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    posted a message on What do you think is a RARE or UNIQUE username?
    I met someone who's name was "ogres"

    Seems unique to me.
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    posted a message on [FANTASY RP] Asmalur - Land of the Dragon [1.8.1] [MEDIEVAL] [GREYLIST]
    Quote from HangtoughCharacter Information:

    Brown hair, green eyes
    Biography: The first thing Puck saw was Black robes.
    He was three years of age when the village he was in with his mother was attacked by assassins. It was a peaceful day in the village. He was playing with the other elves when he looked at the walls and saw men with black robes on and little knives coming off the wall. "Friends, go to your parents! We are being attacked!" he said and ran to his home.
    "Mother! We have to go! We are being attacked!"
    "What?" Answered his mother and ran into the room. She looked out the window. A pair of assassins were heading towards there house. "Go through the back entrance!" she whispered and pushed him there.
    "But what about you?" he asked.
    "I will be fine! Now go!" she said.
    As he ran out the back door, he heard his mother scream. "No!" he yelled. He ran out of the gates and into the woods, not stopping till he was miles away, and cried for as long as the night wore past. After that, he swore he would never kill an innocent soul, even if he would die instead.

    Account Information:

    IGN: Hangtough

    Time Zone: EST

    What roleplaying experience do you have: I do theater

    Have you read, understood, and agreed to all the rules: Yes

    How did you find this server:


    What does godmodding mean to you: Controling other people

    What does metagaming mean to you: Useing OOC information to be the best like no one ever was

    What does powergaming mean to you: b
    eing OP in rp

    Denied. Your appearance needs to be expanded on. As well, you say he was 3 years old when this happened... Perhaps not the best way to do it, as most are far too young for what you say. Your biography needs to be expanded, too, as we require two paragraphs, at the bare minimum.

    Quote from LiamVoidDev jump

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    posted a message on Colourization of Armour
    Quote from Gerrior»

    So you're going off whether or not someone is being informal or formal? Then either way you're not supporting someone.

    Might of been a joke, y'know.
    Well, regardless, I give Full Support! 'Tis been too long I have been wanting to make some sexy iron armor.
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    posted a message on [FANTASY RP] Asmalur - Land of the Dragon [1.8.1] [MEDIEVAL] [GREYLIST]
    Quote from NASH0XX»
    So it says "No whitelist" , but it requires an application to get whitelisted? Nice try.

    You can join beforehand and fly around our map as a Guest, and chat with anyone who is online at the time. You need to apply to Roleplay.
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    posted a message on [FANTASY RP] Asmalur - Land of the Dragon [1.8.1] [MEDIEVAL] [GREYLIST]
    Quote from Skoomy»
    Personal Information:

    Name: Peyton
    Age: 16
    Location: SC
    Interests: Reading & writing

    Character Information:
    Name: Eve Marrington
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Appearance: http://i.imgur.com/UsXEQZl.png Pale skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, long white robes
    Biography: Her little adventures all began when she was but a child. Being raised by a wise and loving old father, who was also a rich ambassador serving their kingdom, the man taught her all he knew of the general studies. Always by her side teaching her about the world. Until that one shrouded day, where the harsh glow of the fires and embers rained from the two's large wooden cottage, pillars and frameworks all tumbling down with one great thud. At the start of the day, the small blonde girl had kissed her father goodbye before he rode down the cobblestone passage with the king's guard, intending to meet with a foreign kingdom to strengthen the weakened relationship between his own. If only he had known the foreign king's personal assassins were waiting at the border, with their hands clamped tightly around their steel, which would end the lives of Eve's father and his watchmen. Soon after this ambush would occur, the brutish men would come for her family's heirlooms and rich possessions to bring back. When they came and ransacked the Marrington home, Eve had sneaked her way around them and out the back, riding out of town upon the family mule's back. With only a thin cloak to keep her identity hidden, and a satchel carrying a compass, food, and a few pieces of gold, she would soon find her way to a new life of running away from that tragic day, and gathering a few coin wherever there was small petty jobs.

    At the age of 19 she would eventually stumble upon a land with a sudden revolution raining on it. Men and women with darker pasts would collect themselves and fight against the land's king. The king however would not stand for this and rallied everyone else to create the Resistance. Eve signed up for becoming a guard at the Resistance's main post. There for months she would train and learn the skills of swordsmanship and how to basically heal injured guard. Though there was something that peeked her curiosity more than ever and that was magic. Eve met a young wizard, and became his lover and lived with him in his home. He taught her the knowledge of magic and she read the books in his library everyday. Until tragically he left forever, leaving behind her and The Resistance. Heartbroken Eve again, would try to forget the past and moved out back into the main sleeping chamber for the guards. She set herself a new goal and learned everything about becoming a healer, and soon moved into the small hospital within the post and became a very important person to the outpost. For once, she felt important and nothing could get in her way of helping her allies until a rogue, not apart of the band of enemies but with his own personal dark goals, kidnapped her and took her to his tower. Holding her hostage until they handed him the tools he needed for his own plan. Instead of meeting with the brute's demands, a group of powerful Resistance soldiers broke in and saved the blonde healer from him. She thanked them for their help and continued with her work at the post. But it was all too soon before again, she was taken this time by their main enemies of outlaws, Eve was put into their dungeons before rescue eventually came, and tragically two of the strongest soldiers were killed in the rescue. Afterwards, she couldn't bear the thought of it being her fault for their deaths, for they were close friends of hers, and she left The Resistance that same starry night with only but a satchel. Yet again running from her past, and eventually Eve Marrington will stumble upon yet another vast and rich in history kingdom where maybe then she can accept the things that may occur.

    Account Information:
    IGN: lcpse99
    Time Zone: EST
    What roleplaying experience do you have: I helped build a fantasy server, I've been on at least 6 rp servers before. (can't remember them all)
    Have you read, understood, and agreed to all the rules: Yes
    How did you find this server: Well I was looking for a new rp server and found it here on the forums and I decided to go check the server out as a guest, and I was convinced to join after how friendly the community was to me and how beautiful the world was built just now. :)

    What does roleplaying mean to you: It means to build your own world with others, to be someone else other than yourself and create a story.
    What does metagame mean to you: It means to misuse OOC information to bring your own character above the other in character. Such as knowing the character's fear because you looked at their biography and then your character immediately knowing their fear while roleplaying and using it against them.
    What does powergame mean to you: It means to force other players to do what you wish to happen and is not right. Roleplaying with others is to help build a story together, not make them do what you think should happen.

    Thank you for your time on reading my application <3

    Welcome to Asmalur.
    Note that before you can use any magic you will need to apply for an MA.
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    posted a message on [FANTASY RP] Asmalur - Land of the Dragon [1.8.1] [MEDIEVAL] [GREYLIST]
    Quote from CrazyFreak»
    Personal Information:

    Name: I would rather not give this out, you can just call me Crazy, I hope that is okay.
    Age: 14
    Location: Canada
    Interests: Minecraft, Doctor Who, Writing, Winter, and much more.

    Character Information:
    Name: Aubric Methild
    Age: 121 (21 years old in human years)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Wood Elf
    Appearance: Brown Skin | Grey Hood | Grey/White Hair | Purple Eyes | Mask on face | Suit covering most of body | Arms are visible, brown skinned as well | Gloves on hands
    Aubric Methild was raised by his older sister, because his parents were killed during a raid when he was but a month old. His mother and father, who were respected warriors of the clan, were killed during the raid, allowing Aubric and his sister, Aurae, to get out, though not unharmed. Aurae lost her eyesight from a fire one of the raiders lit. She learned not to depend on others for help, for she was different from other Elves, as was Aubric. They were darker skinned, thus shunned by the other Elves of where they lived. No one knew why there skin was darker than that of a 'normal' Elf, but it was, and people believe it to be a bad omen.

    So Aubric and Aurae had to live in solitude, in the forest. As Aubric grew up, he taught himself how to run. He had memorized the forest he lived in, like the back of his hand, and his sister was glad, for they had seen perilous times in the forest. Even though Aubric could run, he wanted to learn how to fight, and tried to teach himself. When he believed he was strong enough, he sought one of the wild animals in the forest. He met a panther and was almost killed, luckily there was a hunter near by who could hear his cries for help. The hunter was confused as to why Aubric was in the forest, for it was known to be a dangerous place to be lurking. Aubric thanked the hunter and asked if he needed food, or shelter for the night. The hunter happily accepted, being tired from a weeks journey. When Aubric came to his home with the hunter, Aurae could hear heavier footsteps than her brothers. She flew for a weapon, but stumbled and fell, Aubric ran to help his sister and told her of the story of how the hunter saved him. She thanked the hunter and told him he could stay for as long as he liked. The hunter did, he stayed till he died, for he fell in love with Aurae, and look upon Aubric as a son. The hunter, whose name was Kesefehon, taught Aubric all he knew of fighting, and one day, Aubric believed he was ready to finally get out of the forest.

    It took many weeks to convince his sister, that his leaving was best for him. That he should learn about the world he lives in, he should meet people and be among them. Aurae was extremely reluctant to allow him to go, but Kesefehon said that Aubric would be alright. As Aurae knew she would lose the argument with her husband and brother, she gave Aubric her blessing. Aubric left the next day, to find more of the world, to explore to his hearts desire, and to meet all the people he could, the ones he would call friends, and the ones he would see as foe.

    Account Information:
    IGN: CrazyFreakHi_786
    Time Zone: EST
    What roleplaying experience do you have: I have only roleplayed on one or two servers. One was incredible large, thus making the roleplay experience null and void due to the fact that I could never find anyone. The other, I only played on the help a friend out with a battle he wanted to have, but didn't have enough players at the time.
    Have you read, understood, and agreed to all the rules: Yes, yes, and yes
    How did you find this server: I was browsing through the MC forums and stumbled upon it.

    What does roleplaying mean to you: To become a fictional character which is used to act out a scenario or scene
    What does metagame mean to you: When you use OOC knowledge for Roleplaying purposes
    What does powergame mean to you: When you use abilites that are indescribably strong or that you do not have. When you make your character OP.

    Thanks for reading. hope you enjoy the story and consider me!

    Your powergaming definition is missing something.
    Your age is wrong. Elves age physically slower than humans.
    Up until the age of 10, the two race's physical abilities would be about the same. However, afterwards, elves age half as fast. So an elf that has been alive for 16 years is about the same physically to a 13 year old human.
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    posted a message on What about Muskets? (Realistic, Balanced, SMP friendly) 130+ Supporters!
    For once, a legitimate suggestion, rather than "lel add dis wuld be cuul"

    (So, there's no way I'm reading 25 pages of replies, so this post will just be in general, even if it's already been said)

    To those of you saying "There's a mod for this, don't add to Vanilla."

    There's literally a mod for everything.

    Biomes O' Plenty.

    We got a biomes update.

    Those 20-something dragon mods.

    We got an Enderdragon.

    The tons and tons of redstone mods.

    We got a redstone update.

    ALL the mods that add horses...

    We got horses.

    If they refused to add anything that was a mod, we would run out of content instantly. There is a mod for everything.

    On-topic, though, I quite like this idea. As you said, it fits with Minecraft, and MC isn't supposed to be realistic anyways. We can literally go to Hell. And fight dragons. If they wanted to add a bloody nuke, they would. Seems to be a balanced suggestion as well. But, a charge time of 2.5 seconds? I don't know how long the Bow charge is, but I'm pretty sure it's shorter, and a bow sure as hell isn't going to be effective at the range you want the musket to be used at. You start using a bow at close range and you're dead before you can get two shots off. Maybe 1.5 seconds? Or maybe I just have a horrible sense of time, and 2.5 is actually shorter. Dunno.


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    posted a message on What servers do you like best?
    Roleplay servers are where it's at.
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    posted a message on Kryptic Craft ~ New Role Play/Epic Adventure/Objective Server thing! (Needs Actors, builders, and more... Oh my!)
    Quote from funnyman1120»

    Thank you, what do you find obscure?

    After re-reading it a couple of times, I've changed my mind. I was just processing it wrong.The way I was reading it, it sounded like you wanted them to post their application on the forum and then send it to you via one of the other 3 contacting methods, which I knew was wrong based on how you replied to the applications that were posted here. So, I was rather confused at first. But, I figured it out. So.. nevermind.
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    posted a message on Kryptic Craft ~ New Role Play/Epic Adventure/Objective Server thing! (Needs Actors, builders, and more... Oh my!)
    I feel the need to state that the application process is rather obscure. Despite this, I have sent in my application in hopes of doing it correctly. Accepted or denied, good luck with this project.
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    posted a message on Realm of Ephillia: Gwomath's Return [RP/PVP/PVE/Steampunk]
    Quote from Netpatham»
    Bump. This server is awesome.

    Psst, Arch. Not supposed to make irrelevant "bump" posts...
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    posted a message on Phobia settings
    This is rather stupid... as someone with horrible arachnophobia, I feel that I should state Minecraft spiders don't bother me at all. At first they did, but now they don't. In fact, sometimes I'll go out of my way to kill spiders because they're annoying.
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    posted a message on UPDATED PIX: Gryphons (Balanced flight for Survival mode)
    So, one of my friends has the "Support Gryphons" banner, and every time I see it I think, "I should probably go check out this suggestion at one point." But then I remember I'm lazy and I don't. That is, until just now. And boy am I glad I did check this out...

    This is an extremely balanced suggestion that I find myself wanting to support even though I think gryphons are kind of stupid. (How does one mount something that is half lion?) The main thing I would end up using these for, should they be added, would be Roleplay servers. It'd be really epic. But, if I played on singeplayer (ever), these would probably be my goal.

    Nice work.

    Is saying "Full Support" even necessary at this point?
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    posted a message on Transparent skin in F5 mode
    People aren't exactly meant to play in third-person. It's for looking at your skin. What would be the point of something that you use to look at your skin... when you can't see your skin... Only thing I can see this being more helpful for is PvP when you're checking if someone is sneaking up behind you, which you can do without this.

    No Support
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    posted a message on You know your a minecrafter when...
    You know you're a Minecrafter when you think, "I wonder how the redstone in TVs work."

    My original post may or may not have been appropriate for a game that children play, thus rewrite!
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