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    posted a message on Need Girl youtubers!
    Hello! I am Miss Olivia and i want to start an all girls lets play! Please read the requirements then post if you apply to them :)

    1. must be a girl
    2. must have skype
    3. must have good quality mic
    4. must have good quality recorder
    5. must have proffessional looking channel (good thumbnails and channel art)
    6. Must have 100+ subs
    7. Must be nice and fun!
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    posted a message on Looking for funny buddies!
    Hello! I am Miss Olivia! I run a youtube channel called MSoliviagamer and i post high quality gaming videos. I am looking for some funny people to play mc with and make videos. Here are the requirements

    1. Must have 200+ subs
    2. Must be 15+ if a boy
    3. Must have good quality mic
    4. Must have good channel art (thumbnails and channel art)
    5. Must be funny
    6. Must have full version of mc
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    posted a message on "I'll Mine It" - A Minecraft Parody of Icona Pop's I Love It (Music Video)
    I actually really enjoyed it! subbed!
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    posted a message on Youtube FEedback and Help
    Well you could use a better mic, and talk slower. And that creeper isn't that impressive so ya... but youtube's hard so just keep trying
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    posted a message on Graphic Designer + Great Microphone (need partner)
    Hello! I'm Miss Olivia! I am a 14 year old girl who likes horror games and minecraft and many more games! I currently have 241 subs and get an average of 90 views per video, (i have been getting more latley). If we mesh good together we can collab! (skype: hellothisisolivia) (state that you are from the forums and are a graphics designer)
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    posted a message on Looking for funny youtube partner!
    I messaged you on youtube regarding this post. (Hope you don't mind) (btw love the video!)
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    posted a message on Wanting To Start YouTube
    Are you a girl? jw, i am too lol. anyways

    1. Pick a good username. Don't use Xx or numbers, and don't make it SwagGangstaCoolz or something. Make it something easy to remember and short :)
    2. Make sure you have a good profile picture! The first people see besides your name is your profile picture! Make sure it represents what your channel is about, if you make gaming videos (which you want to) make it something that sort of shows of gaming. Not some cheap pixely picture
    3. Content. Make sure your videos are the best they can be! If you make a video and watch it afterwards thinking, "Hmm this could be better". Then don't post it! Make it better. Quality over quantity.
    4. Screen recorders i recommend. Try using one that doesn't have a watermark. They are annoying to look at, even if your video is great, people won't like it. If you are into this, i recommend buying FRAPS or bandicam. They both cost $20 each i believe. (if you are risky you can download a illegal copy...)
    5. Microphone. Make sure your microphone is good! No one wants to hear what your mom is cooking for dinner, or your siblings crying. Try something that only picks up your voice. Just look up a mic on amazon or ebay that is around $20 that looks relatively good
    6. Professionalism. Now, you can be as wacky and childish as you want! It is your channel! But keep it professional enough that if someone watches it they won't think "Ugh, what is this person? Eight?"
    7. Be exciting! No one wants to watch a video of a person saying, "Hi. So......um......this is the house i made in minecraft......its made out of wood and cobble.......so ya." Try something like this! "Hello everyone! My name is ______ and today i will be showing off my beautiful mansion today that i have created in minecraft! The outer walls are made of a birch wood and the roof out of hard cobble." Something like that, just act as if you are talking to a depressed blind person, try to describe it as much as possible and be happy about it!
    8. Editing. No one wants to see a video with a bunch of awkward quiet scenes or you trying to adjust your camera. EDIT! Even if it is something free like Windows Movie Maker. do it! I recommend Sony Vegas 9. It is $40 and does the job well! Editing is a hassle, and can seem hard at first but it pays off!

    I hope you liked my tips :) if you need anything message me!
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    posted a message on Need Voice and Body actors for Minecraft series: A Journey Too Far
    Any female roles? please reply in my message box, as i read more there
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    posted a message on ♥♥♥NEED BUILDERS♥♥♥
    Hello! I am Miss Olivia! I am currently making an awesome server for people to have fun on! So i need some builders! Please just reply bellow your skype and ill talk!
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    posted a message on MineCraft Logic
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    posted a message on First 2 videos on my new channel! Feedback will be wonderful.
    the music is a little distracting. try turning the music off and adding a pandora cinematic movie radio in the background. also talk more :)
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    posted a message on Pokemon TCG/TCGO
    Does anyone play pokemon tcg or pokemon tcgo online? Just wondering. if not it's really fun!
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    posted a message on youtube channel art
    well it seems you have zero subscribers, view, videos, and information. how are we supposed to know what to do
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    posted a message on Machinima Casting 15 needed
    Youtube (if you have one) http://www.youtube.com/MSoliviagamer

    Which movie you want to be in: either of the movies :)

    Why do you want to be in one: Because i see this as a great production that could be even better if i participated :)

    Special qualities: well for starters i am a girl! And i see you need a girl :) I can do guy voices to actually :P i have a decent mic, the Turtle Beaches x12s, i can go on skype every other week, and i usually respond quickly :) Please add me on skype and say that u r from the forums ASAP. Thanks! Skype: hellothisisolivia
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    posted a message on Need Actors, Builders, Camera People, and all that good stuff for a series called "Faded Glory"
    IGN: oliviaskull
    Age: 14
    Role Applying for: Mistress of the Shadows
    Why do you want to be that role?: because it is a girl role lol
    Can you own a server with mods on it? (Do not post IP here. Pm it to me. Make sure the server has a whitelist): not currently
    (Camera People Only) Do you have a youtube channel we can use:
    Why do you want to be in this?: because i love voice acting
    Male or Female: female
    Will you be able to play on the weekends?: no :(
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