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    posted a message on Chickevinia: An Anti-Squid Cult
    Quote from yourgarbage

    There's this really cool thing called a joke, you should check it out...
    You know just because you make a joke doesn't mean you are entitled to having not be criticised for being stupid and unfunny....
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    Best Server I've found in ages, definitely a very nice community and great folks!
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    posted a message on (1.5.1) Things to do on minecraft! (Goals, Achievements, To Do List)
    Find a cave with Iron and Coal in it
    Set up a wheat farm
    Find Pumpkins
    Find an NPC Village (can be Advanced depending on how far you'd have to go)
    Make a Tower of Pimps (I'm sorry you did call this things to do and it reminded me of Achievement Hunter)
    Make A strip mine and find at least 10 diamonds
    Build an automatic sugar cane farm
    find Melon seeds
    Make/ Fight the Wither (then make a beacon)
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    Quote from Snow Golem

    in creative mode it's really easy to dig right through the bottom bedrock,
    and end up falling through the world. And you can't respawn, you have to fly.
    So yeah.
    how far did you fall, you should have died? and even if it is glitched, is it that hard for you to fly, I fail to see the purpose of the thread if there was no major issue :S
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    posted a message on Do you think you're opinion on 1.9 is "correct"?
    Do I like it, yes. Do I think I am right no. Liking/Disliking something is an opinion, therefore, you can't really be 'right' about liking/disliking something. and people do need to stop whining too much about features though, and back up their arguments a bit better, and not be silly about what they dislike/like.

    edit: *sigh* and now comes what the OP feared T_T
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