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    Hello my name is Blazin Truffle, (not actual name). I am looking for players to help me start a village on Minecraft that will eventually turn into town that will eventually turn into a city(duh). I have already started but I need players to help me because I have no friends for my Xbox One (because I just recently upgraded from my 360) and considering that having at least one more player helps you decrease your project time in half and so on and so fourth.

    Here are my requirements

    1. Must have a microphone (Kinect is OK as long as it isn't disruptive)

    2. Must be over 11 and under 40 (sorry :'( guys)

    3. Must speak English.

    4. No trolling or griefing players unless i allow it Example: If there's a new comer that's annoying and everyone else invite me to private chat and then ask for Permission to do so.

    5. Be willing to do tedious work (no one wants to do it but it must be done) EX: flattening land.

    6. I YouTube every now and then so don't be surprised if you find yourself in one of my videos.

    7. additional rules will be added on the world

    Hope to see you soon

    Email me: [email protected] for further information.
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    I have an excellent treehouse format that I use but it doesn't really blend in if thats ok hope you like it I couldn't find one of when it was finished.
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