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    • "Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all. "
    This texture pack, based almost entirely off the default textures, splashes color into your minecraft world. To celebrate the season, all your trees are orange and yellow, and your grass is a dying auburn.

    In the main pack, your doors are boarded up to better defend against the baddies (and those pesky kids). Cakes are redecorated with orange frosting and black sprinkles, and are now made of chocolate. All furnaces have been occupied by a fire imp with glowing red eyes, but they don't seem to enjoy it when the furnace is on...
    As for mobs, slimes are now orange, they seem to have absorbed some pigment from the leaves. Wolves have shed their light summer coats and grown thicker, brown winter fur. Pigs are dressed up as pirates for the holiday, and sheep and cows have traded faces - well, they're just masks.

    In addition, I've recently added a version that has just the trees and grass, in case you dislike the Halloween edits. Enjoy.

    Current version [1.9.5 v1.4]: Download.
    Compatible with 1.8.1
    Terrain only version [1.9.5]: Download Compatible with 1.8.1

    Old versions:

    Version [1.9.5 v1.3]: Download
    Version [1.9.5 v1.2]: Download
    Version [1.8.1 v1.1]: Download

    Version [1.8.1 v1.0]: Download I personally dislike adf.ly and adcraft.co and will never use them.


    Blocks changed:

    Mobs changed:



    - Updated icons.png for 1.9.5 (oops!)
    - Updated terrain.png and items.png to reflect orange slime

    Previous versions

    - Updated some of the mob textures
    - Added reskins for wolves and slimes

    - Added compatibility with 1.9.5
    - Moon phases for 1.9.5

    - Added cow and pig skins
    - Fixed vines
    - Modified beds
    - Added alternate download for terrain-only version

    - Initial Release

    Please post suggestions for what else I should change! I may do some paintingsn, as well as maybe an alternate version of the zombie and the creeper.

    Mod Support:
    No mods are currently supported, however, if you think a mod could use a fall makeover, feel free to post it!

    You can contact me via PM on the forums, or you can email me at subject [DOT] johnson [AT] gmail.com

    This texture pack is under a creative commons Attribution license. Feel free to reuse any of this as long as you credit me!
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    Name: p0rtalplayer
    Download: Direct download
    Or check out the thread at this page.
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    This mod looks very good. 10/10. Can't wait for a final release.
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