a message on Angel & Panda's skin shop
    I am trying to become famous on youtube but the whole "skin" thing is an issue. I am interested in a Badger with something that resembles PVP thanks in advance
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    posted a message on SPACECRAFTIA! [Galacticraft Server] [No-Whitelist!] [Bukkit] [WE ARE BACK!] [1.6.2] [PVP] [Factions]
    when will the server be updated I just updated and can't join :C
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    posted a message on Starting Lets Play Crew/group
    Age: 13
    Skype: sourpatchkirby23
    Favorite Game: DeadSpace3, SaintsRowTheThird, and Sleeping Dogs
    Ways You Could Help: I am aVery good Graphics Designer and very funny at times
    Way You Must Help (Choose One) : I love Graphics Design once I get a tablet I will draw anything
    Favorite Gaming Youtuber: ImmortalHD (Aleks)

    Added more to the application because we have A LOT of members now, and need to make sure it stays low with fun people.

    i redid it I hope thats ok
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    posted a message on Minecraft Roleplay
    what i plan to do is do a tekkit thing where after a few episodes we find something and we follow a trail or something find a villiage and get told something like we must defeat *insert bad guys name here* and we must defeat him/her and save the world so meh.

    rp name:
    can you host a tekkit server? (Small):
    how often can you play?:
    steam name:

    thats it! have a nice day
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    posted a message on Starting Lets Play Crew/group
    Age: 13
    Skype: sourpatchkirby23
    Favorite Game: Deadspace 3
    Ways You Could Help: Kill it with fire
    Way You Must Help (Choose One) : design
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    posted a message on Ian's Skin Shop Closed
    May I have a engineer skin(not tf2)? i cant find any good ones to go off of but please make it detailed.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Xbox 360 Role Play server
    My GT: OMG Its Kirbyy
    Job: Shop Keeper
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    posted a message on Avitus: The Unwritten Chapter RP [Serious Roleplay] [Bukkit Done Right] [Original Races/Classes/Profs]
    MC username: sourpatchkirby
    Age: 12
    Country: USA
    Roleplaying Experience: not much but I know im good at it trust me
    We are not going to ask if you read the lore/rules, but you risk ban if you don’t.
    Give an example of Meta-gaming: "hey dude im going to ask you out tomorrow"
    Give an example of Power-gaming: "Lucas throws a grenade and kills everyone in the building"
    What specifically do you like about this server compared to other RP servers? it's serious which makes it super fun
    Do you have any questions?

    IC (the more detail, the better)
    Character Name: Maxwell Senei Quei
    Age: 24

    Gender: male
    Race: human
    Class: farmer
    Profession(s): parkour, black belt in karate
    Physical Description: african american, weighs 150lbs.
    Attire (clothing): black and white hoodie/outfit
    Personality: fun,loving
    Backstory:As a child maxwell did not enjoy the stroy of the tragedy that happened before birth. People said his mother died and father was the one behind it all. At the age 12 he met his father un-welcomingly by walking into his office and asking why he did such a thing. His dad told him if he spread the word he will be killed. Maxwell ran from home after his home being burnt down and his father's death. He practiced parkour because it is what interested him at the time. At the age 20 he found the love of his life and they dated. At the age of 21 after dating for a year his girlfriend was brought to execution for dating an african american. His cause is to get revenge for his mother and his beloved girlfriend in the "new start".
    Aspiration: (What is your character’s goal, their cause, their purpose in this new start?)
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    posted a message on ~ | THE LORD OF THE CRAFT | ~ - ENTER ATHERA - ~ Officially the #1 Minecraft Roleplay Server
    Minecraft Account Name: sourpatchkirby
    How old are you?: 12
    Time-Zone: Est. USA
    Have you read, understood and agreed to the rules?: yes
    What previous experience have you had in role-playing?: alot i do some halo RP's and stuff
    How did you hear about the the Lord of the Craft?: my friend
    Link any applications that you have previously made for the server:
    Have you posted this application on the Minecraft Forum? If not, then please do so (link above): yes
    Have you read the Human lore, and shall you ensure you make use of it and follow it in your biography?: yes

    In your own words define the following terms. Do not take any definitions from elsewhere!:

    Role-playing: A way to express yourself in game and meet new friends.
    Meta-gaming: A spoiler that ruins everyones experience
    Power-emoting: Killing people without them having a response to your actions

    [b]In-Character Information:[/b]
    Complete the following biography on your character:

    Full Name: Maxwell Senei Quei
    Current Age: 24
    Sub-race (if any): northerner
    Clan (if any):
    Past / History (include childhood, major-events, etc. 2+ paragraphs long):[/b]
    As a child I was threatend to disobey my tribe. After I had done this deed I was banned from the village. "I need food", I said to myself. "But where can I find some"?
    I later slept and dreampt of wild deer waiting for me to skin them for the meat. After remembering the dream I became hungrier and started to look for food. "A bunny"!
    I chased after the rabbit as fast as I could and finally caught it. I cooked it over the fire and remembered the taste for one day it might be satanic. I met five townspeople on my journey and they allowed me to sat ywith them.
    I woke up to the rattling chains and me on a boat to sail the middle passage. Many were killed on the way. I later escaped the boat and washed up on shore of and met a mysterious man with many silvers and golds on his clothes. he said it was a kingdom called Renatus that was created after the Pheonix Revolution, I did not speak good engilsh so i did not understand much the man was saying.
    I met with the king Eze'kiel Tarus and became a good friend of his. To this day I am 24 and I a working with and for the new king Godfrey I.
    Ambitions for the Future: Have a wife to love.
    Personality: fun, loving, loyal
    Skills: agile, good hunter
    Appearance (this must include an in-game screenshot of your skin): http://gyazo.com/c288acfbe27002a8366c9f324e40ac60
    Any other details you wish to share about your character: raised under an indian tribe (known to be raised by wolves, as many said)

    Each question in this section must be answered with a minimum of one paragraph which must describe the event in full. Please be as descriptive as possible and do not break character or lore at any point.

    [b]1. Whilst mining deep in the undergrounds of Kalos you see a large deposit of diamond ore at the other side of the ravine you are on. There is a very thin rock bridge that looks precariously unstable, but it is the only way to access the deposit. What do you do?[/b]

    Answer: Not risk it, My life would be in danger.

    [b]2. You are sitting in the local tavern with a large pint of ale in your hand - sitting nearby you is a rather young dwarf whom is clearly going through a bad time. He is crying to himself, and clutching a small wooden hammer toy. In the other corner of the room two shady dwarves are sitting whispering to each other and pointing occasionally at the dwarf. They stand up, one with a small dagger in his hand and begin to approach the young dwarf. What do you do?[/b]

    Answer: Take the dwarves knives and give them a warning to leave the poor man alone.

    [b]3. Whilst wandering through the Dwarven Caverns you hear a voice call out to you; “Oi, ye’! C’mere n’ get ye’rself an ale!”. You spin on your heel and see a heavily bearded bar-owner looking at you - a huge grin on his face, and a mug of ale in his hand. How do you react?[/b]

    Answer: Walk away not to risk the danger of a predator trying to hurt me or my family.
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