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    has someone ported the lego texture pack? also, when someone ported me the sharp design texture pack it messed up the blocks and icons, could someone re-port me that?
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    I can't quite figure out how to play minecraft offline, everytime i try to click offline in the minecraft.exe program it says that I have not yet downloaded it, I was wondering how to download it.
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    Quote from jflc0l3

    So far from what I have researched, in the new main update for Minecraft PE (0.4.0),
    Most of the new items will be;
    Furnace (smelting will be added with that),
    Redstone (Not available for wiring yet, but may be gathered),
    Meat from pigs (Undecided for release yet),
    Creepers, this includes TNT. (Gun powder dropped from creepers)
    Skeletons / Spiders
    Many new wool dyes,
    new blocks such as iron block / gold block / diamond block,
    more tools such as the hoe.

    The new gameplay changes that may occur are;
    The hunger bar (Most likely not added.)

    If there's anything I missed add it in a comment!

    What about ice, water, and lava??? Maybe grass and snow to go on top of the dirt bricks
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