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    posted a message on Looking for 1 or 2 people to play Agrarian Skies (FTB) with
    Quote from Retro_Beef

    Hello I see you need a person to play Agrarian Skies with you.

    I would like to and I have one question do I have to fill out a forum?
    No u dont i just need to know if u got a skype? mine is optic_wolfking

    add me if u do i dont like to type
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    posted a message on Server for young kids 5yo and up ?
    any server is fine for anyone u just gotta find one that will be good for her but most kids like the one who posted here saying that she aint pro are ass holes and think there the all mighty ­ god of minecraft and wanna be cool so idk its hard to say
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    posted a message on Looking For Members For An Attack Of The B-Team Server [Whitelisted] [Anyone Can Apply]
    Your name: ryan gustin
    Your age: 20
    Your Minecraft username: OpTic_WolfKiNg
    Do you have any Minecraft Bans? If so please explain why: none
    Why do you believe you are qualified to be whitelisted on this server?: I like modded games i current play the FTB mod pack Agrarian Skies and its hard but im good at it. so i say experience is why i think im qualified
    In what ways would your presence benefit the server?: Well im nice, i like to skype and be friendly with everyone and i like to help out if im needed to
    Do you have a YouTube account, and are you able to record on the server [Not required]: no
    Do you own a microphone?: yea i got turtle beaches
    How much time a week are you willing to be on the server [Times can be worked out]: like everyday but i play Call of Duty as well when im not here
    What languages (other than English) do you know, and to what level?: I dont know anything, sadly took 5yrs of spanish and know nothing
    Where are you located? (Time zone): Central USA
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    posted a message on Searching for Skyblock
    im looking for someone to play Agrarian Skies with me, its a Hardcore Quest based skyblocks its very hard and i got a small made server for 5 ppl if u wanna play?

    if u got a skype add me

    skype: optic_wolfking
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    posted a message on Looking for 1 or 2 people to play Agrarian Skies (FTB) with
    im in need of like 1 or 2 ppl to do a agrarian skies co-op on our down time, i work alot and dont got time for alot and i got the server set up just got no one to hang with

    Im 20yrs old im very mature and fun to be around, nvr dull moment with me around

    i have a skype and id like it if u did to
    my skype is: optic_wolfking

    add me anytime ill be on these few days im off work im kinda sick so ill be here.

    please have the Feed The Beast Launcher installed and have Agrarian Skies Hardcore Questing Mod pack installed if ur interested in playing. thanks
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    posted a message on FTB co-op? Agrarian Skies maybe?
    Hi im a bored and fairly newbish newb to minecraft mod packs....i like a challenge and i wanna do something like skyblocks i dont know how to get a co-op server up like with 2 or 3 more people nothing big where u gotta pay for the server...just some small down time thing we can do when we together

    to tell u i am 20yrs old
    i work 30-40hrs a week so i just want a downtime thing besides call of duty since its getting boring now
    i have a skype its: optic_wolfking

    please add me if u wanna do something like this ill be on all day today and tomorrow because im sick so plz add me on skype if ur interested and wanna do soemthing challengeing as well thanks!!
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    posted a message on need help with installing mods i kinda suck at it
    Quote from Darkknife

    What mods are in the mod pack and are they all up to date
    add me on skype im busy with some work
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    posted a message on need help with installing mods i kinda suck at it
    hi i was wondering if anyone who is VERY good at doing mod installs for singleplayer and such because i suck nuts and well i wanna do something fun like CaptainSparklez ultra modded series just the technic launcher kinda says i have a fast enough computer but when i use the mod pack my pc crashes can anyone help me install the mods individually or what not...

    MY SKYPE IS: optic_wolfking

    my name is ryan and ill be on there all day 5/7/2014 (well the rest of the day)
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    posted a message on New Server FlakeCraft! Looking for Players!
    HI! im Ryan, im the Head admin for FlakeCraft, Owner is BrandFlake2, Im here to let u know were looking for players to come and do some survival in our server with us, I do survival to :o so dont expect me to be flying much. Most players can have skype or u can just hop on but its Currently A Hamachi Server!!!, if u cannot use hamachi just add me on skype and ill let u know when were going dedicated.

    My Skype: optic_wolfking (rl is ryan gustin) just in case u get confused.

    Hamachi server will be given once uv added me on skype or replyed to me on here and ill message u the Hamachi network user and pass.

    RULES are put up in the server spawn, our spawn is a town, u cannot die or build there.
    I will be quizzing u on our rules if u fail ull have to go back and do it again.
    The staff is friendly just we want u to understand our rules very carefully, we dont want to ban ppl (havent yet)

    Staff Positions have been filled, unless i say so, i do the recruiting for all staff :P so far were ok but if anyone messes up i will be looking.

    SO plz add me on skype at optic_wolfking, ill answer anything u wanna ask me. other wise reply on here if skype isnt wat ur using. :)

    THANKS AND HOPE TO GET SOME REPLYS!!!!!! we really want some more people, its very good server.
    (Pluggins can be answered by the owner or by me so just ask and ill give u the pluggins list we currently use until were dedicated)
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    posted a message on Need Mods and New Players for Survival Server
    Hi im Ryan im the Head Admin for FlakeCraft survival server, im in charge of finding mods for our server, admin slots are filled SO DONT ASK AT ALL!!!, Rules are clear in the server spawn, if u dont read them and dont understand them completely and u break them, u will be kicked,jailed or banned.

    I will be interveiwing the Mods on skype
    my skype is optic_wolfking (rl name is ryan gustin)
    Must be 16+ yr older to become the mod, i dont want imature brats on here. if u wish to become new player
    the server is current Hamachi (download it at google, just type Log Me In Hamachi) and its unmanaged file,
    Add me on skype if u need help with it, only certain few ill get the interveiw, ill call u if i like ur status u post on here. The Server is going to become dedicated sometime July 12th or 13th, just skype me so i can keep u updated on it. Plz Be cool if ur not picked. Im cool to talk to so dont be scared when i call.

    Status for Application:

    Reason Your Fit to be a Mod:
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    posted a message on Want to make a 2-4 person server
    Hamachi creates an ip so u can make groups for a server u need a password and username to enter that certain Ip then using hamachi i use hamachi to and have a server, i can make it brand new since iv already started with someone but i dont feel like playing with them, skype me at optic_wolfking if ud like to come and join but im 18 i do have a job so ur time frames wont matter to me, id keep it up while i work so u can play but id prefer to be on same time doing same stuff, not going ahead and finding 500 diamonds in 30seconds.or just message me on here i dont usually check the forums for the replys
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    posted a message on ☼HOMECRAFT☼ No whitelist ♣ Grief free ♣ Nearly Vanilla ♣ Brand New ♣ 24/7 Survival ♣ Cheat protection ♣ No VIPS ♣
    um ip isnt working for me mind telling me the ip again incase idk its not working
    Quote from optimusfides
    Quote from optimusfides

    the ip isnt work for me, keeps saying cant reach it? are u guys offline atm?
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    posted a message on Looking for a Survival Island server, or Lava survival or Skyblock survival for my youtube
    if u get a survival island server message me or skype me up my skype is optic_wolfking same for ign and im 18 so im mature enough and im fun to be around on here
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    posted a message on Looking For Experienced Team (Amazing Project)
    :-(o): Age 18

    :-(o): Time Zone Central Usa

    :-(o): Position (host, coder, etc.) Builder (i do sky stuctures) not many ground ones unless its needed

    :-(o): Computer Specs (if host) My computers secruity to high tech to host, kicks me out everytime

    :-(o): Experience about a yr id like to say, im well experienced enough

    :-(o): How often do you play Id play everyday if the project makes me interested

    :-(o): Anything else?also forgot my skype info, my skype name is optic_wolfking or just pm me on here up to u, id like to talk to u bout this and learn more on wat ur doing
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    posted a message on Looking for 2-3 player survival island server
    #1: I Cant Host.
    #2: You gotta be Mature enough.
    #3: Have a Skype or atleast able to type nicely.
    #4: Im Excellent player, Im smart and can survive easy without dieing once.

    Just pm me or find me on Skype my skype name is optic_wolfking.

    Id prefer just me and 1 person, makes it more fun and not many things to share.
    I have a survival island but if u got a good one then by all means use it.
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