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    posted a message on Looking For Streamers To Join My Minecraft Realm


    I run a Minecraft realm and am looking for other streamers who want to join our team of players and streamers on Craft x Craft. The realm is paid for for the next 2 years and am really looking for people who are content creators to join us! :RFlower:

    If you're a content creator who is interested in joining Craft x Craft just put your Gamertag below! B)

    Also if you wouldn't mind joining our Discord that would very much be appreciated! :D


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    posted a message on Looking For Streamers To Join My Survival Realm {Hermit Craft Style} {Legit Survival} {Starter Kit Given} {Xbox/Windows 10}


    :lol: I have posted on here before about my Realm Craft x Craft we are looking to expand our horizons and get our realm out there for the world to see. :lol:

    :goldore: We already have three streamers that stream on it and are looking for more. :goldore:

    :bookshelf: The Realm is already over a year old and we have two more years paid for already. :bookshelf:

    :Diamond: The only real requirements are that you follow the rules (provided at spawn), are actually a streamer (meaning you actually intend to stream the realm and stream frequently), are 17 years old or older, and join our discord page. :Diamond:

    :--+: Discord: https://discord.gg/svUzG6r :--+:

    :candykit: by MissNyanolina I hope you consider Craft X Craft as a serious opportunity to collaborate with other streamers and help build a community around my Realm! :candykit: by MissNyanolina

    PS: We are only looking for Xbox and Windows 10 players that way we can all be in a party chat, sorry guys. :(

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    posted a message on Craft x Craft Needs Recruits! {Survival} {Achievements On} {Two Years Paid For}

    Here's the discord link @jampattfg if you qualify: https://discord.gg/svUzG6r

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    posted a message on Craft x Craft Needs Recruits! {Survival} {Achievements On} {Two Years Paid For}

    My Realm Craft x Craft is looking for some serious builders to join our realm! It is in Peaceful every other day with it being turned to easy on the other one. The World is over a gigabyte in size. We have things like a giant flying Ender Dragon made out of obsidian, Train Station, Redstone elevators, Various Mob Grinders/farms, Custom Crystal caves, Shaders, and custom discs (ALL WHILE STILL HAVING ACHIEVEMENTS), a spawn announcement (you'll know what I mean when you spawn), etc. We do duplicate and do some glitches. We have a huge amount of surplus supplies that we give to new members. It will be an economy world once the duplication glitches are patched. So if this sounds like the type of server you'd be interested in partaking let me know!

    Main Rules:

    Don't be rude (messing around is fine but full-on harassment will get you banned).

    Need to Have a WORKING Microphone.

    ABSOLUTELY NEED TO BE ATLEAST 17 Years of age or older!!!

    Don't grief, troll, anything in that manner.

    The rest of the rules will be at spawn.

    Windows 10 and Xbox players only

    You NEED to be active (at least once a week)!

    You also must join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/svUzG6r

    If you have any questions or concerns you can msg me on Xbox (Blazin Truffle) or comment down below. I look forward to you joining Craft x Craft


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    posted a message on How to get Nether reactor and Glowing Obsidian in Bedrock

    I was just wondering is this still a feature in Minecraft or does it no longer exist? I looked at some videos but when I tried it in my world nothing happened. I've seen glowing obsidian in other people's worlds so how do I get it?

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    posted a message on Looking For Adult Gamers to Join My Realm

    Yeah sorry I changed it and totally keep forgetting that it isn't Blazin Truffle anymore my bad. I edited the post so you can add my account this time. This was on me my bad.

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    posted a message on Looking For Adult Gamers to Join My Realm

    Our Realm is over a year old with a complete reset Nether for the Incoming Update. We also have OP tools to give to new players right off the bat when joining. You name it we practically have it (except for Nether stuff of course).

    We are looking for people who Qualify:

    • Have a Microphone
    • Have Discord
    • Will Be Active
    • Will Follow The Rules
    • Be 18+
    • Be a Decent Builder

    I hope to see you join us.

    Gamertag: Blazin Truffle

    Discord: Berry Temporary#6389

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    posted a message on Want to Reset Your Nether For The Next Update?


    So I found out that there is an app you can use to basically reset all the loaded chunks in your Nether called MCC Tool Chest. Some of you may have heard of it some of you may have not Heard of it.


    (Not My Video)

    Also, I am looking for Players to join my realm Craft x Craft. If anyone is interested in joining a world that is over a year old and will have a completely new Nether look at my profile for more info.

    I hope this video helped!!! :grass:

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    posted a message on {Survival} {Shaders} Come and Join our Craft x Craft Realm #Update

    Hello Everyone,

    I run a semi-legit survival server called Craft x Craft. What I mean is that we do duplicate so it isn't necessarily 100% legit in that sense but everything else is. We are looking for new members who have Microphones and are 18 years old and up (I'm sorry I don't care if your a good builder and not an adult because if I added you it wouldn't be fair to all the other people I dismissed)

    • You would also need to join our Discord so that we can stay in touch with other members while not in the realm
    • When/if you join we have chests with almost every block in the game for you to duplicate and build whatever you want
    • Gonna Change to economy world once Duplication glitch is patched
    • You can still get achievements in the realm
    • Some modder came in so if you work hard enough you can earn OP stuff EX: Riptide X to 32000
    • Have a microphone (Saying it twice so you understand)!
    • Have Farming and Shopping District
    • Two established towns in the world
    • A bunch of other technical basic rules at spawn
    • The Realm is over a year old

    I have put a link below of a recent World Tour that I recorded that doesn't even scratch the surface of what is in the realm. I also stream playing the realm so if you're interested in watching let's play streams on Mixer: https://mixer.com/Berry_Temporary

    If interested and QUALIFIED then msg me on Xbox: Blazin Truffle or on Discord: Blazin Truffle #6389 (Make sure you mention how you found me)

    Thanks for reading and I hope to meet you soon!

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    posted a message on Does anyone have a good book to recommend?


    Oreo: If you like stories about mixed people

    A dance with dragons


    The Neverending story


    Cirque Du Freak




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    posted a message on Gonna Buy Something Off Amazon???

    So I recently became an Affiliate With Amazon Affiliate which means that I'll get a commission off anything somebody buys off Amazon.

    What happens is if there's something you want you tell me and I'll create a link with my affiliate account attached and I'll get a commission off of what you buy.

    Think of it as like a "Support A Creator" type thing.

    I know I'm really reaching but I need to make 3 sales within the next 177 days in order to keep my account.

    If you want to get something while supporting someone else like me DM me on here or you can comment and I can get back to you.



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    posted a message on Anyone have a economy/Hermit Craft like World/Realm I can see?

    See I have a Realm of my own and I want to convert it into an Economy realm but I have no idea where to start. I was wondering if anyone has a realm that they could show me and teach me how they do it. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR ONE'S THAT HAVE CHEATS ENABLED.

    If you are so kind enough to teach me my GT is: Blazin Truffle

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    posted a message on My Survival Realm Looking For Dedicated Players

    Okay, man HMU on Discord Blazin Truffle #6389 if you got a mic and Discord! :lol:

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    posted a message on My Survival Realm Looking For Dedicated Players

    Perfect man, we need a Redstone guy! I'll invite you to our discord and you can find our realm link because I won't be in the world today. This world will probably be converted to 180 days after our first month of it expires. My discord is: Blazin Truffle #6389

    I won't be on til later though

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    posted a message on What Else Can My File Explorer Be Used For?

    Hi, I use my file explorer to get custom maps, skins, texture packs for Minecraft but I'm really curious is that really all you can do with it. Do any other games work with it?

    Also, what's the best texture pack/shader?

    GT: Blazin Truffle

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