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    posted a message on Enimcraft SMP, 2nd month in. 24/7

    Im 16 I would like to join my gt is FelixDabz3Dx ik its cringey

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    posted a message on The Tavern | SMP for Experienced Players [Hermitcraft]

    Hi there my name is felix and my ign is FelixDabz3Dx , I was wondering if your realm would allow me to apply , ive generally been playing on and off for the past 5 years (xbox 360 edition), I am 16 and I personally love building in everyway although I would love to learn redstone , I wish to join and make alot of new friends and build with the community , hopefully .

    I believe you could add me to the community as I could contribute alot of builds to the server


    Kind regards( have a nice day)


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